80 Ice Cream Shop Names

By on August 16, 2018

When the weather is hot outside, everyone wants to get ice cream. Making an ice cream shop is a popular business plan in tourist areas and major cities. If you are starting your own company, then you need the right ice cream shop names. The following ideas can help you begin brainstorming ideas for your own ice cream shop name.

ice cream parlour names in usa

1. The Waffle Cone: Who doesn’t want a waffle cone?

2. Cold Cones Ice Cream: This might be a bit too close to the name of a famous ice cream shop.

3. Sundae Funday: This is one of my favorite ice cream shop names.

4. The Dreamery Creamery: Because you sell the ice cream your customers dream about.

5. Happy Cones: Happy is right!

6. What’s the Scoop?: This is a clever play on words.

7. I Scream, You Scream: For ice cream, of course!

8. The Cheery Cherry: Nothing beats the cherry on top of a delicious sundae.

9. The Waffle Bowl: Nice!

10. Utterly Ice Cream: This is a play on the word “udder.”

11. Banana Splitz: Delicious!

12. Ice Cream Fundae: Because going to an ice cream shop is always a lot of fun!

13. The Magic Slab: Perfect.

14. Farmer’s Ice Cream: This works for an organic ice cream shop or a shop that uses local ingredients.

15. Custard Creamery: This name wins for alliteration.

16. The Vanilla Bean Creamery: Delicious.

17. Freezing Point Ice Cream: This is a clever name to go with.

18. Dream Cones: You sell the cones your clients dream about.

19. Dairy Goddess: Nice one!

20. Sprinkles Sundae Shop: This wins bonus points for alliteration.

Coolest Names for Ice Cream Shop Ideas

21. A La Mode: This sounds like a fancy ice cream parlor.

22. Ice Cream CONEction: This ice cream shop name is a clever play on words.

23. The Frozen Spoon: Perfect!

24. The Creamery: Keep it simple with a name like this one.

25. Scoops n’ Smiles: Because with every scoop, you also sell a smile.

26. The Ice House: This is a cute name.

27. Milk It Ice Cream: This is a fun option to go with.

28. SwirlSation: Your ice cream swirls certainly cause a sensation!

29. Utterly Delicious Ice Cream: That’s certainly true.

30. Cherry on Top: Delicious!

31. Magic Cone Ice Cream: Is there anything better than an ice cream cone on a hot day?

32. MooTime Creamery: Cute!

33. Swirl Station: This is a fun option.

34. Jealous Gelato: Because everyone is jealous of your gelato.

35. Ice Cream Artisans: Nice one!

36. Cherry on Top Ice Cream Shop: This might be long, but it is easy to remember because of the rhyming aspect.

37. Icicles Creamery: Adorable!

38. Crazy Cherry: This is a cute name.

39. Flavaboom: Awesome.

40. Gelatiamo: This is a blend of a phrase that means “I love you” in Italian and the word gelato.

41. Yo Swirl: This sounds like a hip ice cream parlor.

42. Sweet Retreat: Everyone needs a sweet retreat now and then.

43. Golden Spoon: Cute!

44. The Ice Cream Bar: Who needs a regular bar when you can have an ice cream bar?

45. Yogurtland: This is a fun option.

46. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Parlor: This sounds like the name of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. I think “Parlor Tricks” would be a cute name as well.

47. The Sweet Treat: Nice one!

48. A Bit Nutty Ice Cream: The nuts are the best part.

49. Nuts Please! Creamery: Cute!

50. Sweet Escape: Because your parlor offers a sweet escape from the world.

attractive names for ice cream shops

51. Cherry’s Ice Cream Parlor: You can always change Cherry to your first name.

52. Feelin’ Nutty Ice Cream: Nice.

53. The Drippity Cone: Don’t let those cones drip!

54. The Ice Cream Shuffle: Adorable.

55. 32 Below: This is a reference to water’s freezing point.

56. Ice Queen: Fun!

57. Kustard Kones: This is a hip, trendy name.

58. Sunny Days Creamery : Because your parlor is the place to go on sunny days.

59. Sweet Dreams: Perfect!

60. Alphabet Scoop: This is a clever play on words.

61. Two Scoops Ice Cream Shop: This is a cute ice cream shop name.

62. Blue Skies Ice Cream: There’s nothing but blue skies at your parlor.

63. Dream Cream: This is a play on the phrase “dream team.”

64. Full Tilt Ice Cream: Cute!

65. Queen Bee Ice Cream: This sounds like a fun name.

ice cream truck name ideas

66. Sweet Rose Creamery: Adorable.

67. Rocky Road: Perfect.

68. Ice Cream Delight: Delight is exactly the word that I’d use.

69. Tutti Fruitti: This is a fun option.

70. Shake It: Use this option if your shop specializes in shakes.

71. Sprinkles Creamery: Sprinkles is a great word to use in any ice cream shop names.

72. Vanilla Bean Dreams: If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

73. Secret Sprinkles: This is a fun choice.

74. The Gelato Connection: Nice.

75. Gelatosaurus: This sounds like a shop that caters to kids.

76. Ice Cream Island: This would be even better if you are located on an island.

77. Scoops for Me: Awesome.

78. The Pistachio Parlor: This nae gets bonus points for alliteration.

79. Ice Screamers: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice scream.

80. Scoop-er Stars: For all of those ice cream superstars out there.


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