How to Make Your Hair Smell Good

By on October 7, 2015

There’s nothing quite like being next to someone with deliciously smelling locks, where the fragrance simply captures you and you don’t want them to move an inch away. Think I’m being over dramatic? Go find someone with hair that smells amazing; you won’t want to stop sniffing!

So how DO these people do it? If you’ve been dreaming of hair that smells like the finest perfume or most exotic flower from a far off island, you need to check out these 12 simple tips and tricks. Seriously, you’re possibly one step away from hair that encompasses the scent of an entire room. Yes please!

A Delicious Smelling Shampoo
So this tip seems obvious, right? Well you’d be surprised how different shampoos can smell! Don’t settle for just an okay smelling product. Seek out a shampoo with a divine fragrance you’d love to wear all day.

Followed By a Delicious Smelling Conditioner
Usually shampoos will have an accompanying conditioner that has the same effect on your locks as well as scent. This double-dose of fine fragrance will certainly leave your hair smelling fresh and beautiful all day long, not to mention silky smooth!

Consider a Lovely Leave-In Conditioner
Some people out there prefer leave-in conditioners to conditioner you use in the shower, probably for the simple fact they won’t wash out and are excellent for super dried-out manes. But don’t just buy a simple leave-in conditioner that doesn’t have an awesome smell. Find a product that works wonders on your crispy ends while providing an intoxicating fragrance you can enjoy for hours on end.

Dry Hair Shampoo
Nine times out of ten, dry hair shampoo smells awful. And that’s very unfortunate, because dry hair shampoos are incredibly handy- especially when you’re late for class and need to give your hair a quick pick-me-up. However! There are a few on the market that smell pretty darn good. Seek out these fine smelling dry hair shampoos so you can still smell amazing without needing a shower!

Hair Perfume
Yes, this is REALLY a thing, and the answer to all your problems. I mean, hello! A perfume that’s specifically designed to make your hair smell awesome. Does it get any easier than that? Just like your regular perfume, find the scent you adore and douse your locks with it.

Or Regular Perfume
You know that majestic perfume you’ve been using for years? The one you’re absolutely in love with and wouldn’t trade for another fragrance in the world? Yeah, that same perfume can be used on your hair. Just don’t overdo it or you might end up with tangled locks. Just a little squirt and you’ll get to enjoy the amazing scent from head to toe- literally!

Use a Heat Protectant Before Styling
Ladies, I think we all know that unbearable burnt smell that’s left on our locks after using a straightener or curling iron. Yeah, our hair looks FAB! but it smells horrendous. The solution? Using a heat protectant that will ensure your hair doesn’t smell like a wild fire gone out of control. Bonus? Buy a heat protectant that smells good! A win-win situation.

Use a Little Lemon
Lemon is so refreshing and exhilarating, isn’t it? The beautiful, uplifting scent works magic on manes too. Simply massage a little bit of lemon juice onto your roots and ends before taking a shower. You can also rinse your hair with a solution of half cup lemon and half cup water before shampooing to really sink in the lemony fresh scent. As an added bonus, lemon juice can also treat fungal infections like dandruff!

Lavender Oil
Mmm, you simply can’t go wrong with lavender. It has such a soothing and relaxed scent that’s delicate and feminine. Apply a little bit of lavender oil on your hair at bedtime, and rinse it out during your morning shower. Your hair will feel soft and smell beautiful while your mind and body will feel more at ease. Sounds like a winning combination if you ask me!

Jasmine Oil
Did you know that the jasmine flower is the most fragrant flower found in nature? And do you know what jasmine oil just so happens to come from? The jasmine flower, of course! This wonderful oil provides an alluring, exotic scent that will also help your hair grow. Apply jasmine oil to your hair 15 minutes before taking your shower, then rinse. You will seriously fall in love with how magnificent this fragrance is, and you’ll want to do it every day!

Hibiscus Oil
As pleasant to the eye as it is to the nose, the hibiscus flower is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flowers with a gorgeous fragrance attached. Hibiscus oil derived from the flower is great for a number of reasons, but we especially love this nice oil because it has the power to strengthen hair and darken roots. (If you don’t want darker roots, keep it away from your scalp!) Indulging in hair that is stronger, cleaner, and fresher than ever before has never been easier thanks to hibiscus oil!


Use Only Good-Smelling Products
Most everyone uses some type of product in their hair at one point or another, whether it’s styling gel, hairspray, product to tame curls or frizz- you get the picture. No matter what product your hair calls for, always make sure you’re buying something that smells good! Some of these hair products have a tendency to lack in the fragrance department, focusing more on the end result- which is fine, if you don’t mind smelling like you just walked out of the doctors office or 1982 salon. Remember to pay close attention to scent always!

So, making your hair smell great all day is really rather simple. You could keep things basic and use your favorite perfume you’ve already got at home, or switch it up with an oil or specialized hair perfume. Just remember to buy product that smells great and don’t forget to use heat protectant so you don’t smell like burnt plastic all day!

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