Ice or Winter Baby Boy Names

By on July 26, 2018

There are meant to be scientific, slight differences between babies who are born in the summer and those born in the winter, and the time of year in which they are born could effect the way their life is carved out in front of them. This effect, a highly disputed one, is commonly known as the “season-of-birth” effect, and isn’t really all that understood.

If you are expecting a winter baby, it might interest you to learn that your baby boy might have slightly different personality traits because of the season during which they first made an appearance. It’s probably not on the very forefront of your mind, of course. There are many more important factors before wondering how the cold temperatures could effect the temperament your child has as it grows up. Choosing the ice or winter baby boy names, for example. Naming your child is an important ritual, just one part of the bigger child-bearing process.

Ice or Winter Baby Boy Names 2

Luckily, when it to comes to cool (pun intended) ice or winter baby boy names, you have a plethora of options to choose from.

Unique Baby Boy Names for Winter and Their Meanings

Aspen – not just a beautiful tree, Aspen is also a beautiful winter and snowy vacation setting for many a holidaymaker.

Baldur – a name taken from Norse mythology, he was restored after a rather unfortunate incident with a mistletoe-based spear and closely linked to the “mistletoe legend” ever since. (The legend being that it is linked with fertility, winter, and medicines.)

Balthazar/Balt – although we don’t know for sure, this was reportedly the name of one of the three wise men who brought gifts to Jesus in the manger.

Boreas – a God of Greek mythology, Boreas was not only considered to be the bringer of cold and winter, but also the God of the cold north wind.

Chris – a shortened version of Christopher, which you could also have, the name has been closely linked to Christmas and all things festive for many generations.

Christian – this name is popular around Christmas time for the same reasons as Christ/Christopher.

Cole – if you were a bad kid, you got a lump of coal in your stocking for Christmas. Luckily, there’s a name to go hand-in-hand with that. Hopefully, your kid won’t be as naughty as the namesake.

Cris – just in case you didn’t fancy the traditional, old-school spelling of Chris or Christopher, you could opt for Cris or Cristopher.

Crispin – everything is crisp and cold outside during winter, and Crispin is a name that might just be making a comeback! This is actually a Latin and Roman name, derived originally from Crispinus. Back then, the name was reflective of men and women with curly-hair. That’s literally what it means.

Douglas – this is actually the name of a type of Christmas tree, so we feel it’s a pretty apt winter name for baby boys.

Fred or Freddy/Freddo – in Italian, freddo literally means ‘cold’, and the people of Catalan use the word ‘fred’ for cold, too. Also, it’s a super cute name for a baby boy, and one that has grown in popularity over recent years.

Garnet – can be used as a name for either a boy or a girl born during the winter, garnet is actually the birth stone for babies born in January.

Hemant – this name comes from Indian origin and is said to mean both ‘gold’ and ‘early winter’.

Hod (or Hodr) – we mentioned Baldur, from Norse mythology, and now we’re going to have a little mention of this brother and twin — Hodr or Hod. Sadly, this twin kills Baldur, setting off the big apocalyptic chain of events that would then spell the end of the world.

Jack – as in, Jack Frost

Janus – the god of new beginnings and transitions.

Jay – this is the name of a bird common found in winter.

Kit – Kit Harrington was the actor who played Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow. You can understand why we made the connection, right?

Ledas – means ‘ice’ in Lithuanian.

Ledus – means ‘ice’ in Latvian.

Lumi – this name has origins in Finland and Estonia and literally means ‘snow’ in both languages.

Mithras – a name that is derived from the myths of Ancient Rome, Mithras was said to have been born at the time of the winter solstice, but was actually a God of the sun, rather than the cold and winter. You probably won’t have heard about him because the origins all stem from a religion in Roman times that appears to be somewhat of a mystery. We don’t know all that much about it.

Nicholas – a very common name, Nicholas or, rather, Saint Nicholas, is one of the oldest origins of the traditional Santa Claus of Father Christmas that we know and love today.

Nick – a shortened version of Saint Nicholas, it’s no wonder that baby boys are called Nick or Nicholas more at this time of year than at any other.

Ice or Winter Baby Boy Names 3

Noel – you couldn’t really mention baby boy names for winter without having a little mention for Noel, could you?

North – Kanye West and Kim Kardashian made this famous very recently, and it would make a great name for both boys and girls. That’s our opinion, but what’s yours?

Odin – another Norse name, Odin has been compared to Santa Claus a lot over the years, and when you bear in mind that the mythological legend apparently flew around on a flying horse around Christmastime (Yuletide), delivering goodies to the people who were worthy, you can understand why the comparison has been made.

Rece — Reece and Rhys are common names, but Rece actually means ‘cold’ in Romanian, and might make an interesting, winter-themed tweak on the classic spelling.

Robin – a bird that is common seen around winter and Christmas time, and also Batman’s right-hand man, Robin makes a great name for both baby boys and baby girls at this time of year. (And any other to be honest.)

Rudolf – Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer obviously has a lot to answer for with his one. We doubt that baby boys who are called Rudolf actually have red noses, though.

Rudy – a name that is often closely linked with Rudolph, which obviously reminds everyone of the winter/festive period, Rudy is actually of German origin and means ‘famous wolf’.

Snow – you could go all-out and opt for Snow as a baby boy name. We think it would work for both boys and girls.

Storm – if you’re a big fan of a good ol’ snow storm, you might just be a fan of the name ‘Storm’ for a baby boy. It’s a good one, but one that spells trouble. If the name makes him sound moody, wait until he reaches his teenage years … then he really will be kickin’ up a storm!

Wabonishi – a Native American name that translates to ‘he who survives the winter’.

Whittaker – this name means ‘white field’ in Old English and is not just a common surname, but also quite a unique first name for a baby boy. The ‘white’ reference makes it perfect for babies born in this months where snow covers the ground.

William — the Sweet William flower is one that can happily survive and grow during winter, and we think that makes the beautiful basis for a baby boy name. William is a name that is linked to greatness, royalty and nobility, and never seems to go out of style. (Also: Prince William is a bit of a hottie, right?)

Winter – if you have a baby born in winter, you could call it, quite simply, Winter. It’s a great name for both baby boys and baby girls and is fast becoming a popular choice.

Yas – a Native American name, the translation of Yas is ‘snow’.

Yukio – this is a Japanese name, literally meaning snow boy.

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