How To Lose Arm Fat Fast

By on March 13, 2014

We all have a problem area on our bodies. For some of us it’s our unladylike thighs, for others it’s our unsightly muffin top and for far too many of us it’s our jiggly arms. Yes, excess arm fat is a problem far too many of us suffer from, even the slimmest of us too I’m afraid to say. When it’s all covered up by our sleeves it’s not too much of an issue but what happens when summer comes and we want to wear that gorgeous sleeveless dress or a bikini? We don’t want our ‘bingo wings’ spoiling our look! No way, we want lovely, slim arms that we can be proud of. Don’t panic though, ladies, just because you’ve got a bit of excess arm fat just now doesn’t mean things have to stay that way. There are things you can do to help you slim down your arms and tone them up. Follow this list of twenty tips on how to lose arm fat fast and in no time at all you’ll be dying to show off your lovely arms…


1. Workout With Resistance Bands


When I was trying to tone my arms, I found the absolute best exercises were the ones done with a resistance band. You can pick up a resistance band from your local sports shop and it will either come with a list of suggested exercises or you can find more online. Working out with a resistance band is great as you can just stand in front of the TV while strengthening and toning your arms – I found it was great fun! My only tip is don’t overdo it, if you’re just a beginner that’s okay, it takes time to build up your strength and endurance.


2. Stretch Regularly


If, like me, you don’t have a very active job and are sitting behind a desk all day or something similar, it’s likely you don’t get much exercise during working hours. This can cause your arms to become lazy and store fat, possibly causing your problem area. To combat this, try getting up every hour and stretching your muscles, giving particular focus to your arms. This will help your blood to circulate through your veins better too.


3. Walk


Despite all the recommended exercise you get for blasting arm fat, I’m afraid you can’t spot reduce a certain area of your body, that’s why it’s important you workout all your body. Set aside a bit of time each day to go for a walk and you’ll find your burring more calories than you would otherwise. Walking’s great because it’s so leisurely and helps you to lose weight without even realising it.


4. Jumping Jacks


Jumping jacks are fantastic – fact! I love them and aim to do them daily. Every time I get up from my desk I force myself to do fifty, that way throughout the day I’m getting a workout without really taking up any time at all. As you jump, you work your abs, your arms, your inner thighs and your calfs, meaning you get a full body workout. Start off just doing a few at a time and increase the number as you build up your endurance. As well as being great for your arms, jumping jacks are a great form of cardio too so they keep your heart and lungs healthy as well.


5. Push Ups


I know, I know, I can hear you all groaning at just the thought of doing push ups. They’re awful, right? Well, while they may seem a pain to do, they’re amazing at toning your arms while giving you a defined and flat stomach. If you find doing real pushups hard, start off by resting on your knees. If you can’t do too many at once, don’t worry. Start off small and work your way up. Perhaps add a rep each day or go that bit lower. Your arms will be toned in no time!


6. Invest In A Medicine Ball


Medicine balls, they’re those overweight basketball things? Right? Right! You may never have used one before and I’m betting some of you weren’t even sure what they were but trust me when I say they’re amazing. They make your workout so much fun so you hardly notice you’re exercising. There are loads of exercises you can do with a medicine ball to tone up your arms so, instead of rambling on, I’ll simply direct you to the world wide web (more specifically, YouTube) and insist you have a browse.


7. Yoga


Yoga is great for so many reasons I can’t count them all. It’s great for helping you de-stress and relax, for helping you to strengthen your core, for increasing flexibility and not to mention toning up – mainly those pesky arms. You may think it’s not for you but I recommend giving it a chance. Don’t knock it until you try it, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. And don’t worry if you don’t want to join a class, there are plenty of DVDs you can follow in the comfort of your own home.


8. Exercise DVDs


Speaking of exercise DVDs, there are plenty of them you can buy that will help you to tone up your arms. A lot of them will focus solely on your arms too. They range in time from anything from ten minutes to an hour so anyone can fit them into their busy daily routines. Simply set aside a space of time each morning and press play. Starting your day by exercising is also a great way to get you motivated for the day ahead too.


9. Go Swimming


Swimming is a great way to tone your body, especially your arms. All the different strokes include your arms and the subtle yet forceful resistance of the water adds to your workout. Within a few weeks of regular swimming you’ll find yourself toning up all over and your arm fat will be vanishing.


10. Dancing


Whether you believe it or not, dancing is a great way to help you eliminate that excess arm fat. You don’t have to join a class or anything fancy like that, just stick on your favourite CD and dance around your living room for thirty minutes each day. You’ll be moving your arms without even realising it while giving the rest of your body a workout too. Dancing is great for you all round, not just for your arms.


11. Believe You Can Do It


Seeing as we’re just over half way through this list, I’m going to throw it out there that you need to have confidence in yourself when you’re trying to tone up or lose weight. If you don’t believe you can do it then you never will, fact.  Give yourself rewards when you reach each of your mini goals to keep yourself focussed and spur yourself on each day. You can do this, you’re worth it so don’t give up!


12. Jump Rope


Chances are, a lot of you haven’t jumped rope since you were a child but I highly advise you start. It’s a great form of cardio that works out your arms and your legs, not to mention it’s kind of fun too! You may not be able to do it for long at first but stick at it, it will come with time, as will those beautiful arms.


13. Lift Wights


One of the best ways to change the fat on your arms into muscle is to lift weights. Don’t worry, weight lifting won’t make you look all bulky like you may think, it makes you look toned and slender while building up your strength. If you don’t fancy weight lifting every day, why not invest in a set of weights you can attach to your wrists and wear them while you dance or walk. This may not seem like much bur trust me it makes a massive difference to your workout.


14. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!


I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it many times more – you need to drink plenty of water. I cannot stress how important that fact it! Whether you’re trying to lose that extra fat or not, you need to drink six to eight glasses of water per day to stay in tip top health. It’s great because it flushes the toxins out of your body, keeps your skin looking great and keeps you healthy. When it comes to losing that extra fat, water helps to keep you full so you don’t eat to excess, therefore you’re taking in less calories and burning them off your body instead.


15. Count Those Calories


As with when you’re trying to lose any type of fat, you need to take a look at how many calories you’re eating. It’s recommended that women eat two thousand calories per day to remain the same weight but if you’re trying to lose weight I recommend you cut down (just be sure you don’t eat less than twelve hundred calories to remain healthy). With dieting you can’t pick and choose where you want to lose fat from however but on the plus side this means you’ll be losing pounds and inches all over your body, not just your pesky arms.


16. Eat Healthy


Speaking of calories – just because you’re counting them doesn’t mean you can fill up on chocolate bars and stop eating when you reach your limit. Losing weight and fat is as much about what you eat as how much. You need to have a well rounded balanced diet or else your arm fat is going no where. If you need some tips, try reading one of my other articles 50 Healthy Foods To Lose Weight.


17. Boxing 


As I’m sure you can imagine, boxing is a great way to help you lose arm fat seeing as you’re throwing so many punches and jabs. The great news is, you don’t have to sign up to a class to do it either (unless you want to, of course) or even own a pair of boxing gloves. Simply make a space in your house and start mimicking all the moves. This is where a set of wrist weights would come in handy for even better results too. Just set up in front of your TV and get punching, easy!


18. Herbal Supplements


To give your arm fat a little extra kick out the door, you might want to consider a herbal supplement to speed up the process. You’ll find the internet littered with hundreds of these ‘miracle’ supplements that claim to burn off fat but please, please don’t even consider them. Instead, if you think a herbal supplement may suit you, visit your doctor or chemist to get advice on what you should be taking and what actually works.


19. Don’t Give Up


While these may all be tips to help you lose arm fat fast, keep in mind that there is and never will be an overnight fix to your problem. You have to work hard and eat right, all the while staying patient and pushing yourself to hold on. Keep in mind why you’re working so hard, why you don’t want to eat that bar of chocolate. I always find it helps to have a picture of what I’m aiming up somewhere I’ll see it each day or knowing that I’ll get a reward when I reach my goal. And remember, the bigger the reward (alongside your fab new look, of course) the harder you’ll work for it.


20. Cosmetic Surgery


First off, let me start by saying that this should only be your absolute last resort. Secondly, you should only really consider it if you’ve already lost an awful lot of weight and have been left with sagging skin on your arms and in other places too. Any reputable doctor/surgeon won’t even consider you for skin removal surgery if you’re overweight or haven’t bothered to exercise as it’s likely you can manage to lose your excess arm fat naturally. That’s why it’s important you follow all the previous tips (possibly several times over!) before you even consider this tip. It’s expensive, it’s painful and it should always be a last resort.


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