How To Get Rid of a Pimple In Your Nose

By on July 15, 2017

A pimple inside of your nose can be one of the most irritating and painful acne experiences of your life, and this discomfort is certainly something you would like to get rid of quickly and easily. There are many different natural, simple remedies that can end your inner nose pimple problems and we’re going to discuss them all right here.

Why Do You Get Pimples In Your Nose?

Most of the time a pimple in the nose is nothing to worry about. If you’re prone to acne already, it may simply form because of bacteria buildup and pore blockage. However, you may also find yourself with an inner nose pimple because you pick your nose, blow your nose too hard, have a hormonal imbalance, or trim your nose hairs.

There may also be more serious conditions related to your inner nose pimple, although it is unlikely. If you have any dizziness, excruciating pain or fever associated with your pimple you may need to see a doctor as it can be a sign of cellulitis, vasculitis, or lupus.

Remedies For Treating a Pimple In Your Nose

There are plenty of different ways that you can conquer your pimple right from the comfort of your home, and these all natural remedies will give you results in a matter of just a few days.


Although leaving the scent of garlic in your nose for a couple of days may sound unpleasant, remember that it is beneficial to your body and has the power to kill your pimple quickly. Garlic is loaded up with anti bacterial properties and antioxidants, making it a great choice for pimple treatment.

All you need to do is this:

-Find a fresh garlic clove.

-Cut the clove so it can fit inside of your nose.

-Rub the garlic against the pimple.

-Repeat the process multiple times throughout the day.

Salt and Water

For decades salt has been used to treat wounds as it is a great way to flush out bacteria and fungus from the skin. This process is incredibly useful and can be done twice a day.

To make your salt water treatment, do the following:

-Boil some water and put regular table salt inside.

-Let the water cool completely.

-Dab a cotton ball or swab in the water and rub the pimple with the solution.

-Dry the area completely using a clean cotton ball or swab.

Tea Tree Oil

Anyone who struggles with acne knows that tea tree oil is always a go-to when it comes to getting rid of pimples fast. Although it may sting a little bit when applied, the anti bacterial properties are so strong that it is worth the little bit of pain.

-Dip a cotton ball or swab in the tea tree oil.

-Place the tea tree oil on the pimple for around 3-8 minutes.

-Repeat the process up to 3 times a day.


Lemons are so beneficial to the skin, whether it’s for brightening and tightening or simply refreshing your face. Loaded to the brink with vitamin C and other beneficial ingredients, it’s also a great option when treating pimples as lemons can dry out pimples and knock out bacteria quickly.

To use lemons on your nose pimples, do the following:

-Cut a lemon and squeeze out the juice into a clean bowl.

-Dip a cotton ball or swab inside of the lemon juice.

-Rub the lemon juice on your inner nose pimple and douse it as much as possible.

-Let it dry naturally.

-Continue this process up to 3 times a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another one of the go-to products when trying to fight off bacteria and get rid of acne, no matter where it is located. Apple cider vinegar is an anti-bacterial product that can certainly be used to kill off inner nose pimples, and the directions are simple:

-Pour a little bit of apple cider vinegar into a clean cup or bowl.

-Dab a cotton swab or ball into the ACV.

-Apply the ACV directly to your nose pimple.

If you find that the smell of apple cider vinegar is too intense for you, you may want to dilute the ACV ever so slightly in some water to help dilute the strong scent.

Baking Soda

This particular home remedy for nose pimples may not be one you hear too often, but it’s a great one! Baking soda helps to exfoliate skin in a gentle manner, which means it will be able to get rid of any bacteria that’s hiding inside your inner nose pimple. Although the directions are a bit tougher, it’s worth it:

-Squeeze out some lemon juice into a small bowl or cup.

-Create a thick paste by mixing together baking soda with the lemon juice.

-Put the paste on the pimple in your nose.

-Let it dry out and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes.

-Wash your face.

Purchasing Drugstore Products

If you prefer to go the drugstore route, there are several options available to you. Simply visit your local drugstore and find a product geared towards fighting acne. If you need assistance finding the best product for your inner nose pimple, ask a pharmacist and they will be able to assist you in the right direction.

Fighting off inner nose pimples isn’t so hard now, is it? Which one of these remedies have you tried that worked for you?

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