How to Keep Your Man Happy

By on March 17, 2015

It’s important we give just as much as we are spoiled in a relationship. Don’t get used to being taken care of and not reciprocate or your relationship will become imbalanced. Here are some simple ways to do just that.

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#1 Keep A Playful Attitude

If you become overly serious about everything it will weigh on your man and make things seem stressful. However if you do things to make him laugh and try not to take things too seriously, it can make a world of difference. Incorporate playful games, gimmicks and humor into your relationship and it will set a good tone.

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#2 Focus On Staying Healthy

One of the best things you can do to keep both your mood and his mood up is to have a big focus on staying healthy with regular exercise and healthy food. It’s really hard to be positive when you’re fighting your health so be proactive and make healthy choices and work out with your man! Go surfing, hit up a yoga class or go hiking. Keep it fun and maybe get into acro yoga which is a great couples activity you can do just about anywhere.


#3 Don’t Complain

When you get home and dump your day onto your man, it’s really actually hard for him to deal with. Don’t talk about how pissed you are at someone, how annoying your coworkers are or anything negative. We call this first world problems and it’s making mountains out of molehills. If you’re in the habit of complaining about how much you don’t like your job, use that time constructively to find a new one not to drain your man!


#4 Maintain a Positive Outlook

If you can keep a smile on your face, it changes everything. Smiling contributes to your positive outlook which affects your man more than you know. Spend some time before you get out of bed in the morning to put yourself in a positive state of mind by thinking about how awesome your day is going to be and seeing yourself like a burst of positive energy for everyone you meet. Your man will love to be around you and remember smiling is contagious.


#5 Take On Responsibility

Try not to rely on your man to do everything around the house. If you can do something instead of asking him, then do it. You can learn how to put air in your tires and climb a ladder to change a light bulb. Hey you can paint, mow and be a full blow do-it-yourselfer and it will be fun! He will be impressed to see you learning new things and like you more!

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#6 Be Affectionate

Remember to show him your love by giving him a big hug when he gets home and a kiss in the morning. You shouldn’t just get used to him because we can’t take someone for granted no matter how long we have known them.


#7 Compliment Him

Notice when he’s making an effort and congratulate him when he’s worked hard for things. Tell him what you like about him on a regular basis because this positive reinforcement will help him know why you adore him.


#8 Surprise Him

Think outside the box and find ways to brighten his day. Maybe he loves Bruce Lee and you can plan a Bruce Lee movie marathon on a rainy day or maybe his favorite musician is coming into town and you can get him tickets!


#9 Switch Up Your Routine

Don’t let things get stale and boring at home. Switch up the furniture and the decor regularly. Don’t get stuck in a daily routine that you dread. Sometimes go out to breakfast or go away for the weekend. Don’t be afraid to take a day off of work and just hang out sometimes. Predictability is boring and that goes for your look too. Keep it interesting and playful. Spicing up your accessories or adding fun accents are just ways to show you’re not boring and keep him interested in your peculiarities.


#10 Plan Fun Things

Make sure you guys don’t stay in all the time and just hang out with each other because it will lead to arguments. You need to stay involved with other people so you stay out of eachother’s hair. You should have activities you’re involved with on a regular basis, whether it’s classes, parties, volunteering or family outings. Make sure you go places that are new and exciting and meet interesting thought provoking artists, see shows and keep learning even though you might not be in school. Staying mentally stimulated is important for both of you to feel motivated and happy!


#11 Use Your Words Carefully

Even if you’re upset, breathe and don’t say mean things that are hard to take back. If you know you have a temper, take up meditation, play calming music during the day and find techniques to manage your shortness. Your words are powerful and must only be used to build him up not to poison your relationship.

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#12 Support His Goals

Do whatever you can to support his goals and dreams. Encourage him to believe in himself and show him you really care about him reaching his goals. You can help him make a vision board or check in with him on progress. You can help him with ideas and keep your eyes and ears open for books, magazines and events that could be useful for him. He will return the favor when you inspire him too!


#13 Listen From Your Heart

Be sure you really spend time listening to him and how he feels. Make sure you try to see his perspective and put yourself in his shoes. You can ask if you’re confused to just do it in a non-attacking way. He needs someone who will listen to him without judging him. Be supportive and try not to tell him what to do.


#14 Don’t Suffocate Him

Don’t follow him around the house like Pavlov’s dog ladies. Give him space even if you’re both home. He needs to clear his head just as much as you do. Allow him to have time at home alone, with his friends or doing activities he likes. You don’t have to do everything together and shouldn’t. Don’t contact him every moment of the day either or you will get sick of each other.

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#15 Be Appreciative

Say thank you when he does nice things for you or when he’s just being an awesome human being. Thank him for the little things he does to show him you notice his efforts.


#16 Allow Him Freedom

Don’t tell him how to lead his life. Don’t tell him how to dress, what to do for a living or who to hang out with. Let him eat what he wants and let him spend his money how he wants. Give him freedom to be himself and don’t impose your idea of who he should be on him. This will keep him happy because he will be able to express himself and he won’t feel stifled.


#17 Respect His Decisions

Try not to undermine him especially in front of others. It’s important we show our partners we respect their decisions and trust they come from a good place. Even if you don’t really understand why he’s doing something, you know he has his reasons so try not to crush his dreams or cut him down when things don’t work out the way he hopes. It’s hard to fail but tell him it’s ok and to keep trying!


#18 Give Him Little Reminders

You can always leave him a little gift like a card, a special chocolate or a love note when he least expects it. Maybe he comes home and you’ve lit the candles and made a special romantic dinner. Keep the love alive by reminding him you’re crazy about him. Little gifts and tokens of love will keep it alive.


#19 Don’t Be A Hot Mess

Try not to be a drama queen and keep yourself put together. The disheveled look might make him feel like your life is out of control. Dress for success and try to make it look like you’ve got it together even if you’re still figuring things out. Keep your house neat and your car clean. Put some effort into your appearance so you feel confident about yourself and he will be proud to bring you around his friends and family.


#20 Give Him Your Complete Trust

Don’t be snooping in his phone or asking a million questions because you’re jealous of some girl. Just trust him and tell him you trust him. Tell him you know he’s a good person and you know he will do what he thinks is best. Don’t pester him about little things and he will feel like you deserve to be treated well. Just tell him you don’t need to know the details and you trust him. Don’t waste time worrying about what he’s doing, that only throws fear into your relationship which is negative.


Remember you have the ability to contribute lots of love and positivity in your relationship that will be reflected back to you. You can put in the effort to make him happy and see the difference it makes! Check in with this list as time passes to make sure you’re keeping up on your half of the relationship. Don’t forget to share this with the women     you care about so they have a better chance of having happy and successful relationships. Remember, the more selfless and fun we can be in a relationship, the more fun we will have!


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