80 Interior Design Business Names

By on August 22, 2018

Interior design is important for homes and businesses. For a company, it can make their storefront stand out from competitors. If you are starting an interior design company, then you need to find the right interior design business names. The following list of ideas can get you started on brainstorming your new company’s name.  Name Ideas for Interior Design Businesses

1. Peacock Decor Inc.: This name just sounds adorable.

2. Studio Red: You can insert whatever color is your favorite to work with.

3. Just a Decorator: This is a cute, easy option.

4. Mosaic LLC: This name sounds cool.

5. Interior Reflections: It almost has a zen quality to it.

6. Intexure Architects: This sounds awesome.

7. Designs Your Way: Because you make custom designs for personalized results.

8. Custom Decor: Nice one!

9. Home Place: This is a play on the phrase, “home base.”

10. Interiors by Designs: This is a simple option, but there is an excellent chance that someone has already used it.

11. Contour Interior Design: This interior design business name just sounds cool.

12. Designs for You: Fun!

13. Interior Illusions: This interior design business name wins bonus points for alliteration.

14. Classic Interiors: Because your studio is the place to go for a classic design.

15. Interiorscapes: This is one of my favorite interior design business names.

16. Decorating Den Interiors: Awesome!

17. Design Elements: This is a hip-sounding name.

18. Majestic Designs: You can change the adjective to anything that describes your firm.

19. Urban Crescent: Excellent.

20. Interior Life: This has a meditative quality to it.

21. Vivian Design: Obviously, you will probably need to change the name to match your own name.

22. Design Sense: Who needs common sense when you have design sense?

23. Feng Shui Space: If you like designs from the Far East, this would be a top option to go with.

24. Acumen Design: Cute!

25. Business Interiors Inc.: For a design company that caters to corporations.

What unique business name can I use for my interior design company

26. Zen Design: This is perfect for a firm that specializes in serene, Far Eastern designs.

27. Castle Design: This comes from the saying that man’s home is his castle.

28. Accents of the South: You can change “south” to wherever you happen to live.

29. The Design Hype: Excellent!

30. Innovative Interiors: This is another name that is easy to remember because of the alliteration.

31. Nova Studio: Fun!

32. I-Deal-Lifestyle: Get it? Ideal?

33. Style Bites: Cute!

34. Moving Mountains Design: Because you move mountains to create your designs.

35. Lifestyle Builders: Everyone needs the right design to suit their lifestyle.

36. Metropolitan Design: Fun!

37. Design Vidal: Or Vital Design would work well too.

38. Artville Design: Cute.

39. Prime Design: Because you only have the best designs.

40. Elegant Domain Interiors: This sounds awesome.

41. Picture Perfect: This one wins bonus points for alliterations.

42. Matters of Space: Fun!

43. Interior Illustrators: Because you add color to interiors.

44. Galaxy Design: Out of this world!

45. Designed Direct: The alliteration makes this name easy to remember.

46. Imagine Walls: Nice one!

47. Moving on Up: For someone who has aspirations of greatness.

48. Material Environment: This is a clever play on words. “Material World” would work well too.

49. Rework-D: Or Rework Designs.

50. Castle Makers: Because you transform homes into castles.

Interior Design Companies

51. Design Specimens: Nice.

52. Tumbleweed & Dandelion: This just sounds cute.

53. Outdoor Elegance Patio Design: For a company that specializes in outdoor living.

54. New World Interiors: Cute!

55. Leather and Lace Designs: This just sounds adorable.

56. Ambiance Home: Home Ambiance would work too.

57. Simplify: This is an easy option.

58. Style My Space: Perfect!

59. Design Directors: The alliteration makes this simple to remember.

60. The Design Firm: This is an easy option.

61. Savvy Spaces: Alliteration makes any name easier to remember.

62. Interiors Your Way: Because you design custom interiors to match the client’s needs.

63. Design Collaborative: This sounds cool.

64. Closet Factor: Cute!

65. Elegant by Design: You can change elegant to any other adjective that suits your company.

66. Design It Best: Because you have the best designs.

67. Cutting Edge Designs: This is a fun interior design business name.

68. Cubic Interiors: Every room is cubic, which makes this a clever name.

69. Urbanite Designers: For designers who cater to urban dwellers.

70. MatterMind Design: This is a play on the word, “mastermind.”

best names for interior designing firm

71. 360 Degree Design: Fun!

72. The Designer’s Studio: This is an easy, fun option.

73. The Creative Mind: This is a cute name.

73. 54 Interiors: You can change “54” to the address of your firm’s location.

74. Eden on Earth: Because your goal is to bring a little Eden to each home.

75. Modern Design: Excellent.

76. Tre Chic: For chic designers.

77. Illusions of Grandeur: This is one of my favorite interior design business names.

78. Concept Creators: You create concepts and put them into action.

79. Home Sweet Home: For designers who specialize in home design.

80. Designed for Success: This is an easy, fun option to go with.


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