How to Deal with Jealousy

By on February 14, 2014

Jealousy is unfortunately a part of many relationships. When you are interested in someone, it is easy to feel jealous about the time or attention that they give to someone else. Although this is occasionally just a side effect of love, it could be an indicator that something else is wrong with the relationship. Instead of succumbing to jealousy, use these tips to learn how to cope and deal with any jealous feelings that you may have.

Jealousy in Relationships


Jealousy in a relationship can occur for many reasons. You may feel lonely if they are spending time with other people without you or just insecure. Jealousy can also occur due to the comments a partner makes or experiences with past relationships. In general, jealousy is an indicator of a low self-esteem or insecurities. You may be worried about losing your loved one. If you cannot learn how to deal with jealousy, it could end up harming or ending to relationship.

Should You Learn to Cope or Just Get Rid of Jealousy?


The answer to this question depends entirely on the person. Initially, you should focus on getting rid of your feelings of jealousy. Focus on why your partner loves you and make attempts to regain your self-esteem. Unless something else is wrong with the relationship, there are no reasons for your partner to stop loving you. To help with jealousy, try to develop an open and honest atmosphere. Secretes and unspoken statements will only serve to separate the two of you. Be clear about what you want and ask your partner to do the same. If you cannot get rid of your negative feelings, you will have to learn to cope with it. Try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Although a hug with a friend of the opposite gender may make you feel jealous, you would probably offer the same hug if you were in their place. Understand where they are coming from and think before you take action. Jealousy is normally caused by a misconception or misunderstanding. When you are not looking at a situation accurately, it will cause you to make missteps. Avoid pessimism and try to look at each occurrence in a positive light.

Communication and Listening


The key to any relationship is communication. When you are upset by something a partner did, you have to tell them. If you keep it to yourself, it will only fester and become worse. A ten-second conversation with a girl may become blown out of proportion in your mind until you can no longer handle it. Be open and honest with your partner. If something worries you, tell them. It may sound silly to say out loud, but it will help prevent problems in the future. In addition, your partner will know that these small things make a difference to you. Although they may not change all of their behaviors, they will know that they should keep your feelings in mind at all time.

Both partners have to learn how to listen and pay attention to each other for the relationship to work. When one partner stops paying attention to the other, it causes a negative spiral of emotions. If this continues, the relationship could end. You both need to show that you still care by listening to each other. Pay attention to their actions and really make an effort to communicate openly.

A Sign of Love

As long as jealousy is at a minimum, it is a perfectly normal sign in a relationship. When we love someone deeply, it is natural for us to miss them when they are gone or feel jealous about the time they spend with someone else. You do not have to be ashamed of your feelings. Instead, take it as a sign of what they really mean to you. Remember to relax and enjoy your relationship. If you feel that your jealousy is growing out of control, take a step back and try to look at why it is happening.

Focus on the Signs

Sometimes, your partner suddenly stops paying attention or talking with you. This is not necessarily a sign that they don’t love you or have a relationship with someone else. Often, people become closed off when they are hurt or are suffering from depression. If some recent trauma happened in their life, their lack of communication may be a sign that they feel under the weather. Instead of jumping to conclusions, spend some time trying to make them feel better. A simple massage or favorite dinner can help brighten their mood. If they are ready to talk to you about their troubles, they will open up.

How to Deal With a Jealous Partner


When your partner is jealous, the best thing you can do is reassure them that you love them. If you respond with anger, it will only cause them to become more jealous. Listen to what your partner says about why they are jealous. Maybe you have spent more time with friends or have unintentionally neglected them. Whatever the problem is, you have the opportunity to fix it. Spend some time having fun together and reassure them that you are still interested.

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