How to Get Him to Commit

By on August 27, 2015

So you’ve been talking to this really cool guy for awhile; hey, you’ve even been on a few dates. You have a great time together but there is only one problem: he WON’T commit! What do you do now? Ladies, we’re here to help. I have to firstly say that not all men will EVER commit, and it’s not your fault; but if he’s the type to commit but you just haven’t seen it with your own two eyes yet, then you need to use these 10 handy tips to get your dream guy to make a commitment!

1. Let Him Know What You Want
As much as I’m sure we ALL wish men could read our minds, fact of the matter is, they can’t. Unless you speak up and inform them of exactly what you want, they will have no way of knowing. I’m not saying you make demands for a relationship; I’m saying you let him know what you want in ALL aspects of your relationship, from wanting a certain type of food on your next date night to wanting to take things to the next level. Guys love a girl that can be totally upfront!

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Make the First Move
If you didn’t know by now, guys also love when a gal makes the first move. And I’m not just talking about in the bedroom. If you’re tired of waiting and simply want some answers, try asking HIM out to a date or even asking him if he wants to take things to the next level.

3. Don’t Obsess About the Future
Want to know one of the easiest ways to scare off a man in 10 seconds? Keep talking about the future. Yeah, keep talking about how you can’t wait to have 3 children with him and how you already have their names picked out. Yeah, go ahead and keep going on and on about where the two of you will live and how amazing your wedding will be. Guys simply don’t want to hear this kind of thing- unless they bring it up first or ask you about it. If he’s not asking or hinting at the future, it’s best to keep this type of chatter to a minimum.

4. Win His Friends Over
His guy friends are extremely important to him, and their opinion matters 100 hundred percent. If all of his friends are telling him you’re the PERFECT girl for him and they couldn’t picture him with anyone else, he is probably going to be more inclined to make a solid commitment with you. When you are around his friends, always be yourself, but try to be a bit perkier and smile more often to make sure they see your best side. They will either love you for who you are or tell him to run for the hills, in which case you can find a guy that will have a group of buddies who adore you!

5. Win His Family Over
A lot of guys are VERY close with their families, especially when it comes to their mom. (You ever heard the term ‘mommas boy’? Of course you have. And I would have to guess that at least 85 percent of men on planet earth are mommas boys!) That being said, you need to make sure you win the family over. These people could -potentially- be part of your family in the future, and you want to make sure they don’t hate you. If the dinners and meetings don’t go so well, the family will undoubtedly speak up to this guy and let him know their negative opinions about you- which will of course, not be good for you and him reaching any sort of commitment.

6. Be the Girl of His Dreams
You don’t have to pamper him and succumb to his every wish. You don’t need to change yourself AT ALL either, looks or personality wise. Your guy needs to like you for YOU. When I say to be the girl of his dreams, I mean you need to be the girl that makes him feel special and wanted. Laugh at his jokes even though they aren’t funny. Encourage him and support him in every aspect of his life, from schooling to his career or wherever else he may need support. Be a shoulder to cry on and let him feel comfortable around you enough to share his deepest feelings and thoughts. Don’t be afraid to be YOURSELF and be openly silly and honest with him. Be his other half!

7. Support Him
Nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone who does not support them. Not only is this disappointing and incredibly annoying for the individual not being supported, but it’s a recipe for a relationship disaster. A healthy relationship simply cannot function without support, so make sure you let him know you support him in every area of his life. He will love having a pretty lady by his side through all of his struggles and strides, and it will show him that you are completely serious about him and can handle all the parts of his life.

8. Make Him Feel Special
I think a lot of women believe they don’t really need to do anything to make their man feel special. I think women tend to think THEY are the ones who deserve the random presents and love song shout-outs on the radio, but the truth of the matter is, both parties do. Just as you love receiving a bouquet of flowers and a cute poem from your man, your guy enjoys getting a sweet gift from you too. And remember, it’s not always about the gifts. Sometimes just giving a hug showing your appreciation or whispering a few supportive and lovely words in his ear is enough to make him feel like he’s number one. Surprise him with something he has always wanted or paint him a pretty picture. Write a love note to leave in his desk or wear his favorite outfit out to dinner next date night. There’s TONS of ways to make a man feel special- so stop slacking!

9. Know Your Worth
Ladies, always always know your worth. If he’s toying around with your emotions or playing too many games, you NEED to leave. Do not stick around for that nonsense. Not only will he lose all respect for you, but he will undoubtedly NEVER commit to you. If you feel like he isn’t acknowledging your worth, leave. Nine times out of ten he will realize the mistake he’s made and come crawling back, asking for a commitment.

10. Don’t Jump Into Bed
It’s the little piece of advice we’ve all gotten from our moms, grandmas, aunts, cousins, and best friends: “Don’t jump into bed with him!”. And I gotta say, they are absolutely right. Jumping into bed with a man may result in him thinking you are ‘easy’ and not wanting to be exclusive with someone he thinks is too sexually free with people barely known. On the other hand, jumping into bed right away doesn’t give him a chase, and men love a chase. You also won’t be able to spend those precious date nights getting to know each other and letting him fall in love with your personality instead of just your looks.

Ladies, how did you get YOUR man to commit? Did you use any of these tricks?


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