How To Motivate Yourself to Workout

By on March 31, 2015

Here are some insider tips on how to get yourself motivated to workout. They really do work and just reading this will help you more than you can imagine! These tips are the real deal. Think of them as body hacks from a pro and even if you doubt them, just try them first.


Backbends Will Give You Energy

motivate workout backbends

Your energy gets stuck in your body when you don’t move enough and become stiff. In order to gain access to the energy that you will need to workout you have to keep the spine mobile and moving in all directions as often as possible. That means forward, backward, side to side and twisted. Most importantly, the spine is intricately connected to your body’s nervous system which is like your electrical grid. When you bend backwards and arch your spine, you release energy pockets stored in your spine. The more flexible you spine becomes, the more access you will have to free energy at any time. It’s really an adrenaline rush and can help you overcome a caffeine addiction. It’s cool to know how the body works and use it to our benefit.


Music That Moves You

motivate workout songs

Next, you need to get some music that makes you energized. Something fast paced and upbeat will work and you need to switch it up so you don’t get bored with it. Spotify has endless playlists you can choose from and you can download the app right onto your phone. Music does have an affect on your brain and body so use it to your benefit!


Vega Pre-WorkOut Powder

You might like the Vega pre-workout powder (I like the sugar free lemon-lime one). It will give you an herbal boost of energy to help you get through a tough workout. You can mix it with water and drink it right before you workout. Watch out for pre-workout powders that have a lot of sugar though because that can actually make you gain weight.


Set Weight Loss Goals

motivate workout progress

Put up a calendar that tracks your progress and has a goal that you are aiming to reach by a certain date. When we do things without an end goal, it’s much harder to find motivation. Make it a realistic goal so you don’t get discouraged.


Find A Workout Buddy

motivate workout friends

Find someone who has a lot of energy and won’t flake out on you, preferably someone who is already fit and will motivate you to push yourself. Set plans to have workout dates and make it fun by getting a juice before or after. When you enjoy your workout, you will do it. Hey maybe invite your crush to workout with you, then you’ll really be motivated not to slack off!


Find People You Look Up To

motivate workout trainer

Follow the current of the fitness masters that have paved the way for you. When you feel stuck, look at their YouTube, Facebook or Instagram for inspiration. It’s cool to realize they are humans just like us to struggle to manage their time, overcome mental blocks and make healthy food choices. You can also learn a lot about your body in the process because they love to share their diets and special tips.


Track Your Progress

If you’re a runner, follow how much further and faster you’re able to go overtime. If you’re lifting weights, track how much you can lift so you can see your progress. Take before and after pictures so you see the results of all your hard work. Capture the change so you will be motivated to keep it up!


Keep People Updated On Your Progress

Having other people cheer you on can be unbelievably motivating. Tell people you’re making it a priority and update them via social media on your progress! They also share in your struggles and when you realize you’re inspiring them, you’ll want to keep going.


Don’t Eat or DRINK Things That Make You Sluggish

motivate workout eat

Drinking alcohol can be a total buzz kill for your motivation. You often won’t have enough energy to work out the next day and it will slow down your metabolism. Other foods that make you sluggish are grains like bread, pizza, pasta and cereal as well as dairy and anything with sugar. Eat live plants and spicey foods like ginger and cayenne to make you feel energized. Superfoods and fresh pressed juices are also great to give you lots of natural energy and help you feel less sluggish. They get your digestion moving too so you don’t feel weighed down and sleepy.


Show Up Even If You Can’t Give 100%

This is a really important one. There will be days, especially near your time of the month that you don’t feel up to working out. If you show up you’ll be more likely to at least do something, even if you don’t push as hard as usually. The point is that you need to keep your circulation flowing and keep the stiffness out of your body so it’s not as hard to get moving the next day. It’s better to do a little bit often instead of working out in spurts and getting so sore you can’t move the next day.


Train For Something

motivate workout something

It’s important you are working towards something so you don’t feel like you’re just spinning your wheels. Maybe you want to train for Iron Woman, for a marathon or become a fitness teacher. Maybe you want to perform aerial silks or learn how to dance in a show. Whatever it is, make sure you are totally stoked about it.


Join Challenges on Instagram

Instagram has revolutionized fitness and allows you to connect with other fitness geeks all over the world. Find the people that have a ton of followers and join in on the daily challenges to post the yoga pose of the day or other challenges. You will love to encourage other people in the challenge and you will feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.


Don’t Have Too Much Caffeine

motivate workout caffeine

Did you know that too much caffeine actually makes you tired? Having more than one cup per day can create adrenal fatigue and you will feel completely drained. Keep it to one cup in the morning if you’re going to have it and don’t drink energy drinks that are loaded with sugar and chemicals because you will crash really hard from them.


Keep Your Body Moving Every 20-30 Minutes

If you sit for 10 hours at work you will be way to drained to get up and workout. You need to stay moving and stretching and breathing deeply all throughout the day. If you constantly keep your energy flowing, you won’t start to feel lethargic and lose motivation!


Choose A Type of Workout You Love

motivate workout love

The more you look forward to your workout, the more motivated you will be to do it. Yoga is a very enjoyable workout and so are fun dance classes, circus classes and acro yoga. There are many different types of ways to move your body so try a bunch until you fall in love with one. If you find it boring, do something that excites you like kitesurfing or rock climbing!


Reward Yourself With A Bubble Bath

motivate workout bath

A bubble bath will help reduce your soreness so you can get back at it the next day and it will make your body relax. We need to counteract our hard work with rewards and make sure to take time to relax. When we relax it allows the connective tissue to release with can increase flexibility and decrease recovery time. It also allows us to sleep better so we wake up rested ready to seize the day.


Wear Fabulous Workout Clothes

motivate workout cloth

Wear bright colors and things you feel fabulous in. Don’t fall into the trap of wearing old t-shirts and baggy clothes. This is supposed to be fun! They don’t have to be expensive, just keep it fun.


Stretch To Get Your Digestion Moving and Reduce Soreness

motivate workout stretch

The twisting poses in yoga will help you digest regularly so you will have more energy. When your body is holding onto waste for days at a time, it affects all the systems and slows you down. You will feel better and more motivated if you incorporate yoga into your daily routine. Stretching will also help you be less sore so you won’t have to fight your body to workout.


Drink Alkaline Water To Reduce Inflammation

motivate workout water

Painful inflammation in your joints and muscle tissue is often caused by the acidic foods and drinks we consume and it makes it hard to get motivated to workout. If you drink two liters of alkaline water each day, you will not only help your digestion, you will also have less inflammation and find it easier to do things!


Take Classes Instead of Working Out Alone

motivate workout take class

Classes are a great way to stay motivated because the energy in the room will get you pumped up and you’ll at least finish the class. When everyone else is punching the air or doing high leg kicks, you won’t want to be the only one resting in child’s pose. Surround yourself with an environment that pushes you and you’ll rise to the occasion.


Now that you have all these great ideas, you have no excuse to be lazy and sit on the couch. Remember, there’s not one magic bullet to getting yourself fit, it’s a lifestyle and it’s all about having fun and enjoying the process!

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