How to Talk to Your Crush When You’re Shy

By on November 21, 2014

When it comes to talking to your crush, it can seem impossible to say the right thing. You are left standing in front of him tongue-tied while struggling to find a way to express your thoughts. Even when hanging out or speaking up seems intimidating , there are still ways for you to keep your cool. Use some of the following tips in order to look your best when your with that special someone.


1. Go Crazy


It may not work for everyone, but pushing the envelope can be one way that you can be noticed by your crush. Approach him first and ask him out or just do something completely crazy. You self-confidence and flair will attract him immediately. Even better, you will lose some of your nervousness in normal conversation after doing something unusually insane.


2. Be Prepared


Before you decide to start a conversation with your crush, do your research. Everyone has unique interests and favorite topics. If he is interested in basketball or woodcarving, try learning about it a little in advance. If you have background information on one of his favorite pastimes, it will make it far easier to start a conversation. Think of your favorite sport, hobby or book. Whenever you meet someone with the same interest, it seems like you could talk forever about the topic. The same thing is true for other people. If you research in advance, you can easily draw him into a conversation that lasts forever.

3. Forget About Perfection

No one is perfect, and your crush already knows that. Whenever you are around your crush, you do not have to worry about being unusually serious or unbelievably perfect. Real people with flaws and personality are far more attractive than a fake Barbie doll wannabe. Let your inner silliness shine, and you are more likely to get the guy of your dreams. If you do make a major mistake or misstep, just smile and laugh it off. Every mistake is an opportunity for a new inside joke with your crush or a chance to show that you are a down-to-earth girl.

4. Confidence Matters

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This tip goes hand-in-hand with number three. Confidence is one of the sexiest things about a woman. Guys are attracted to girls who feel confident in their appearance and personality. If you can appear confident and limit your nerves, you will appear infinitely more attractive. To feel more confident, you can try putting on a favorite outfit or going to a favorite hangout spot. Whatever you do, you should try to create an environment where you feel comfortable.


5. Never Lie


Learning about his favorite interests or beliefs can help you get closer to your crush. Lying to him is the last thing that you should do. If he likes a particular hobby and you do not, you should never lie and say that you love it. At some point, he will find out that you lied and will feel betrayed. In the interim, you could end up being dragged along to a string of football games that you never wanted to go to.

Instead of lying to him, you should tell him the truth. You can be completely honest and tell him that you would be interested in learning more about his favorite hobby, without saying that you like it. Most people like to share information about themselves, so this gives you an opportunity to draw him out without lying to him. Ask him questions about the hobby or interest, but always avoid lying about your level of interest in the hobby.

6. Relax

Although this tip is one of the most effective, it can be the most difficult as well. When you are around your crush, you need to relax if you want to overcome your shyness. Shake it out, have a drink or take a few deep breaths. Whatever you do, you need to focus on letting out all of the tension and jitters. A little nervousness is never a problem, but a lot of nerves can kill any prospects of a second date. Relaxing will help you to open up more and appear more confident. In addition, your level of relaxation will also influence how relaxed he is. If you are completely stressed out, he will become more nervous as well.
7. Stop Limiting Yourself


We have all been there at some point. You look across the room and see an unbearably hot guy. Instead of approaching him, you turn away because you feel like he will just turn you down.

Everyone has had an experience like this in the past. Unfortunately, we can never find out how a crush will respond if we never talk to him. If you want to find out more about him, you need to stop placing limits on yourself. Strike up a conversation, ask for his number or spend some time flirting with him. Just remember that you are only capable of accomplishing the things that you try. If you do not try to talk to your crush, you will never know how it works out.

8. Stop Judging Yourself

Like number seven, this tip is focused more on your actions and beliefs. You have to stop judging yourself in private before you can successfully approach your crush. The truth is, all of those weird smiles, odd laughs and freckles that you thought ruined your appearance are endearing to someone else. Even major faux pas are not as bad as they seem. Your crush is most likely just as nervous around you as you are around him. If you are able to relax and not judge yourself harshly, it will put him at ease.

9. Be Yourself

Pretending to be someone else may work at first, but your relationship will not last. If you want a long term relationship, the woman that he falls in love with must be the real you.

10. Give Them a Compliment


If everything else fails, try giving your crush a compliment. Admiring their jacket or shirt is an easy way to strike up a conversation. This makes it easier to begin talking and lowers your risk of rejection.


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