60 Hurting Quotes for Him

By on August 7, 2018

At some point, most people have to go through a breakup. You could be hurt by a breakup or by someone rejecting you when you ask them out. Whatever the case, these hurting quotes for him can help. They are a reminder that everyone experiences this type of thing at some point. Through these hurting quotes for him, you can put words to your feelings and remember that other people have gone through the same thing.

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60 Hurting Quotes for Him

1. Do you think that real men can’t feel pain? No! Real men can be hurt by those they love.

Real men know how to love, but this also leaves them open to being hurt.

2. It is very easy to hurt someone, but very hard to feel hurt.

That is certainly true.

3. Each day without you hurts me as much as I love you.

This is a common sentiment after a breakup.

4. Hurt is just the price you pay for love.

With any luck, you will never have to feel such pain.

5. Start a relationship by appreciating someone, or they will leave and make you feel hurt.

If you were the cause of your breakup, then this hurting quote for him probably rings true.

6. A real man never hurts his lady with a lie.

The best relationships are based on honesty and open communication.

7. Don’t keep hurt feelings on the inside. Let the pain and anger fly away.

This is good advice, but it is hard to put into practice.

8. I loved you too much to just let you keep hurting me.

Which is why you had to end things.

9. Hurt feelings are experienced by everyone. Remember that no one else understands your hurt because they already have their own problems.

That sounds rather negative.

10. If you feel hurt, then I feel hurt. You are a part of me.

When someone you love is in pain, it hurts you as well.

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11. If you never truly care, then you can never truly be hurt.

That is certainly true.

12. People hurt you only when you allow them to do so.

I’m not sure if this is actually the truth.

13. When someone hurts you, thank her. It is your chance to discover how powerful and strong you are.

That’s one way of looking at it.

14. It hurts me to love you and never tell you, but it would hurt me more to never find the courage to tell you my true feelings.

Sometimes, you have to risk being hurt if you want to take a chance on finding love.

15. If you have hurt feelings, it is just a sign that you still care about that person who gave you those feelings.

That is certainly true.

16. Love hurts the most when it changes you and your way of life.

If your relationship changed who you are, that probably isn’t a good thing.

17. Did you think that love would make you happy?

I did.

18. When someone hurts you more than you deserve, it isn’t a sign that you’re a bad person. It just means that you were too good for her.

This hurting quote for him is certainly the truth.

19. The worst pain comes when you are hurt by the people you are closest too.

Unfortunately, it is the people closest to you who have the greatest capacity to cause you pain.

20. Not all men understand how vulnerable love makes you feel.

Real men do.

21. When you hurt someone, they turn around and hurt someone else. Never start this chain of pain and hurt.

Pain and suffering can definitely become an endless cycle.

22. If you hurt someone, the hurt will return to you later. It might not be the same person, but karma will find a way.

This sounds like a reminder for your ex.

23. If you feel hurt, it is only because that person was extremely important to you.

That is definitely true.

24. If someone hurts you, don’t focus on that feeling. When you think of the pain, you hurt even more.

All you can do is stay busy and hang out more with your friends to distract your mind as you try to move on.

25. When you realize that you hurt yourself as well, don’t come back to me with your excuses.

Good luck.

26. To avoid being hurt, rule your life with your head instead of your heart.

This does not sound like the best life advice.

27. It is better to be hurt by the truth than to live a sweet lie.

I suppose so, but that doesn’t make being hurt any easier to bear.

28. A person who hurts you once will definitely hurt you more than just once.

That is almost always the case.

Hurting Love Quotes for him

29. The Simple Method for Dealing With Hurt: Forget your pain faster, and you will be happier faster.

This is far easier to say than to do.

30. No all people who cry in pain are hurt. Not everyone who smiles is actually happy.

That is a good point to remember.

31. Did you think the truth would hurt? Living a lie can hurt even more.

That is definitely true!

32. Don’t feel hurt that you can’t be with her. Staying with her and ending it later would hurt even more.

Keep telling yourself this as you try to heal and move on.

33. My heart knew nothing of pain until you appeared in my life.


34. People who love you won’t hurt you. People who hurt you, don’t love you.

When someone loves you and hurts you, it is the worst experience possible.

35. If she hurts you, forget her—but never forget the lesson she taught you.

True enough.

36. You should feel thankful to people who hurt you because they make you stronger and better.

I’m not sure if “thankful” is the word that I would use.

37. You can’t prevent others from hurting you, but you can stop yourself from hurting others.

This is life advice that everyone should follow.

38. The only way to avoid hurt is to not trust people. If you can’t trust people, you can never be happy.

You can avoid love and close relationships forever, but you would never be able to find true happiness by doing that.

39. If you want to start all over again after being hurt, then it is true love.


40. Don’t cry if you can’t be with her—it might be your shot at avoiding hurt later on.

Sometimes, a relationship just isn’t meant to be.

41. If your pain is hard, just wait. Time is the only medicine for the soul and heart.

Healing takes time.

42. If you are feeling hurt and not happy with the one you love, then she might not deserve you.

That is definitely a good point.

43. Pain and suffering are an integral part of being human. If you are hurt, it’s only because you’re alive.

This is one of the most accurate hurting quotes for him.

44. You have to keep moving on if you want to overcome the pain.

You can’t stay stuck on your pain forever.

45. Being hurt is how your soul protects itself in the future. It’s like a vaccine against future pain.

Each incidence of being hurt is a way for your soul to avoid being hurt in the future.

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46. Don’t despair in being hurt because you can find strength in your pain.

At the very least, you can find a way to move on eventually.

47. Pain won’t kill you, but you can kill the pain.

Not really.

48. You have to feel hurt before you can be cured of love.

Is anyone ever cured of love?

49. Love is just a cycle of happiness and pain. If you’re hurting now, you will find happiness later.

That’s a nice way to look at it.

50. That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

This comes from a popular song, which would be a great theme song for a breakup.

51. You’ll never hurt more than your love. If you hurt a lot, it is only because you loved a lot.

This is certainly true.

52. If someone you love hurts you, then they aren’t the person for you.

Keep this in mind as you try to move on and don’t restart the relationship.

53. It is hard to repair a relationship if someone still feels hurt.

Sometimes, people hold grudges for far too long, and it ends up affecting the relationship.

54. When you forgive, you don’t always forget. It just means you let the pain go.

That is definitely true in any cases.

55. To stop yourself from hurting, change your life and how you do things.

Keep yourself busy, find a new hobby or hang out with friends. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself sit at home and feel the pain alone.

56. If you can’t get rid of the pain in your heart, you have to learn how to live with it.

This is an accurate hurting quote for him.

57. Your heart will never get broken if you never fall in love.


58. Don’t remember the people who caused your heart pain. Remember the people who fixed the pain.

Once you know the people who support you and help heal your pain, make sure to show your appreciation. These are the kinds of people that you want to keep in your life.

59. The amount of hurt you get is equal to the amount of love you give.

Unfortunately, this is almost always the truth.

60. Sometimes, people hurt you more through their inaction than through their actions.

It isn’t always what people do that hurts you. In some cases, it is the things that they don’t do or say that hurt the most.

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