Ice or Winter Baby Girl Names

By on June 12, 2018

If you are expecting a winter baby — congratulations! It’s a very exciting time getting ready for a brand new addition to the family, but one of the hardest things to do is pick a name that is just right for your bundle of joy. It’s a name that you’ll be giving your child for the rest of its life, so it’ll want to be something that will last the test of time, as well a shining through the right kind of personality traits and character references that you hope your child has. 

The good news is that there are plenty of baby names for winter, and some of them have some pretty amazing meanings behind them too. Have a look at some of these and don’t forget to let us know which one is your favourite, or if you have any amazing winter-themed suggestions of your own. 

Ice or Winter Baby Girl Names

Unique Baby Girl Names for Winter and Their Meanings 

Alaska – you can’t really get more ice/winter/snow-like than a name like Alaska. It’s one of the coldest places on the planet! 

Alcyone – from Greek mythology, Alcyone was one of Pleiades’ seven sisters and is also known as the Kingfisher Goddess. The seas are said to die down and become calm and peaceful for a whole 14 days during winter — this is when the Goddess beds down and nests. When she stops nesting, the seas will return to their choppy and dangerous nature. 

Angel – what do you think of when someone says Christmas? Gifts? Lots of food? The angel or star on the top of the tree? Winter means Christmas, and Christmas means angels … Lots and lots of angels. It makes for a cute name, as well as Angela, Angelica, and other variations. 

Astra – speaking of stars on the top of the Christmas tree (which we were), how about Asta, a name that literally means star and all things astrological? We love it … How about you? 

Auxesia – in early parts of Greek mythology, there were Goddesses of the naturally-created segments of the years — what we come to know and love as the seasons. Auxesia was given to the Goddess of the winter season. 

Befana — although not really a common name, you could opt for a number of variations of it, including Beth, Bethany, and more. La Befana is actually a person notable from Italian folklore and history, very similar to how we know Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. Although painted as quite a witchy character, flying around dressed in an all-black cape and on a broomstick, she went from house to house over the winter time, delivery goodies to kids who had behaved themselves. What do you think, kids? Do we still believe in Santa? 

Beira – this one is actually from Gaelic mythology but is another deity of winter. Beira is loosely translated or linked to the Queen of Winter. She was said to have had white hair but teeth the colour of rust, and was also similar to something we saw in Avatar — blue skin all over, a giant in shape and form, and also a cyclops. 

Belle – we hear Christmas bells and get excited, and Belle could also be the belle of the ball! It’s a name commonly associated with the winter seasons and Christmas-time, and what a beautiful name it is too! 

Bonadea – Bona Dea is celebrated in Rome, in a festival that is held at the beginning of December. The Goddess of fertility is celebrated in a female-only event, where men are not only refused admission; they’re not allowed to be discussed or mentioned at all. 

Charity – Christmas is the perfect time for charity, and those who are in need, really do need our help more at Winter/Christmastime than any other time of the year. You might not want to call your baby girl Charity, but is it about time that you did your bit for charity? 

Cher – Cher actually means “snow” in Belarusian, plus, who doesn’t love Cher? 

Christine – also: Christie, Chrissie, Chrissy, etc. They’re all names associated with winter and Christmastime, mostly because of that Christ-connection. 

Christmas – you could just go all-out and call your baby girl Christmas. It’s a cool name and no one would ever forget when her birthday was! 

Unique Baby Girl Names for Winter and Their Meanings

Demetria – derived from Greek deity, Demeter, we actually better know her daughter for winter-links: Persephone. However, Persephone was abducted for a while, by wicked Hades. During that time, she suffered such depression, the earth quite literally died for six months, closely linking her to the cold, dead winter period.  

Elsa – okay, we don’t need to explain this one. Just sing along with us: “LET IT GOOOOO!” (Did you really sing it? We totally did!) 

Elurra – this literally means “snow” in Basque, a country that straddles the borders of two countries — Spain and France, situated in the Western Pyrenees. 

Gabrielle – we all know about the Arch Angel Gabriel, so how about festively-themed Gabrielle? Or Gabriella? Or Gabby? There are so many variations you could pick from! 

Holly – you could also have Hollie, of course, but they come from the name Frau Holle, a Scandinavian Goddess and thing of myths and legends. Snowfall is what she’s linked to, but that’s not it; the winter period also brings green, evergreen trees and she’s also the Goddess of those. 

January – it’s the coldest part of winter for some, plus, it’s a beautiful name for a baby girl. That’s what we think, anyway. 

Jupiter – furthest planet from our sun, therefore, the coldest. 

Khione – from Greek mythology, Khione was said to have been the daughter of a Greek God called Boreas. He was the “bringer of the winter season” and was also God of the cold north wind. 

Lumi – this actually means “snow” in two European languages: Finish and Estonian. 

Best Snow Or Winter Baby Names

McKinley – this is the name of a town in Alaska, and one of the top 10 coldest places on earth. If that doesn’t scream “winter”, we don’t know what will. We also think it sounds a little bit Scottish, don’t you?

Nieve – in Spanish, this means “snow” and we actually really love it for a baby girl name, too! You could even opt for the Portuguese version — Neve. 

North – Kim Kardashian may have made it popular over recent years, but the bible has been making the North Star popular for millennia. Sadly, because of the Kardashian-West connection, this name has been vetoed from a lot of baby name lists! 

Persephone – derived from Greek mythology, we’ve actually already mentioned Persephone’s mother — Demeter/Demetria. The earth went into a cold depression for six months when she found herself abducted by the lord of the underworld, so you can understand why people link her — and her name — to winter, cold, ice and all things snowy. 

Saturn – temperatures are said to plummet to under 184 degrees centigrade on this planet, making it one of the coldest places in our solar system. We also think it would make a great baby girl name, and could be modified slightly to make even more unique baby girl names, too. 

Snow – you could just call your beautiful bundle of joy Snow. It’s a unique and cool name that will be relevant year after year. 

Winter – as well as Wynter and other variations, Winter is a beautiful name for both boys and girls. 

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