How to Hide a Hickey

By on September 4, 2017

Young or old, man or woman, I think we can all agree on one thing: getting a hickey is awesome. It feels incredible, and even though you know you’re going to have to deal with the consequences of a big ugly red mark on your body when it’s over, you just simply can’t say ‘no’.

But walking around with this atrocity isn’t very ideal, is it? In fact, it can be downright embarrassing. It can even cause you to get in to a bit of trouble with parents, bosses, or even teachers!

So what’s a girl to do? We’ve got you covered with 7 great ways to hide a hickey until it’s over.

how to hind a hickey


A turtleneck is probably one of your best options when it comes to hiding a hickey. It keeps your neck completely concealed no matter which way you turn or bend or wiggle, and you won’t have to worry about the turtleneck coming loose or undone or fading throughout the day.

However, you need to be sure of two things: you absolutely can NOT wear a turtleneck during the summer, as this screams ‘I have a huge hickey I don’t want anyone to see!’. Another thing, make sure you don’t go buying a turtleneck because you have a hickey, and you’ve never worn a turtleneck before in your life. This is another obvious sign you are trying to hide something and EVERYONE will know.

hinding a hickey

Collared Attire

If turtlenecks aren’t your thing, there’s another great way to hide that hickey: by wearing something with a collar. There are plenty of different garment options out there with high collars that can hide a hickey with ease, whether it’s a cute shirt or a warm jacket.

Just make sure the collar is high enough to conceal your big red blemish from the crowd, and ensure that your collar will hold straight during the day and not bend or ‘come down’, revealing the true reason behind your outfit choice.

Chunky Neck Jewelry

Chokers are really hot right now, so you can use this as a win-win situation when trying to hide that hickey. If your hickey just so happens to be in the perfect place where it can be hidden with a trendy choker, then it’s truly a simple solution. The best part is, it will probably go with your outfit no problem!

Your Hair

For the ladies out there with long hair, you can probably use your lengthy locks to your advantage here. Longer strands can be manipulated and styled to conceal your hickey; you just need to ensure that you don’t move your hair and that it stays in the right place all day so nobody can see your dirty little secret.


Another go-to when it comes to hickey concealing is none other than the scarf! Scarves are typically in your wardrobe for fall and winter seasons already, so wearing your scarf like you would any other day won’t be an issue. However, if you’ve never worn a scarf before in your life you may have an issue with questioning friends and family. Also, NEVER wear a scarf during the summertime! Unless of course….

You buy one of those super thin and silky floral scarves that are made strictly for summer wear.


So, I know this may seem like a bad idea, but it can work if you only use it once a year. Using a super, over-sized bandaid to cover your neck in dire situations is a solution for hickey covering. With this you can make up any kind of story you want. Maybe you got burned by your curling iron, or maybe you got in a fight with your cat and he scraped away at your neck?

There’s a million reasons why you may have a bandaid on your neck, but nobody is going to question you if you don’t do it all the time. No problems!


The absolute best trick in the book is to use makeup to cover up that big problem! But don’t think you can throw on some foundation and call it a day. There is actually a four step process that needs to be fulfilled before you’re hickey-free.

First and foremost, start off with a yellow-based concealer to get rid of all the blue and purple coloring in your ‘bruise’.

Secondly, apply a green concealer to get rid of the red hues.

Thirdly, a good concealer that matches your skin tone or is slightly lighter than your skin tone is necessary.

Last but not least, apply the foundation you use on your face. Make sure to blend this foundation thoroughly and get your edges blended so it looks completely natural.

Your hickey should be completely gone after this- until of course your makeup starts to come off!

How do you hide your hickeys?


There are also some great home remedies that you could try if you are looking for ways on how to get rid of a hickey altogether.


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