How to Tell Your Crush You Like Him

By on September 27, 2014

Sometimes just having a crush on someone is enough.  You can keep the secret inside and enjoy the special feeling you get when you bump into him on the street, or gaze at him across the room and fantasize about his lips touching yours… Dreaming about your crush is like eating candy in the middle of the night. It’s sweet, it’s fun, and nobody gets hurt, but you still feel just a little bit secretive and wicked, which just makes it all the more enjoyable!

But sometimes, you want more than to just stalk him online (in the nicest way of course!) and adoringly gaze at photos of him without him ever knowing you exist. You want him to actually know that you like him. Here are fifteen ways to do just that. Some are very simple and traditional, while others are a little more out there and only for girls who aren’t afraid to take a risk for the chance of a big payoff. Choose what works for you, and make those steamy dreams come true.

1. Talk to Him

The first step to turning a crush into a reality is to get to know the guy. This seems basic, but some of the biggest crushes can evaporate the minute you actually talk to the dude. He may be totally hot to look at, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will connect. Maybe he’s a gear head NASCAR-fan and you’re an off-the-grid, camping in the woods hippie chick. Maybe you both love eating caramel popcorn and watching animé. There’s only one way to find out: take a deep breath and approach him.

 2. Hang Out Together


If you do hit it off, this is your opportunity to casually suggest a get together.  “Hey, there’s a animé festival in town next week, and they’re showing the Otomi movie Steamboy.  Wanna go?”  Or maybe you have enough friends in common that you can tag along with a group he’s part of and just manage to sit next to him at the movie theatre or coffee shop.  Just because there happen to be ten other people in the group doesn’t mean you can’t attract his whole attention.  Be careful with this one, and don’t be too pushy.  If he obviously isn’t interested, back off and let him have his space. But most guys are flattered when a girl pays them attention, and are happy to sit back and lap it up for as long as you’re willing to be adoring!

 3. Flirt with Him


Flirting is fun, and I really don’t get why some girls think it’s tough.  If you think you’re attractive, and you act as if you’re attractive, your crush will notice you.  And when he notices you, let him know YOU think HE is attractive by flirting. It sounds cheesy, but all the stereotypical moves work – catch and hold eye contact for just a second longer than is normal, stand as close as you can, touch him lightly, wear attractive clothing and make sure you smell good, smile a lot, and laugh at his jokes… there are many, many ways to flirt, and all of them are time tested and true!

4. Change your Facebook Profile to “In a relationship with (his name)”


This is one for a girl with guts, and one whose friends can play along with a joke. If your crush is already your Facebook friend, you can just go ahead and make the relationship happen – at least in cyber-space!  Change your profile to say you’re in a relationship with your crush, and wait for him to notice, or one of your other friends to notice and ask him about it.  Play it cool and just wait to see how, and if, he reacts. This is a surefire way to know, and fast, if he likes you or not! This one may backfire, so be prepared with a story to get you out of there if he makes it clear he’s not interested.  Maybe say it was a dare from a mutual friend, or that your account was hacked. Never admit the truth on this one until you’re living happily ever after!

5. Send Him Flowers


It would work for you, right?  So why don’t more girls send guys flowers?  It doesn’t have to be red roses, it doesn’t even have to be flowers!  It can be a potted plant if you think that’s more his style, or a cookie bouquet if he has a sweet tooth. The point here is to let him know you are thinking of him.  You can sign this with your name and leave no doubt, but I like to do this anonymously. For example, I would send a cactus with a cute note: “I may be prickly on the outside, but I’m succulent when you get past my spikes. Love, your secret crush.” That will definitely make him wonder who the secret crush is. Then a few days later, when you see him, make a casual remark that leaves no doubt that it was you that sent the bouquet and note. Talk about how you collect cactuses, or how you love cookie bouquets, and look him straight in the eye as you say it. He’ll pick up on the message.

6.  Loan Him a Book and Leave a Sexy Photo of You inside


This is a fun one if you know your crush and you share a mutual hobby or interest in books. When you’re talking, take note of a subject he likes and go buy a book about it, or even better pull a book he would like from your personal library. Next time you see him, casually pull the book out of your bag and say: “I had this lying around the house, and thought you might like to read it.”  Make sure that you have your name and phone number written inside the cover so he has no excuse for not contacting you. Somewhere in the book hide a small photo of you looking hot. No nudity, just a swimsuit, cute underwear, pj’s, or tank top and shorts is fine.  Make sure the photo is tucked in there so it won’t fall out when you hand over the book.  You want him to find this photo when he’s alone and can let his thoughts run wild.  You’ve been fantasizing about him – now it’s his turn to fantasize about you!

 7. Tweet his photo captioned “Isn’t he HOT!?”


This involves sneaking a photo of him when he’s looking his best. You’ve been kinda, sorta, stalking him, right?  So play detective and take your camera along when you sit in the bleachers watching him play, or use a zoom and grab a shot of him as he walks past your house. The most important thing here is to make sure he really does look good, not just to you, but to all your girlfriends, and yes, to himself.  He’s going to eventually see this photo and you want him to be impressed!  When you have the perfect shot, send it out and wait for someone to re-tweet it to him. If he likes you, he’ll be in touch!

8. Cook Him Dinner

Garlic-Cheddar-Chicken-Strips (1)

Your Gran would tell you the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and guess what?  Gran would be right!  Nothing impresses a man more than a home-cooked meal made by the fair hand of a maiden.  Yeah, it’s old fashioned, but you can make him cook next time, right?

9. Become friends with his Mom

This is a sneaky one, but all men are little boys at heart, and if his Mom likes you, chances are he will as well. This works great if you are employed in the same company as his Mom, are in a group she is also part of, or do similar classes such as yoga, or work out at the same gym. The friendship has to happen naturally or she’ll think you’re just weird and creepy, and so will he!

10. Send him a Poem


You can borrow a love poem by a famous author, or write your own. I personally think writing your own has way more impact. It doesn’t have to be a good poem, it doesn’t even have to rhyme. Just put your feelings down in words. If you know he read your poem, and he doesn’t attempt to talk to you or respond in any way, move on.

11. Go for a Walk in the Moonlight

There are certain places in this world where romance and magic just happen easier than anywhere else. There’s Paris of course, Niagara Falls, and pretty much any tropical beach. But unless you happen to live near one of those places, romantic locations tend to be limited to a scenic overlook or a local park. Strange things happen when couples walk together under the moonlight, strange and wonderful things.  Try it with your crush!

 12.  Share a Bottle of Champagne

Just like walking in the moonlight, sharing a bottle of champagne with someone can turn a regular evening into something magical.  Somehow the cork popping and the bubbles makes everything special. Of course, if you can combine the champagne and the moonlight the effect is doubled. So maybe take him for a picnic under the stars, just you and him on a blanket – you’ll look at each other, and you won’t need to tell him you like him. He’ll just know!

 13. Borrow his Clothes and Wear Them in Public


Okay, so this is usually a trick used by girls to announce they’re dating a guy. But if you can swing it, wearing his clothes BEFORE you date is a sure fire way to let him know you like him. I admit that getting his sweater or jacket can be tricky, so make sure you keep an eye out to check if he’s the kind of guy who leaves his clothes lying around. Then when he sees you wearing his jacket or sweater and says: “Hey, that looks like mine!” you can calmly hand it back and say you thought it might be his when you found it, and how comfy, warm and cozy it is and how much you loved wearing it!

14. Ask him to be your Valentine


February 14th is the day when even the most timid girls can admit to their crush that they think he is hot. Do it in person, or do it by card, or send him an online message. Just do it!

15. Just Tell Him

Men don’t always pick up on subtle hints. Sometimes, even the obvious hints go past them. The solution? Just tell him how you feel. It’s not easy and he may not feel the same way, but at least you’ll get it off your chest and he’ll appreciate the honesty.



A crush will always stay a crush unless you let them know how you feel. So, pick one (or more) of these ways and start planning! Good luck!




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