How to Get a Prom Date

By on July 18, 2016

The big day is coming up- prom night! You probably already have your dress picked out, your hairstyle chosen, and of course you’re pumped up with your heart beating out of your chest with excitement anticipating this big night. But wait- hold on, you don’t even have a date yet! What’s a girl to do?! Don’t worry ladies- this simple guide will help you get a prom date quickly and easily so you can have the time of your life with a cutie by your side.

1. Banish Your Shyness
It’s going to be REAL hard to land a date for prom if you don’t talk to anyone- obviously. So even if you’re shy, try and be outgoing like you’ve never been before. Chat it up with some of the boys in your school and show them that you can be a lot of fun to be around. It may be hard, but now may be the perfect time to try and come out of your shell. If this is too hard, try talking more with guys you’re closer to, guys who you’re comfortable around and may actually consider for prom. On the other hand, if you’re notoriously outgoing and bubbly, simply keep up the good work!

2. Be Yourself
Always always always be yourself- in any situation and at any time. This will definitely land a prom date than any other facade you come up with. If they like you for you, they’ll certainly want to take you to the prom, and probably take you out on some more dates afterwards.

3. Talk About the Prom-Often
Nobody is going to even know you’re interested in going to the prom unless you speak up. So, during a casual conversation with a potential prom date, bring up the prom from time to time. Let them know that you are excited about it and you have everything planned out, but you’re still searching for a prom date. It’s key in mentioning about your prom date hunt, because they need to know that you are available. This may also prompt them into asking you right then and there, or maybe they’ll plan an extra special invitation in the very near future. All you need to do is mention it from time to time. Don’t obsess about it or make things awkward between the two of you; as I mentioned before, keep things very cool and casual.


4. Make Prom Jokes
Another way you can possibly propel someone into asking you to prom is to make subtle flirty jokes about it. Saying something like, “I bet we would make an awesome dance team at prom” or “We would be the best looking couple on prom night” will let him know that you’re looking for a date and you absolutely would not mind if he were the one to ask you out. Flirting is always a great way to let someone know you’re interested in them, so use it to your advantage when finding a prom date quickly and easily.

5. Don’t Play Hard to Get
In any other circumstance I would say otherwise, but if you’re short on time and need a prom date fast, I recommend not playing the hard to get game. You might lose out on a date if he thinks you are unattainable, and that’s the LAST thing you want right now. So feel free to flirt around with him and text him often; there’s no harm in letting this guy know you like him, especially so close to the big day.

6. Hang Out Beforehand
It would be a terrible thing to show up for prom with your date and have horrible jitters from nervousness. To feel more comfortable with your prom date before the dance, hang out with him! Like aforementioned, keep things casual. Get to know each other and have fun together. I guarantee you’ll feel less nervous when it comes time to dance, and you will allow yourself to be more relaxed and comfortable with your partner; which will of course make the entire night more enjoyable.

7. Just Ask!

So you’re dropping all these hints and well, he’s just simply not getting the hint. Honestly you’re tired of waiting around and the prom night is approaching rather quickly. Instead of being regretful that you didn’t face your fears and simply ask your potential date to attend with you, let go of your shyness and doubts and simply ask him! Either he will say yes- and you will be ecstatic- or he will say no and you can try asking somebody else. Like the good old saying goes: the answer is always no, unless you ASK!


8. Ask for Help from a Friend

Perhaps it’s as though everyone you’ve talked to is either uninterested or taken already; ugh, what’s a girl to do? Don’t fret! When you need help, who is always there for you? Your friends, of course! Ask your friends to help you out. Maybe they know of a guy who’s looking for a date, or maybe they know someone who is even too afraid to ask you- but wants you to go with them. No matter what your friends end up doing, it’s bound to help you get one step closer to finding a prom date.

9. Ask a Friend to Go With You

Maybe this wasn’t your first choice or even your second, but hey, rather go with SOMEBODY than with NOBODY! A dateless prom just simply isn’t a fun one, so ask a friend to go with you as your date if you simply have ran out of options. If anything the two of you will have a blast together and hey, maybe you will run into some dates while you’re at the prom? And if you’re going with a friend that is a guy, maybe some kind of unforeseen romance will spark between the two of you? Who knows what can happen on prom night!

How would you go about finding a prom date?

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