How To Impress Your Crush

By on April 8, 2015

More often than not, when a guy is looking for a girlfriend, he will look at things his mother has told him to look for as well as physical attraction. So here are some things your crush will be impressed with and don’t worry, these will all help you feel happy and proud of who you are. We do not have to starve ourselves or torture ourselves to be attractive, beauty is about the vibe you put off which is based on how well you take care of yourself and how confident you are. True confidence comes from just loving your natural self and not trying to be like anyone else, don’t worry what people think about you, just smile and be a good person!


  1. Have Real Style

Have Real Style

Style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it’s just paying attention to your get up. It’s coordinating in a way that flatters your natural beauty. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s style but try not to be boring with what you wear. Doing something different can help you stand out and get your crush’s attention. When you look coordinated and put together, it gives you a sense of mystery that he will want to get to know. You can find vintage style items at thrift stores as well as bohemian stuff. Don’t think you can’t afford to dress with style. Keep it fun, not too revealing and make sure you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. If you love it, others will too.


Make sure you’re always freshly showered and keep your nails clean. Wear deodorant and make sure you’re not just wearing baggy sweatpants and t-shirts all the time. Have fun with it!


  1. Be Smarter Than The Competition

 Be Smarter

This is probably not what you think. Being smart doesn’t mean being more flirty, it literally means reading and studying and being knowledgeable. When you put time aside to exercise your brain everyday, you will find an inner confidence that cannot be replaced or faked. Guys are attracted to girls who are well rounded which includes being smart.


  1. Stay Fit

 Stay fit

There’s no need to obsess over you weight, some of us are just built curvy but we can all stay fit which will not only help us be more positive, it will help us glow and impress our crush! Being fit will release lots of endorphins that will help you be energized and better at the other things you do. Find something you love to do like dance, yoga, pilates or rock climbing. If you want to switch it up and master many forms of exercise that works too! Try to be active everyday and you’ll notice that guys will pay more attention to you!


  1. Do Your Best in School or Work

 do your best in school or work

Guys are impressed by women who push themselves to be the best. That means we must do what we are passionate about and never give up. Whether it’s getting good grades in school or taking pride in your job, a woman who is hard working and tenacious has an unbreakable spirit. Remember that you shouldn’t always be that intense though and your brain and body will need to take breaks to have fun and relax but keep up the effort and the guys will be impressed!


  1. Show Genuine Interest In His Life

 Show Genuine Interest In His Life

When you go out of your way to show your crush that you’re interested in his life and paying attention to what is important to him, he will feel your warmth and appreciate it. You should never just be nice to someone to get something in return so make sure you don’t have expectations that he will have to like you back. Remember, if you get the impression that he’s not really attracted to you, he could still make a great friend. Try not to be obsessed with his life, just ask him questions and remember what he says but give him space and don’t try to talk to him all the time. You should have your own interests and passions too. It’s nice when you’re talking to him to let him talk and ask him about his life so you don’t come off as rude or conceited.


  1. Hang Out With Good People

 hang out with good people

We are known by the company we keep so make sure your friends are good people. It’s not that they have to be in the ‘cool’ crowd, they just need to be nice and you should feel proud that you’re friends with them. If he knows your friends are gossipers and shallow people, he may assume you are the same right?


  1. Show Your Creative Sides

 show your creative sides

Maybe enroll in an art class, a pottery class or get involved in the circus arts. There are so many ways to express yourself and a guy loves a girl who isn’t afraid to think outside of the box sometimes. Art helps us engage the other side of our brain and helps us get in touch with our emotions. It can be very healing to express your emotions through art and guys might find it attractive too. Bottom line is guys like girls who are educated and who have interests besides just hanging out with them. It’s nice if you have other things to do so you’re not just waiting around for him to call or hang out, then he won’t feel pressured to hang out with you and he’ll feel privileged when you make time to see him.


  1. Be Really Positive

 be really positive

Your crush will be impressed if you always have a smile and always speak positively of other people. Nothing is uglier than a negative person and nothing is more attractive than a happy person. Remember, you don’t need a guy to make you happy and if you’re happy on your own, the right one will come along. Try not to complain about your life and try to be very encouraging to him.


  1. Keep It Real

keep it real 

There is pressure in our society to become fake because women think that men only want really skinny and drop dead gorgeous women. The truth is what men find attractive is not a ton a makeup or someone who’s dressed too fancy to walk through the grass. Men like real women who are confident, natural and passionate. The more you embrace who you want to be and not who you think you should be to impress someone, the more the laws of nature will work in your favor. Don’t change for a man, change for yourself.


  1. Be Independent

 be independent

Guys are impressed by girls who are not clingy and who have a sense of independence. If you’re not used to doing things on your own, try going out of your comfort zone and doing things (as long as it’s safe). It’s important to realize how much our words, habits and actions are influenced by the people around us so we can make sure we are making healthy decisions for ourselves. If everyone is eating fast food all the time, we may think it’s normal until we begin to think more independently. We are then able to set a good example by making good changes and guys like girls who are willing to stand up for what is right.


  1. Do Kind Things

do kind things 

Make sure you do things for other people. Even if he’s not around, it will be an easy thing to talk about if you’re at dinner. He will be impressed if you volunteer for the community or make time to do things for other people. Guys can smell selfishness from a mile away so the better person you can be, the better your chances. Remember, we will attract the type of person we are so be nice!


  1. Have A Job

 Have a job

Finally, if you’re old enough to work try to get a job. Guys like to see that a girl is taking care of themselves and it’s nice to be able to offer to buy him dinner sometimes too. In today’s age, equality is the new normal so don’t expect to be taken care of ladies!


Hopefully you’re now looking forward to all these fun ways to improve your life and impress your crush. We are lucky that all the things that make us a better person will also attract a mate!

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