How to Meet Men

By on March 10, 2014

In old films, you see a line of girls along a bench or wall waiting for a guy to ask them to dance. Over the last few decades, this situation has changed drastically. It is no longer up to the guy to make a connection. You can wait around forever for that hottie to notice you, or you could take the matter into your own hands. For you to be successful, all you need is confidence and a bit of luck. Use these following 20 tips to learn how to meet men.

1.Break the Ice with Your School

If you need to get a conversation going right away, just bring up the last place you went to school at. A basic tap on the should will get him to turn around. Afterward you should say, “Hey, you look really familiar to me? Did you go to Western Washington University?”. Obviously, you can change the name of the school to wherever you studied at. If he says no, just keep the conversation going. When he actually did attend your school, you can always use this as a starting point for a more in depth talk.

2.Look for Guys Who Go Out on the Town


This technique varies in effectiveness. Generally, guys at a bar or club are single and looking for a girl. Unfortunately, they may be looking for a one night stand and not a relationship. If you just want a hook up, this technique works fine. For a longer relationship, picking up a guy or a bar may not be as successful. While you are out on the town, you should make eye contact and see if he comes up to you. If there is dancing, you can always ask him to dance with you.

3.Ask for Directions

It may be slightly corny, but asking for directions to work. When you see a sexy guy on the street, you can ask him for directions to wherever you are going. Afterward, you can always ask him to escort you if he does have time. Once he has safely dropped you off at your location, get his phone number and offer to repay him with a cup of coffee.

4.Take Up a Hobby or Sport


Hobbies and sports are the best places to meet people. If you are doing a hobby you really love, then your chances of meeting someone with similar interests are heightened. You can also try joining impromptu games of Ultimate Frisbee or soccer at the park. By using this last method, you can also scope out the guys in advance.

5.Admire His Clothing Style

Compliments always make it easier to break the ice. When you see an attractive man, you can always compliment him on his outfit, jacket or haircut. In addition to starting a conversation, it also provides a self-esteem boost for the guy. If he is naturally shy, the added confidence will make it easier for him to start up a conversation with you.

6.Ask for His Style Advice

Another way to catch a guy’s attention is while you are shopping. If you see a handsome guy in the mens’ section, you can go over and look through racks or shelves close to him. Once you are near enough for conversation, ask the guy for his help. You just have to tell him that you are searching for a present for your dad or brother. Before long, you will be able to enjoy a conversation with a hot guy under the deceptively simple guise of shopping assistance.

7.Lose Your Cellphone

Do not actually lose your cellphone, but place it deep within your purse or your car. Afterward, ask the attractive guy if you can use his phone to call yours. This will give you an easy way to talk to him innocuously and a minute or two to talk him up. In addition, it is an excellent way to get your phone number into his “Recent Calls” list.

8.Girl Likes Guy. Guy Likes Sports. So Girl Likes…

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Meet a guy on his own turf. During a major sports game, head to a sports bar or pub in your team shirt. While you are there, sit next to a guy who is cheering for the same team. This will give you an entire game to get to know him and bond. If he is rooting for the opposing team, this technique will still work. Instead of cheering together, you will have to tease each other back and forth throughout the game.

9.Buy Him a Drink

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It unfortunately still is not that normal for a girl to buy a guy a drink. Fortunately, you can work your way around that. When you are at the bar, order two different drinks. Once your drinks come out, offer one to the guy and tell them that they messed up your drink order. While he is enjoying the drink, you can start to make conversation.

10.Hit Him


This technique to meet guys should be exercised with caution. When you are hanging out with friends one day, bring a ball or football along. If you see any cute guys in the vicinity of your game, you should throw the ball toward him. Try not to hit him in the head. You just want it to be caught by him or to land near by. Once he brings it back to you, you can always ask him if he wants to play.

11.Take His Picture

When you are out on the town with friends, ask a guy to take your picture. After the initial photo, you can ask him to join. Once he has had his picture taken, you should ask for his email address or Facebook profile so you can send him copies of the pictures.

12.Keep an Eye Open at All Times

It may not be convenient or enjoyable to look for guys at clubs and parties. The guys that you meet at these locations are often only interested in brief hookups. Instead, you could just keep an eye open while you are out and about. From coffee shops to grocery stores, every location is a potential place to run into cute guys. Men have to drink coffee and shop too, so there is always a chance that you will run into someone. At coffee shops, you can ask about a book he is reading. You can also try the classic meet-up technique: drop your books or bag.

13.Laundromat Opportunities

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If you have to go to the laundromat anyway, you might as well use this as an opportunity to spot cute guys. Both of you are stuck in the same location for an hour or two, so you might as well chat him up. If you are too nervous to start talking to him, you can always pretend to be out of laundry detergent. Then, you can borrow a cup and let him make the next move.

14.Use Your Hobbies


Take a careful look at the things that you like to do. From rock climbing to marathon running, you should sign up for clubs and events that involve your favorite hobbies. This way, you will meet men who have the same interests as you do.

15.Use an I.O.U.

Whether you are at a restaurant or a cafe, you can use your receipt to flirt with the waiter. At the end of the meal, write your name and phone number on the receipt. Along with your number, write a note that says you owe him a drink. You can also use this technique for other people you meet, but it is easiest to do at restaurants.

16.Focus on the Details

Before you approach a guy, give him a thorough once-over. Notice the types of clothes that he is wearing and think about what they signify. Perhaps he has a gym bag and rock climbing shoes with him, or is wearing a Seahawks hat. Whatever you notice about him should be used to make conversation. Instead of using basic openers, you can use these specifics for natural queries like, “How did you like the Superbowl this year?” or “Where do you go rock climbing at?”.

17.Try Online Sites

If you still cannot find a guy in your daily life, you can always try looking online. Many dating sites are extremely effective and popular now. You can try out some of the free sites first to get a feel for it. To ensure that everything works out correctly, you should make sure that your profile is entirely honest and open.

18.Workout Together


If you regularly go to the gym each day, you can take your time getting to know the gym’s hottie. Make eye contact and possibly wave when you see him each day. When you are both at the gym around the same time, you can gradually become workout buddies. This allows your relationship to develop organically and without any first date jitters.

19.Ask for Help

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When you see an attractive guy nearby, you should take off a necklace or bracelet that you are wearing. Afterward, go up to the cute guy and ask for help putting it back on. Once he starts to put the necklace back on, you can always flirt with him using comments like, “Who knew you’d help a girl get dressed today!”. For this technique to work, you have to make sure that the necklace or bracelet that you use has a clasp.

20.Volunteer Somewhere

There have been many studies that show that altruism and physical attractiveness go hand in hand. For some reason, people who volunteer just seem more attractive to others. If you want to meet a guy, look up places to volunteer near where you live. Once you start volunteer work, it will be easy to begin a conversation with any cute guys there. This is also an excellent way to ensure that you are meeting a guy who possesses good looks and a likable personality.

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