How to Fix Dry Hair

By on July 14, 2015

Struggling with dried, damaged locks? You’re not alone. Even one who takes special precautions to ensure gloriously soft and smooth strands will end up with frayed ends here and there! Combat dried out manes and refresh and revitalize your looks with these 14 simple steps to fix dry hair. What’re you waiting for? Silky, luxurious locks are only a few moments away!

a1088e91addfce6f60318fd5a7526f091. Don’t Over-Wash It
It might seem counterproductive, but over-washing your hair will strip the moisture from your locks, leaving you with dried out manes! Try skipping a day or two between washing your hair. If you absolutely can’t stand the grease buildup, ONLY wash the scalp or consider a dry shampoo between washes.

0bd73a4ed290e2624ced48166a781e992. Switch Shampoos
Your shampoo may be doing more damage than good. If you’re using a shampoo with ten thousand ingredients and it isn’t specifically designed to moisturize and condition fried locks, you may be making your hair dry without even thinking about it. Before trying anything else, make sure your shower organizer is stocked with a shampoo designed to intensely moisture your mane and repair any breakage or damage.

02f77f70f4db01ba10efd9ec37f481603. Conditioners!
Skipping out on the conditioner? Trust me, you’re not alone. Plenty of men and women across the globe completely disregard conditioners, thinking there moisturizing shampoo will do the trick. But that’s not the case! You absolutely need to include a conditioner into your bathing routine, keeping it on for AT LEAST 3-5 minutes (if not longer) before washing it out. You may want to also consider a leave-in conditioner for after you shower to increase the moisture in your hair. With a leave-in conditioner, try to keep it away from your roots and only condition the lower half of your mane, or you may end up with greasy roots that will need to be washed.

0d00863c4522efaeff938a7875445b174. Haircut
You could be as gentle with your hair as humanly possible, only washing a few times a week and never skimping on the conditioner. You could never dye your hair or use a hot iron in an effort to keep your locks looking as smooth and shiny as ever. But the fact of the matter is, the ends of your hair will get damaged either way. That being said, yes, a simple haircut is EXTREMELY important. Cutting off those dried ends will completely revitalize and refresh your entire hairstyle, and promotes healthy, strong, and thicker growth. So if you’ve been resisting a cut, it may be time to chop those frayed and fried ends.

0c997d549b2827402d14a7b614ea42ea5. Consider Hot Oil Treatments
Hot oil treatments are a great way to add a hefty dose of moisture to your hair- you can see results immediately after just one procedure, and keep hair extremely luxurious by doing it once a week! You can go to a professional to have a hot oil treatment done, or do one at home quickly and easily. All you need is 3-6 tablespoons of natural oil (coconut, almond, olive), heat in a bowl for 10 seconds, apply to the hair, wrap a towel around your head, and keep it on for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair and use a gentle shampoo, and viola! Gorgeously moisturized and luscious locks.

3669e5ff9377bf26abb9372ab9984bc06. Try Natural Oils
Natural oils. They’re great for everything, aren’t they? From clearing acne to moisturizing skin, adding a dose of healthy fats to our favorite cooked meals to whitening teeth, it seems like they are an all around excellent choice for just about everything; and that includes your hair, of course! Coconut, almond, and olive oil are all natural oils that will seriously strengthen and moisturize your locks. Simply apply a bit to the ends of your hair after showering for all day moisture.

c571058403edfd2c675c977d272009b27. Don’t Use Heated Stylers
This may be a no brainer, but heated styler are a definite no-no when you’re struggling with super dried out locks. However, for some women, a straightener may be necessary if you’re dealing with totally wild and crazy curled manes; and of course there’s always the special occasion where beautiful romantic curls or sexy waves are a must have. Ladies, I hear you loud and clear. Try to use heated stylers as LITTLE as possible, and when you do, make sure you add an anti-heat damaging product to your locks before use. You can purchase a product that will protect your mane, or you can simply use some natural oils to keep hair calm and conditioned throughout the heated styling.

e95608cc4fd0e9bb936f93ae4b80f67d8. Don’t Bleach Your Hair
I hate to say it, but bleach is a definite culprit of damage and breakage to hair. The harsh chemicals dry out locks instantly, leaving you with strands that are anything but silky. If you can, let your natural hair color shine through- I’m sure it’s BEAUTIFUL! And if you simply can’t stay off the dye, make sure you’re conditioning your locks VERY often and using a special shampoo for color treated hair.

6ecf0edc5a2531d95217021972cc42dd9. Resist Chemical Treatments
Yes, that perm is cute, but is it necessary? And yeah, we know getting your hair chemically straightened is fun and easy, but do you HAVE to? Chemical treatments are SO bad for your hair- no matter what they are. Try to avoid chemical treatments as much as possible, or you may end up with incredibly dried out strands. If you do indulge in a chemical treatment, make sure to up your dose of conditioners and moisturizers!

0b5d3fda0aa9ad6b27ed7eaa3d69992010. Skip the Product
Skip the product? You might be saying, “But this product is designed to help my dry hair- I can’t live without it!”. The fact of the matter is, the majority of hair products are loaded with harsh chemicals that do more harm than good. Even those products that claim to “relieve dry hair” or “repair damaged locks” are typically filled with lots of ingredients you DON’T want on your head. That being said, skip the product. And if you can’t……


11. ….Buy All Natural
…Then consider buying an all natural hair product. Most natural hair products will state their natural right on the bottle, but you can double-check and validate this statement by checking out the ingredients yourself. If there’s more than 5 to 10 ingredients or any of them sound anything but natural, this may be false advertising!

bd19ab926cdf11c1d9d19219428daf9112. Take Fish Oil Supplements
You’ve probably heard how incredibly good fish oil supplements are for your body, but do you know why? Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, a vital nutrient our bodies need; however, most people don’t eat enough foods containing omega-3 fatty acids to really reap the benefits. Adding just a single dose of fish oil supplements into your daily routine will leave you with beautiful locks that are extremely healthy, nourished, shiny, and lustrous from the inside out!

fc10af679e2ad0e836988dc90eb2f9c513. Try a Hair Mask
It’s easy to find a hair mask for dry hair on the market, but why not make your own at home? There’s tons of awesome, easy hair masks you can find online, but 2 of our favorites are the coconut oil hair mask and the avocado hair mask. For the coconut oil hair mask, simply combine 2 parts coconut oil to 1 part olive oil. Apply the mixture to hair, leave on for an hour, and rinse and shampoo like normal. As for the avocado hair mask, blend ½ an avocado with 1 egg yolk. Apply to the hair and leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing and shampooing!

01294194266df07e2ac0c5d653bdd7d414. Change Your Diet
Diet plays an important role in every aspect of our health, including hair. And you can completely ward off fried locks with a simple change in diet! Remember to add in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as much as possible, which can be found in salmon, cold water fish, and dark vegetables. Eat enough vitamins A, E, and K, which can be found in carrots, broccoli, avocados, dairy products, and soybeans. Add enough protein from meats and poultry and ensure you’re consuming enough whole grains as well as TONS of water!


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