How To Stay Awake in Class

By on February 7, 2015

We’ve all been there – so tired from staying awake talking to our friends late into he night while we were pretending to our parents we were actually doing homework, falling asleep in class to what seems like the dullest lesson you’ve ever, ever had to sit through. The teacher’s voice is so bland and uninteresting, there’s no way that you could ever take in what he was telling you, and you can feel your eyelids closing as we speak…

Staying awake in class is hard, especially when you have a good social life, homework to do, and the lessons are sooooo long and boring!

Luckily, we have a few tips to share with you!

How To Stay Awake in Class!

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As much as you might think a cup of coffee is the best way to perk yourself and make it through the lesson and the day, there are other alternatives. Pumping lots of caffeine into your body isn’t good for you, and you’ll only need to deal with that caffeine-crash later on when the effects wear off. Rather than reaching fora big cup of java-joe, why not look at some of these instead…

1 – Get up and move around!

It could be as simple as a quick trip to the bathroom but when you get up and move around, your blood will start pumping and it will be virtually impossible to fall asleep. A bit of fresh air is a great helping hand too so if you can, run outside for five minutes and let the cold air work its magic on your face.

2 – Open a window!

It’s impossible to fall asleep when you are cold so with a window open and the cold air on your skin, you will be more likely to stay awake then what you would if you were warm, wrapped up and comfortable. You could always try just sitting up in your chair rather than slumping down too…

3 – Have an energy-rich snack!

There are plenty of foods out there that will do pretty much the same job as a good cup of steaming hot coffee and believe it or not, these foods can even have a better effect at perking you up. When your blood sugar levels have dropped and you feel groggy and lethargic, having a handful of peanuts, for example, is a great way to boost protein levels and give you some healthy energy and sugars to keep your body awake. At this point of the day, most people would rush for a sugar fix in the form of a chocolate bar, but there are healthier foods that will have a much better effect.

As well as peanuts to help boost your energy, a glass of ice cold water can do the trick just as well. An apple is another great substitution – the fructose in the fruit has the same effect on your body as a spoonful of sugar so for an energy boost, you just can’t beat a good bit of fresh fruit.

4 – Take deep breaths!

Believe it or not, you can wake your body and mind up by taking some great deep breaths throughout the day. When you take these longer, deeper breaths, you are increasing the oxygen levels in the body which helps to perk you up (especially your mind), and the exercise also helps to lower your blood pressure, improve your circulation, and give yourself a kick up the backside as such. Breath in through your nose, hold for three and then release slowly. Repeat this over and over again a few times and see how much better you feel. It’s amazing how much a bit of good old oxygen can do for the body!

5 – Get your pen out!

When your brain is focusing on something such as taking notes from the lecturer or teacher in front of you, it’s harder to fall asleep. Even if you are only half-heartedly taking notes, your brain will be kept somewhat active and it will at least look as if you are trying in class. Technically, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone! 😉

6 – Move seats!

If you usually sit at the back of the class and your grades are plummeting because you keep losing concentration and falling asleep in class, request to be moved closer to the front of the room. You don’t need to tell your teacher that it is because you are no paying attention and keep dozing off – you could say that your eyes are having a hard time adjusting to the board and notes in front of you. When you are sat towards the front of the class, you will be less likely to fall asleep as you are more exposed to the eyes of your tutor and you know how much he will shout at you if the sees your eyes are closing!

There are plenty of smart tips you can use to keep yourself awake in class and the ones that we have mentioned are just a few of the ones that we have found particularly helpful over the years. The ice cold water trick is one that even works right through to adulthood… You’d be surprised at how many of us have almost fallen asleep in a meeting!

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