How to Look Older With Makeup

By on July 4, 2015

Important interview coming up? High class event right around the corner? Maybe you’re just tired of everyone thinking you’re 16 when you’re really 25. Whatever your reason is for wanting to look older with makeup, we’ve got the top 12 BEST tips and secrets for a mature, regal, and defined style that will turn heads.


1. Ditch Funky Colors

The easiest way to drop the teeny-bopper look and acquire a more older and refined style is to drop the funky colors hiding in your makeup bag. That’s right- all those bright blue clubbing hues and look-at-me pastel pinks need to hit the trash can, or be put away for Halloween or other costume parties.

In society, funky, bright, and outrageous makeup and clothing colors are directly associated with youth and immaturity, and certainly do not provide a mature or refined appearance. So if you’re trying to look older, we’re going to need to replace these products ASAP!


2. Wear Lipstick- NOT Gloss

Remember in 7th grade when you and your gal pals all ran to the mall in search of matching pink lip gloss with cotton candy flavor? Yeah, we all do. And okay, let’s just be honest: we are ALL still rocking our favorite lip glosses well into our twenties and thirties; and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unless of course you’re trying to look older.

Lipstick is associated with maturity and femininity, the one makeup item that transforms a girl into a sophisticated lady. That being said, a cultured and mature appearance will require lipstick. So even if you’re just trying to look older for an hour, a day, or a week, keep the lovely, ultra-shiny lip gloss hidden in your medicine cabinet for later use.


3. Consider Dark Lipstick Shades

There’s something so ritzy, so mature, and so seductive about a pair of pouty lips doused in darker colors. Think dark reds, wine colors, even shades of brown- all of these colors produce a polished and classy look instantly that will add years of maturity to your face.


4. Wear Lipliner 

So many girls (including me, at one point!) think lipliner is kind of pointless. I mean, it’s just used to frame the lips and make the color pop more, right? Is it really necessary? Yes! Lipliner not only adds depth to your pout, but also keeps your lipstick from gliding past your lip boundaries. And trust me, nobody wants to see a lady with lipstick flying every which way across her face; bust out the lipliner!


5. Wear the Right Eye Shadow

It’s important to pay extra close attention to the kind of eye shadow you’re wearing. Most of us will simply choose colors that we “like”, completely disregarding the fact that different eye colors work well with a certain range of hues. Knowing what eye shadow colors work for your specific eye color will not only make you look even more tasteful and fabulous, but will also show you are a knowledgable woman with plenty years of makeup experience. If you need help deciding which color is right for you, check out this simple guide:

Blue eyes: Gray, light brown, slate, silvery blue, eggplant.

Brown eyes: Any color, but bronze, peach, purple, and teal really make a statement.

Green eyes: Purple, pink, green.

Hazel eyes: Lavender, plum, violet, light brown, gray.


6. Consider Dark Eye Shadow

We’ve discussed how each eye color has a set of eyeshadow shades that complement them magnificently, but now we’re going to discuss a palette that works for everyone: smokey.

With a mix of dark browns and blacks, smokey eyeshadow is a makeup style that creates an immediate impact on the eyes. It creates a luscious, bold style that can’t be missed, and it’s dark and mysterious nature adds a realm of maturity to the face. Seriously, smokey eyes look great on every lady and is the perfect choice for any occasion- that is, if you want the entire room being drawn to your gorgeous eyes.


7. Don’t Overdo the Eyeliner

High schoolers LOVE to pack on the eyeliner. There’s just something so appealing to a teenager about drenching their eyes with thick black lines, which most of the time ends up looking ridiculous.

Now, I’m not saying every girl looks terrible with thick liner- some women pull it off QUITE well! But if you’re trying to add some years to your appearance, it’s best to shed some thickness from your liner. Keep it thin and classy- a little black line right above the eye gives your eyes some mystery and depth, without going overboard. Don’t forget to throw a little under the eye, too, to really get that polished look!


8. Don’t Forget the Mascara

By this point, can you tell how utterly important the eyes are? They can REALLY make or break your look- whether you’re trying to look older or not. Never forget the mascara. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, always throw on a little mascara before you leave the house. It instantly gives your eyes a beautiful “POP” that every woman loves.

Now, if you’re trying to look older, pay extra close attention to how you apply your mascara. Again, stay away from crazy colors- even most navy and plum eyeliners should be avoided at all costs, as these can appear adolescent- it’s best to stick to the traditional black. Apply mascara generously to evenly coat the eyelashes and run an eyelash comb through them afterwards to get rid of any clumps. Clumps are an easy way to look like you are 12 years old, so please don’t forget this necessary step!


9. Shape Your Eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows is essential. It provides a gorgeous and well groomed appearance which can completely change the entire frame of your face. A mature, sophisticated woman knows how important is it to look crisp and dapper at all times, so ensuring your eyebrows are shaped with no wild hairs flying around is very important.


10. Consider All Natural 

A lot of older women opt for an all natural style, letting their natural beauty shine through. One very easy way to add years to your face and still look flawless is to keep it simple and all natural. Consider a very light foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply generously, but avoid the ‘caked on’ look that’s so popular in the teenage girl community. Keep the rest of your makeup subtle as well, with a natural pink or nude lipstick, little or no eyeshadow, and just a touch of black mascara.


11. Blend Makeup Colors Well 

To put it simply, don’t look like a clown. When we’re young, we might think it makes a hot, bold statement when we match up red hot lips with bright purple eyeshadow and tons of blush to seal the deal. But a mature woman knows better than to flaunt this cosmetic nightmare, and will know how to blend her makeup colors properly. Going heavy on the eyes? Keep your lips toned down with a subtle shade. Love the look of eye-catching lips? Make sure you don’t go crazy on the eye colors. It’s really as simple as that!


12. Contour Your Face

Contouring isn’t just for achieving a flawless look like Kim Kardashian. If you’re trying to appear older, you’ll want to sharpen those cheek bones and tighten your nose by use of contouring. Add some highlighting above your cheek bones and contour underneath to really make your structure pop. Glide some dark contouring down the sides of your nose to make it appear smaller. Don’t forget to blend!

How do you look older with makeup?


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