How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

By on August 26, 2014

You might see people on TV or in magazines with big, beautiful eyes and wonder how they got so lucky. However, it’s important to remember that no one you see in the media is going au natural. You don’t need surgery or expensive treatments to get bigger eyes, you just need to give the illusion that they’re larger. There are a number of methods you can follow to make your eyes look bigger, all of which are simple, inexpensive and doable at home.

1. Smooth Out Your Eye Area

eye mask

Swelling, puffiness, bags and dark circles can all give you the appearance of having smaller eyes. If you want your eyes to appear as large as possible, you need to smooth the area and get rid of as much swelling or puffiness as you can before you even think about getting started with your makeup. You can get specialist adhesive eye masks that are designed to do this job, but if you can’t get hold of any, or are on a budget, anything that cools the area should do a decent job. Try applying chilled damp tea bags, cold cucumber slices, or even ice, to your eye area for a few minutes.

2. Prime Your Eyes With a Concealer


Another method for brightening your eye area and making your eyes look bigger is using concealer in the eye area. A light reflective concealer is especially good for giving the appearance of larger eyes. You should start by dabbing small dots of concealer under your eyes and then carefully blend them in using your fingers, a makeup brush or a sponge. Be careful to choose a color that is appropriate for your skin tone.

3. Use White Eyeshadow


White eyeshadow, strategically placed in the corners and along the edge of the upper eyelids, is your friend when it comes to making your eyes appear bigger. It reflects light and opens up the eye area, which makes those peeper seem to be bigger than they really are. It’s important to apply white eyeshadow carefully and sparingly, otherwise it can look messy.

4. Curl Your Eyelashes


Something as simple as curling your eyelashes can make your eyes look wider and more open, giving them the appearance of being bigger. An eyelash curler is a basic and cheap bit of kit that most women have in their makeup bag, but few of us take the time to use it. It generally only takes 20 to 30 seconds to curl your eyelashes, so add just a small amount of time to your morning routine, and your eyes will be looking wide and gorgeous with little extra effort.

5. Use a Volumizing Mascara


There are so many kinds of mascara on the market that it can be hard to know which kind to pick. In terms of making your eyes look larger, having full lashes opens up the eye area, giving the illusion of having bigger eyes. As such, a volumizing mascara is your best bet. Me careful when applying, as clumpy mascara is never a good look. It’s best to avoid applying mascara to the lower lashes altogether. It can make it look like there’s too much going on in your eye area, and actually make your eyes appear smaller.

6. Shape Your Eyebrows


Neat and well-shaped eyebrows can make a drastic difference to your face. A nice arch to the brow will have to make your eyes look bigger. However, neat doesn’t have to mean thin. Full, thick brows are in right now, and you can rock this look while still making your eyes appear bigger. Just make sure that you leave your brows well kempt, trimming them if necessary, and plucking any stray hairs. If you’re not lucky enough to have full brows, or if they’re recovering from over-plucking, you can fill in any bare areas using an eyebrow pencil or brow powder, in a color that matches your eyebrows’ natural hue.

7. Enhance Your Lashes With Eyeliner


Your lashes truly are a key player when it comes to making your eyes look bigger, so if you enhance them further, you’ll only improve the effect. A thin line of black eyeliner along the top lid of your eye, right close to the lashes, will serve to make your lashes appear fuller and more defined. This, in turn, will give the illusion of larger eyes. To get a thin, precise line, you’ll want to use a liquid eyeliner. If you find it hard to apply with a wand or a brush, there are a number of pen style liquid eyeliners on the market, which can be much simpler to get a smooth line with.

8. Lighten Your Waterline


The waterline is the name for the inner rim of your eyelid. The one that is, well, watery. While many people put black eyeliner inside their waterline, this can make your eyes appear smaller. It’s all very well with a sultry, smoky look, but for day to day wear, it will make your eyes appear more closed. Instead, you should lighten your waterline, as this will brighten up your eyes and make them seem larger. Use a white eye pencil inside your waterline to achieve this look.

9. Define Your Crease

eyeshadow crease

It’s a good idea to define the crease in your eyelid, but not too much. Using a color slightly darker than your eyeshadow to define your crease will open up your eyes, making them look bigger, but going over the top will just look tacky. Using a large, soft brush, start in the middle of your crease and sweep the color out to the outer corner of your eyelid. A medium-brown is usually a good choice, but this depends on your coloring.

10. Play With Color


Experiment with color to find the best shade to compliment your skin tone. To make your eyes seem bigger, it’s generally best to go with lighter colors. Deep, rich hues — such as purple and turquoise — tend to look great on people with dark eyes, whereas golds, pinks and yellows look especially good on people with light eyes. However, remember that rules are meant to be broken, and go with whatever you think suits you best.

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