How To Make A Guy Want You Back

By on March 5, 2016

If you’ve read any of my articles, you know I tell you the truth. The reason I write articles is to empower women to live a truly happy life without giving their power away and without feeling like they have to be anyone but their true self. Our fake culture has created a lot of lies about the dating world and how we should present ourselves and I’m here to give you good news that will hopefully help you for the rest of your life. This isn’t airy-fairy ideas but real ways that you can increase your own personal confidence and magnetism that really does attract men and we are talking good men, not boys. If you want that dream man who will treat you like gold to like you, apply these ten tips to your life today and watch the magic unfold!

  • Be Supportive of Your Friends

Be Supportive of Your Friends

Guys don’t like selfish women. Guys like women who are nurturing and caring. A man will not feel safe with you if you are only looking out for yourself. Luckily, it’s fun to spend time thinking of your friends and family and how you can help support their goals and encourage them. If we are always thinking about how to bring out the best in each other, we spread good energy and subconsciously we will be proud of who we are. This increases your own self worth and guys can feel that inner confidence.

  • Always Be Positive

Always Be Positive

Our culture is not good with being careful with our words. We fall into gossiping and complaining and it’s an ugly characteristic. You will outshine the rest if you make it a point to always be grateful, never complain and stay optimistic about the future. No one likes a Debbie downer and luckily, this is something that is entirely within our control. Mediation is a great way to learn how to keep your mind positive and the more you practice, the easier it will get. Remember, the only person who can keep you happy, is you, not your dream man. You will only get him to like you back if you can train yourself to notice your thoughts and words and really direct them towards love and gratitude.

  • Always Wear A Smile

Always Wear A Smile

People look better when they smile and smiling is contagious. If you make smiling your go-to move, people will subconsciously feel better around you. Life is all about a search for happiness and if you are pumping out smiles like a smile factory, chances are people are going to crave your energy. Just start practicing smiling everywhere you go. Smile to strangers when you get gas or your morning coffee and you’ll realize there’s an unlimited amount of happiness available to you that you can share with others. If you’re a joyful person, that guy is going to eat it up girl!

  • Get Healthy

Get Healthy

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to be stick thin. We all have a natural body type and sometimes that means we have sexy badass curves! Getting healthy is about self love. If you give your body premium fuel (good food) and take care of it by getting regular sunshine and movement, you will get all the endorphins that naturally release from those activities. Endorphins raise your vibe and people will notice you just light up the room. When you love yourself, it’s easier for people to love you back. It’s actually pretty simple! So don’t give in the next time your girlfriend caves in and goes to the drive through, set an example and choose a healthy smoothie or salad! Encourage your friends by inviting them to do healthy activities like dance classes or yoga!

  • Contribute to The Big Picture

Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives, we forget to contribute to the big picture. We can actually get very depressed when we start to focus on what we don’t have (like a man). What can easily keep you from giving off that victim, woe-is-me vibe is just simply switching your focus. Start looking for ways to help the world by educating yourself about things like climate change, community issues and human rights. We can always find someone to help and this will give you a strong self esteem that no one can shake. He will admire your altruism and feel addicted to your massive compassionate heart! But do it for the right reasons, not to get a man!

  • Love Your Natural Beauty

Love Your Natural Beauty

This is a huge one! We are programmed to hate our thighs or our nose or other body parts because we are trained to compare ourselves to other women. The truth is, guys are more attracted to natural beauty than contrived beauty. That means, they would rather you in jeans and a t-shirt with no makeup than all dolled up with hair spray, bobby pins and fake eyelashes. Tell your body that you love it, literally. If you have issues with your thighs, say to yourself, “I love my thighs.” You will radiate when you fix your body image issues which we call dysmorphia. Remember, a tree is naturally beautiful and it is completely unique. We are also naturally beautiful. When a woman is comfortable in her own skin, she is like a magnet.

  • Be Wicked Smart

Be Wicked Smart

Guys like a girl with something upstairs. If you only read Cosmo, chances are, a smart guy is going to be intellectually frustrated with you. You don’t have to know about everything because let’s face it, some of us don’t like politics or geology. At least have a subject matter that you know well, that you’re passionate about and can speak to. It’s important to keep our brains active and not rely on our looks because chances are, the brains will last longer. In this modern era, if a guy is intimidated by your intelligence (as long as you aren’t cocky) he’s probably not worth your time anyway. If you’re trying to impress a guy, get some books, a good cup of tea, and start reading! Staying informed can be fun too. You can attend seminars, conventions, watch documentaries or take classes. There are many ways to stimulate your brain that you will find enjoyable. Just find what suits her personality.

  • Be Responsible

Be Responsible

There’s no bigger turnoff than a girl who can’t take care of herself. Guys don’t like to feel used. They will be more inclined to want to date you if you budget your money, manage your time well and show that you actually think about the future. Being responsible in your life shows maturity and is a turn on for men who are worth a damn. Pay your bills on time, have a job and know that being responsible is also super badass. Just be careful not to get too serious because we have to keep a balance with our serious side and our playful side just as we expect the guys too right?

  • Be Independent

Be Independen

What does it mean to be independent? It doesn’t mean we can’t accept dinner from a guy, it means we don’t rely on him financially or emotionally. We need to have other  friends who are a part of our lives that we engage with regularly so we don’t smother our men. We need to make sure we give our energy to our friends and most importantly, we need to have our own goals that we are working towards. So think about what your major goals are and have some hobbies/passions that drive you. Without this, you could become codependant which is not the road you want to go down girlie.

  • Choose High Quality Friends

Choose High Quality Friends

Finally, we have to mention that we are known by the company we keep. If you surround yourself with solid women who have their head on straight, it will reflect and amplify your own good traits. We are truly known by the company we keep mostly because we are influenced by them. Think about the people that you spend the most time with. Are they good people with good intentions? Remember, when we have friends who are trustworthy, a guy is more likely to trust us. If our friends are productive and hard working, chances are, we will be too. These are all easy ways to impress a guy that also benefit you!

The bottom line is, the better you treat yourself and others, the easier it will be for someone to fall madly in love with you. If they see you are genuine and vibrant, they will feel good around you. It’s really much easier than we once thought ladies, all we have to do is be ourselves!


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