How to Get a Slimmer Face

By on February 26, 2015

Ladies have to worry about their waistline, their thighs and their skin tone. Now, there is something else to worry about. Depending on your diet or genetics, you may be left with a wider, chubbier looking face. You can either learn to love the way your face looks or try one of the following ideas for slimming your face. If you always wanted to know how to get a slimmer face, the following ideas were written with you in mind.


Do You Need a Thinner Face?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you. Normally, your face will look heavier if you are heavier. If your face is bloated or puffy looking, there may be something wrong with your diet. Puffy skin can be a sign that you drink excessively, need more sleep or eat salty foods. If this is the case, you can always talk to your doctor to make sure that there are not underlying medical conditions that cause your puffier face.


Boost Your Hair Volume

One of the ways to make your face appear thinner is to pile hair at the crown of your head. To do this, you need to boost the volume of your hair. Starting at the top of your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to tease the strands. Afterward, keep the rest of your hair straight and down at your shoulders. This will reduce the roundness of your face without requiring a diet or plastic surgery.


Facial Training

There are certain types of exercises that can help your face look thinner. You can help to reduce the bags under your eyes and tighten the skin on your face. Known as facial yoga, these exercises are fairly easy to perform. Each of the following three exercises should be done twice a day for the best results.

To boost circulation and lower water retention, you should start by opening your mouth. Stretch your tongue out and down along your chin. Afterward, open your eyes widely and look up to the sky. Hold the pose for ten seconds. This should be done twice each session. By sticking out your tongue, ancient yogis believed that it would stimulate the pancreatic gland. This was thought to boost your hormones and provide an anti-aging effect.

The next exercise is intended to help relax your face. Make your mouth into an O shape and hold the pose. This should stretch out the skin beneath your nose. While you pose, look upward at the sky and wait for the ten seconds to pass. Like the previous exercise, you should do two repetitions every time you do your facial workout.

This last exercise is intended to strengthen and smooth the muscles around your lips. Place both index fingers on the outside corner of your lips. While pulling down with your index fingers, try to smile. This causes your facial muscles to become stronger and can help to remove unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Dealing With Edema

One of the main causes of round faces is edema. Depending on your diet and exercise regimen, your body may start to retain water. This can cause bloating and puffiness in your face. To reduce the water retention, you need to stimulate your lymph nodes. This can be done by massaging your face, cheeks and neck. Whenever you have a spare moment, spend some extra time massaging your lymph nodes.


Wear Longer Earrings

If you lack the time for facial exercises and massages, you can try simpler techniques. Long earrings help to make your face appear slimmer. These draw attention away from the roundness of your face and only take a few moments to put on. When selecting long earrings, make sure to avoid any round earrings. Round, hoop-style earrings will end up making your face appear rounder.


Try a Ponytail

For a simple, slimming style, try out your average ponytail. You should make the ponytail sit about mid-height. It should be pulled back about at your cheekbones to create an instant face lift. If you have any flyaways, some pomade will fix that issue instantly.

Change Your Hair Color

The latest ombre trend is a great way to make your face thinner. You want your hair to be darker than your face. This can be done by dyeing your hair a single color or just dying the roots darker. Once your hair is darker, it makes your face have a slimmer appearance.


Posture Improvements

Standing up tall can make your body appear thinner, but it will also help your face as well. If you normally have problems with a double chin or fat around your jawline, standing up straight will reduce this problem. You should learn how to align your spine correctly and stand up taller. Since it is not always easy to remember to do this, you can remember a simple trick: breathe. When you are taking deep breaths, it makes it harder for you to slump down. You should hold your shoulders back, straighten your spine and lift your chin up. For extra help, yoga and Pilates are great exercises for naturally improving your posture.

Avoid Salt and Sugar

Your diet could be the culprit behind your chubbier face. Salt causes your body to retain water and leads to bloating. Cutting down on your sodium intake will help to reduce any bloating. Likewise, you should reduce your sugar intake. Although a low sugar intake will not help with water retention, it will help you to lose weight. You should focus on eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains.


Drink More Water

Other than lowering your sodium intake, there are other ways to reduce water retention. Ironically, your water retention could be caused by consuming too little water. If your body is dehydrated, it will actually work to conserve and save any water. Once you start drinking more water, your body can release retained fluid. Ideally, you should drink about 64 ounces of water every day.

Lose Weight

Taking a pill, changing your makeup or adjusting your hair are all great tips. If you really want a long-term solution, you may need to lose weight. The other techniques can be used while you lose weight, but only long-term weight loss will solve the fat around your face. Other than eating less sugar and sodium, you should focus on a primarily plant-based diet. Eating extra vegetables and fruit will help you to feel fuller, while also providing your body with the nutrients you need. Cardiovascular exercise, weight training and avoiding alcohol can help to speed up your weight loss.


Contouring Makeup

While you are waiting for your weight loss to occur, you can slim down your face using contouring makeup. You will want to find a pressed matte powder that is a shade darker than the rest of your skin. This should be shaded onto your jawbone, the temples and the sides of your nose. Without applying it to heavily, you should dust it onto the hollows below your cheekbones. This will make your face appear slimmer instantly.

Use Long Layers

Short or curly hair will only cause your face to look rounder. Instead, cut your hair into nice, long layers. This will achieve a slimming effect effortlessly. To make your face appear even thinner, use fairly long, side-swept bangs. You should avoid short bangs because they will only make your face look rounder.

Chew Gum

It sounds insane, but chewing bubblegum can help make your face look thinner. Basically, each stick of gum is a miniature workout for your face. This causes your facial muscles to develop and makes your face look thinner. Ideally, you will want to use sugar-free gum so that you do not end up with cavities. A chewing gum that contains xylitol can actually help to prevent future cavities.


Cat Eyes

Another makeup technique involves your eyes. You want to make your lash line appear longer. This causes your eyes to appear longer and larger. To start with, you should focus on highlighting your eyes with a darker eye pencil. Use your finger or a brush to smudge the lash line. Afterward, use a lighter eye shadow around the lash line. Use a dark eye shadow on the crease of your eyelid and follow the natural shape of the crease. Blend these eye shadows slightly and your work is complete. With cat eyes, you can make your face look leaner by drawing attention to the corner of your eyes.


Blush It Up

Makeup basically uses sleight of hand and shading to make your face appear thinner. With blush, you can pull attention away from the outside of your face. This causes other people to notice your cheeks more and reduces the roundness of your face. To do this, you should use a blush that is slightly lighter than the rest of your skin.

When you combine blush with contouring, cat eyes and longer hair, you will make your face look leaner overnight. For long-term changes, you will need to reduce your salt intake, eat healthily and drink more water. The other ideas on this list can be used while you wait for your healthy lifestyle to start taking effect.


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