How To Get Him to Text You Back

By on April 26, 2015

Here is a lesson in modern day communication. Oddly enough we are communicating more with our thumbs than our vocal chords and there is not much emphasis on how to communicate effectively via text message without pushing someone away. So here’s how to be a little more conscious in our word choice to make sure we give someone positive energy and not bother them.


1. Don’t Text Him Essays

Save the long conversations for when you are in person. If it’s something important, remind him to ask you about ‘x’ when you see each other because it’s a conversation that’s longer than a text. Remember important ideas are often misconstrued in text messages so keep the messages simple to make plans or to just uplift them.


2. Don’t Text Him Unimportant Things

Be respectful of his time. Most people will always read a text because it’s just what we all do so make sure you don’t just send him every single thought that pops into your mind. Use your words carefully so they are more meaningful.


3. Only Send Positive Messages

 How To Get a Guy to Text You Back

Because the other person can’t hear the tone of your voice in your text message, it’s important that you leave anything you want to discuss that is serious for phone conversations or in person conversations. If you think they might not get what you’re saying, be safe and just give them a call or wait. We often get impatient since we are able to communicate with people so quickly but it can create a lot of misunderstandings to talk about serious things via text.


4. Focus On Your Goals

If you find yourself waiting around waiting for him to respond to your text and getting agitated, just focus on something else. Remember, you’re awesome whether or not he likes you and the response time on his texts is not really that important. You don’t want to get too wrapped up in communicating with him at all hours of the day anyway because you won’t be able to focus on your goals. Keep your goals the priority and he will appreciate the time you do offer him.


5. Be Slightly Inappropriate

Don’t just send boring texts about the whether or groceries you need. Think about what might really make his day. You will know how to flirt with him and what he will respond to so use your womanly seductiveness to add a little spice to his day. Of course don’t go overboard and keep it fun and light just to remind him how lucky he is to have a lovely lady like yourself in his life.


6. Make Him Laugh

Once in a while, send him something funny. Maybe a funny picture, a funny video or quote. This is a nice way to brighten up someones day especially if they have something stressing them out. Think of your texts as sharing energy with someone and instead of sharing drama or your personal life crisis of the moment, just be funny!


7. Give Him Space

Make sure you don’t come off as needy. You can really destroy a relationship by being clingy. Just as you wouldn’t want him to be latched onto you so you couldn’t focus on other things, you shouldn’t do that to him. If you’re feeling anxious, just sit with it, take a meditation class or read a book about codependency. We are all insecure in some ways it’s just important to deal with them on your own and not bring them into the relationship. I’m keeping it real for you ladies, there’s no point in sugar coating it.

8. Be Uplifting and Inspiring

Let’s face it, guys have their own stress to handle and they don’t need us to add to it. They deal with just as many frustrations as we do so try not to drain them with whiny texts about who pissed you off or what went wrong in your day. Instead feed him a burst of good energy when you send him texts. Maybe it’s an inspiring quote or an inspiring photo. Just remember, even when you’re comfortable in a relationship, everyday is an opportunity to be positive or negative and we must always be conscious to brighten people’s days. If you’re feeling drained, retreat and nap instead of taking it out on your man.


9. Ask Him Questions

What’s cool about texting is that allows us to communicate even when we are apart. If you want to get to know him better or show him you care about him, use your texts to ask him about his life and his dreams. He will feel your loving support through the phone. Avoid talking incessantly about yourself and he won’t get annoyed with your texts. Asking for his opinion or advice can also show that you respect and value his opinions and that you have confidence in his intelligence.


11. Don’t Just Use Emoticons

It’s easy to just abbreviate our thoughts by using a smiley face or emoticon but it doesn’t show much concern for the other person. It’s like saying hey you are worth the fraction of the second it took me to choose this picture. If you tell a story with the emoticons that they have to figure out, that can be cute and endearing but keep your picture messaging in check before all of our verbal communication skills wither away.

Finally, ladies, if he doesn’t text you back on an ongoing basis, he’s just not that into you. Don’t be desperate and waste your time any longer. There are nice guys out there that are worth your time. Know that you deserve to be treated with respect and don’t let anyone disrespect you through their lack of attention. Nice guys will communicate with nice words and remember to pay attention to their word choices too. If you get a good feeling from his texts, chances are he has good intentions but if you’re feeling confused or brushed off, this inconsiderate goon might not be worth fighting for.


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