60 Inspirational Birthday Quotes

By on August 14, 2018

When a birthday rolls around, you need the right message to send your family member or friend. The following inspirational birthday quotes are designed to help. These are a great way to show someone you care about just how much they mean to you. You can pick your favorite inspirational birthday quotes to make a longer message or use just one in their birthday card.

famous birthday quotes

1. I am so proud to have someone like you to call my friend. Happy birthday!

2. Happy birthday to my queen! The fact that you are in this world is the greatest gift that humanity could ask for. Having you in my life is a gift every day. You may my world more colorful bright than it ever could be otherwise. I love you—happy birthday!

3. It is time to blow out all of the candles and start celebrating! May my birthday greets make you smile. May you discover all of the many different facets of this beautiful, colorful world today and for always. Happy birthday!

4. Today is such a special day because it is the day that my best friend was born! On this special day, I hope that you find true happiness and conquer your greatest dreams—you deserve it! Happy birthday!

5. When you were born, the world suddenly became a brighter place. As you grew up, you made the world brighter and kinder just by being in it. Keep up the great work! Happy birthday!

6. Another year of an amazing life has drawn to an end, and another year has just started. Don’t have regrets for anything. It is time to set your goals for the upcoming year and enjoy your birthday. Happy birthday!

7. Happy birthday! I wish that you will always chase and catch your dreams! Always remember that the most important things in this life cannot be seen or touched. They can only be felt with the heart.

8. It’s your birthday today! It is time to laugh, smile and enjoy life. Forget about everything because you are young and free to enjoy everything that the world has to offer you! Happy birthday!

9. Never lose faith in yourself! You have the talent, charm, optimism and beautiful smile to get everything you want out of life, and you deserve the best. Happy birthday!

10. Happy birthday to the kindest, most amazing person I know. May your birthday be full of a million smiles and hours of laughter!

11. Today is another amazing reason for you to enjoy life. Bust out the music because it is time to rock this world. Happy birthday!

12. Youth, intelligence and beauty are special gifts, and you have received them all. You are such a great, well-rounded person. Happy birthday!

13. Thank you for always being with me whenever I needed you there. You are the most talented, kind, compassionate and merciful person that I know. Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in the world.

14. The world is a place of great excitement, happiness and adventure. Take the bull by the horns and explore everything that the world has to offer with every moment of your life. Happy birthday!

15. Have an amazing birthday today! May your heart be full of harmony, joy and blessings. From this moment onward, may your life be full of success. May every dream you have transform into a success!

inspirational birthday quotes for him

16. You are ____ years old today! This is an age where freedom and responsibility meet. It is time to manage your dreams wisely, but have some fun while you are at it! Happy birthday!

17. You are just ____ years old! Life is bound to bring you happy surprises as well as disappointments, but I know that you can handle them all. Your amazing journey through life is just beginning. Happy birthday!

18. The entire world has changed because of our friendship! Stay optimistic and always go for your goals—you deserve the best that the world has to offer. Happy birthday!

19. If you haven’t started drinking yet, don’t start! Now that you are 21, it is already too late! Happy birthday!

20. May God bless you and guide you always. It is time to pray for another amazing 365-day journey around the sun. Happy birthday!

21. Happy ___ birthday! Watching you grow up has been a true pleasure. Now that you are an adult and able to stand on your own two feet, it is time to start an amazing journey through life. Always bear kindness and compassion in your heart for all of the people who can’t be as intelligent, wonderful and amazing as you are!

22. I am so happy that I am able to share this special day with you! You are like a beautiful ray of sun that brightens the world and everyone in it. Never stop shining, my love!

23. This ride through life is filled with unforgettable experiences, amazing emotions and wonderful friends. Life has just begun, so enjoy it! Happy birthday!

24. Let the year ahead of you bring you only the greatest happiness. May all failures or problems be cleared away from your path. Happy birthday!

25. Here’s to wishing you the most amazing birthday ever! Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you to!

26. Now, you have reached the age when you can finally start reaching toward the stars. Be daring and go after all of your dreams this year! Happy birthday!

27. You have achieved everything you have wanted, but don’t settle for stopping just there. May all of your dreams come true this year. Happy birthday!

28. Let every day of your life feel like a fun holiday that you can enjoy to the fullest. Have a wonderful birthday!

29. This year is the perfect time for achieving new victories. Like a fine wine, you only get better with each passing year. Happy birthday!

30. Life is something that only happens once, so you have to use it wisely. Have a great birthday, my friend!

Birthday Quotes

31. You are just ___ years old today! You are like a bright candle. You have the choice to burn brightly and illuminate the world around you or melt quickly like wax. I believe that you will choose to shine out brightly for everyone around you. Happy birthday!

32. Today is a special day because a special person is having their birthday! May all of your dreams come true. May the coming year be the luckiest one yet.

33. Let your kindness, compassion and dedication guide you toward achieving all of your dreams in life. May happiness meet you at every turn. Happy birthday!

34. I feel sorry for all of those people who never got to have a friend like you. Your generosity and endless optimism make you truly one in a million. Happy birthday to the dearest friend in the world.

35. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! May you find success in your career and in your love life. May you always strive toward your fullest potential. Have an amazing year!

36. Never count the years or the days that pass. Count all of the moments that take your breath away because that is what life is truly made of. Happy birthday, my friend!

37. Let your life be filled with good fortune, happiness and the greatest of accomplishments. May you achieve everything that you want in the coming year. Happy birthday!

38. Happy birthday! May every day be filled with joy, happiness and warmth. May the happiness you feel today be continued for every day of the year.

39. Today is your ____ birthday! The world has now been blessed by your presence for ___ years. On this day, I hope you fulfill all of your dreams. Have a great birthday!

40. In your life, you will sometimes have to go against the stream. With your talent, charm and intelligence, I know that you will always be able to adjust and achieve your goals in life. Happy birthday!

Inspirational Happy Birthday Quotes

41. I just wanted to wish you the craziest, most outstanding and happiest birthday ever. I love you!

42. Happy birthday! Today, you are truly unstoppable. Enjoy life and be willing to take chances. Whenever you are afraid to take chances, just remember that you are capable of anything that you set your mind to!

43. Happy birthday! ___ years is the perfect age for making the right decisions and achieving your dreams!

44. I wish you all of the world’s luck and prosperity on your birthday. You really deserve the best!

45. Happy birthday! Take today as an opportunity to start discovering who you are and appreciating all of the blessings that you have.

46. Happy ____ birthday! Explore the world and all of its many enjoyments. Just remember one truth: the best things in life can never be bought, they can only be given to you by another.

47. Aging is not about missing a stage of life that has passed by. It is about getting a new opportunity to achieve all of your dreams. Happy birthday, my dear!

48. May this year be full of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Happy birthday!

49. Welcome to adulthood—the fun is just starting to begin!

50. Birthdays were made so that friends could celebrate amazing people like you every year. Happy birthday!

Best Encouraging Birthday Wishes and Famous Quotes

51. I wish you unexpected happiness for every day of the year. Happy birthday!

52. Have some fun opening gifts, but remember: the best present of all is your friendship. You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you. Happy birthday!

53. May this year be filled with success and great achievements. Happy birthday!

54. Smile! It’s your birthday, so there will be photos, cake and a million smiles. Start practicing now!

55. Happy birthday! Open your mind to all of the wonderful changes awaiting you, and you will never have any regrets in life!

56. Another birthday arrives, and I get another chance to celebrate the birth of my dearest friend. Your birth was the greatest gift that the world could have. Happy birthday!

57. Focus on making changes, and you will get the results you want. Fate is in your hands! Happy birthday!

58. Remember: Each problem is what helps us to grow and achieve our next success. Happy birthday! May this year be full of more dreams than regrets!

59. Being your friend is the greatest gift I could have. Today, let’s celebrate the world for giving you me. Happy birthday!

60. Birthdays come just once a year, but I wish I could celebrate an amazing person like you every day. Happy birthday!

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