How To Make Him Miss You

By on March 1, 2015

Want to make a man to really miss you? The best way is to make him crazy about you in the first place. Of course there is then some actual tactics for making him miss you. So let’s have a look at what you can do to create excitement when dating or in a relationship and how to actually make him miss you.

1) Never Be Too Accessible

Women have a funny tendency to reschedule their whole life to fit into their guy’s schedule. If a girl likes someone she wants to be with him. And especially in the beginning of a relationship it’s only too easy too reschedule everything you’ve got going on to make sure you get to see him, because you want to, right? Well, to make him want you, you might have to ensure you live your life.

Having your own life makes you attractive. First of all, because it makes you happy. You have time to further your friendships, career, do exercising and spend time doing what you love. It shows you have character and won’t bend to his every wish as well. Secondly, it gives him time to miss you. And even if he misses you every day, giving him a little extra time to do so just increases his wish to see you.

2) Don’t Text Every Second

Yes, sometimes it’s nice to get caught up in a deep, raunchy or flirtatious conversation with your guy over text, but again, it’s important not to loose track of everything else. Make sure you show him you have a life by sometimes being too busy to reply. Because let’s face it – you are. If you are at work, hanging with your friends, or at the gym, you don’t have time to text him every second. Whilst it’s nice to sometimes reply promptly and most certainly you shouldn’t wait an hour to reply to a simple question that needs answering, you have to focus on your life and what’s happening around you and then reply when you have a moment. Not constantly taking a moment to reply.


3)  Let Him Know You Have Friends

A guy will feel more special when you have time for him if he sees how many friends you have. Make sure to include him in a few outings with friends so he knows you have an awesome social life. And if you don’t have one – get one. Plenty of things to do to introduce you to new people, from dance classes to meet up groups and everything in between.

4) Make Him Know Other Guys Want You

If he knows other guys are interested in you, he will be sure to miss you even more. Why? Because you could be with all those other guys who have the hots for you and then he will be missing out and fearing they might win you over.

5) Wear Your Awesome Wardrobe

OK, so maybe he won’t miss you because of your wardrobe, but if you looked awesome last time he saw you, then he will seriously miss you when you leave. It’s just a thing guys have – look hot and they will miss you!

6) Have a Scent

This may sound a little weird but scent is a really powerful memory trigger. Ever dated someone who wore a specific perfume and then when you met someone else with that perfume you had a sudden flashback? Or a certain scent you’ve come across has suddenly pulled you back in time to a specific place you associate with that scent? Well, if you wear a certain scent, like a certain body lotion, an essential oil, or perfume, then he will remember you when he smells that. And if you stayed the night he will miss you when he smells the scent on your pillow.

7) Take a Vacation

If you’ve dated someone for a while, especially if you are living together, make sure to spend some time apart. Even if you both have busy schedules and need to take time off to spend time together, also do go away for a weekend on your own. It will give you perspective and a chance to truly miss each other, not just because of hectic schedules.

If you’ve broken up with someone who you’d like to get back, going away for a while can help you get perspective on your life and come back as a new, happier and more attractive person. The happier you become, the more someone will miss you as they think they are missing out on this new happy you.

8) Be Happy

As just mentioned – if you show you are happy, people will long to be with you. It’s natural. Whilst we can’t always be happy and we all go through challenging periods (and that’s absolutely OK), always focus on creating a life you are happy with, as well as building your inner confidence. If you are joyous then people will gravitate towards you and miss your company when you are not there.


9) Make Good Memories Together

Remember that guy who used to make you laugh? The perfect fling you had one summer that was such an adventure? Or the guy who it was just fun being around? The more incredible experiences someone associate you with, the more they will miss you because they do, indeed, associate you with happiness.

10) Spice It Up

All relationships get dull at times – work and life in general tend to throw in challenges and we lose focus on other things. Like just taking time off to have a good time. We are too caught up in the challenges. So set time aside to work on your relationship. Ensure you do go on those date nights, take a vacation together or simply get out to do fun things together.

If your relationship is spicy enough, or your date nights are, then there is excitement. There is a thrill. And men will come back for more of that sort.

11) Do Something New

When you do things that release adrenaline, like going paintballing, zip lining or surfing, you automatically fall in love easier (it’s scientifically proven – potentially something to do with rescuing princesses out of towers and slaying dragons could be related to this). Likewise, exploring new fields together, whether adrenaline kicks or not, make people bond. So ensure that you explore novelty with your guy. Habits are good, but don’t get stuck in a rut!

Needless to say the more you go on exciting adventures together, whether intellectual, spiritual, emotional, or physical the more your man will miss you when you’re not there.

12) The Bedroom

If you have a relationship that’s sexually active with someone, then explore that aspect too. Learn about how to increase intimacy. From having a candle lit dinner where you actually look each other in the eye to getting adventurous in the bedroom. There are many ways to be flirtatious as well that aren’t directly sexual. Play. Have fun. And spice it up. One of the reason men are so into getting it on is that it’s a way to bond. Whilst women bond through cuddling more so, men bond through sex. And for them to miss you, they first have to bond with you. Of course, that’s not an excuse to get sexual with someone you are unsure of though. if they aren’t your best friend yet, you probably don’t want them in the bedroom. Most long-lasting relationships start with a longer courtship with no sex.


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