How to Get Rid of Freckles

By on March 2, 2015

Most women have to deal with zits and beauty spots at some point in their lives. A few unfortunate women also have to deal with freckles. For some women, freckles are a cute fashion statement that accentuates their looks. Ladies that dislike their peppering of red dots can always use the following techniques to reduce the appearance of freckles. To learn how to get rid of freckles, read through the following list.

What Are Freckles?

Freckles are spots that tend to appear brown or red. Although some of them are genetic, people may notice an increase in freckles after a day outside. They are normally caused by an increase in melanin in skin cells. If the fair-skinned lady is outside for too long, the sun causes the melanin to increase and spots appear.


1. Start With Prevention

The first goal should be to prevent any additional freckles. Since the sun causes freckles to increase, individuals should avoid spending too much time outside. You should apply a decent sunscreen before you hit the beach because it will help to protect your skin. In addition, an over-sized sun bonnet will also shade your face from freckle-causing sun rays.


2. Hello, Lemon Juice!

Lemons are amazing fruit. In addition to reducing acne, they can actual reverse freckles. Basically, a lemon is a natural way to bleach the skin. It will help to lighten and remove any freckles that appear. All you need to do is squeeze a few lemons into a bowl. With a cotton ball, apply some of the lemon juice onto your freckles. This juice should remain on your skin for about ten minutes. Afterward, you can easily wash it off with cold water. For this remedy to work, you should be prepared to use it on a daily basis.


3. Sour Cream

It may sound weird, but sour cream can actually help your skin. Sour cream is naturally high in a chemical known as lactic acid. This chemical can help to remove or reduce the freckles on your face. To apply it, you should use your fingertips to place some of the sour cream onto your freckles. Once it dries off, you should wipe it away with a soft towel. Afterward, you should apply your normal moisturize. For this to work, you need to treat your freckles a minimum of once every day.


4. Juice It

Many of the fruits and juices in your fridge can help lighten up freckles. Mix together red currant, orange, lemon and parsley juice. All of these juices should be used in equal parts and well-stirred. According to some users, this technique can work in just two weeks of daily use. If the lemon juice starts to dry out your skin, you can always apply moisturizer afterward.


5. Relax With a Luxurious Fruit Peel

Facials are always fun, and this fruit peel is deliciously luxurious. You can mix strawberries and kiwi in a bowl. They should be mashed together so that both fruits are well-mixed. Once the mixture is completely mashed, you can apply it to your face. Make sure that you completely cover the parts of your face that have the most freckles. Once this mixture is dry, you can peel off the fruit and rinse off your face. Generally, it will take about 20 minutes for the mixture to dry. If you do not have strawberries and kiwis, you can always modify the fruit facial with apricots and cucumbers.


6. Bleaching Creams

Instead of using natural ingredients, you can always opt for heavy-duty treatments. With a bleaching cream, you get bleaching ingredients that will fade the color of the freckles. You should be careful with this remedy because it has been known to fade the skin’s color without fading the freckles. Basically, bleaching creams should be your last option if nothing else has worked for you.

chemical peel

7. Try a Chemical Peel

One technique that works wonders is the chemical peel. With this treatment, you basically peel away the top layer of the skin. If your freckles are darker from extra sunshine, this will remove the effected layer. You can choose from three different strengths of chemical peels. The superficial peel contains hydroxy acids that word on just the top layer of skin. With a medium peel, deeper layers are removed due to the presence of trichloroacetic acid. A deep peel uses even more trichloroacetic acid and some phenol to take away even more layers of skin. Since these peels are rough on your skin, you will need about two days to heal afterward. You should avoid getting them too often or it will reduce the quality of your skin.


8. Honey

For a natural solution, you can heat up some honey until it is slightly warm. Apply it to your skin and let it sit for a few minutes every day. Honey contains natural enzymes that are known to help moisturize and lighten the skin. For an extra moisturizing mixture, you can always mix some wheat germ into the warmed honey.


9. Buttermilk

With buttermilk, you get a simple way to remedy freckles. Buttermilk has natural bleaching properties and is great for moisturized, vibrant skin. You should use buttermilk on your freckles for about ten minutes before you rinse it off. For this remedy to be effective, you should apply it twice a day for several weeks. To track your progress, you can always use before and after photos.


10. Laser Treatment

If you are tired of temporary solutions and homespun remedies, you can always opt for laser treatment. This option is the most expensive one on this list. In general, a laser treatment session will take about 15 minutes. For it to be effective, you will need at least three sessions. The lasers work by burning the blood vessels that are situated below the freckles. This will either lighten the freckles or remove them entirely. Although this can be an extremely effective solution, it does contain some risks. There are always concerns about long-term damage from swelling, inflammation or bruising. If nothing else has worked for your freckles, consult with your doctor before you choose to have laser treatment.


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