15 Ways to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend

By on November 13, 2014

In the media, women are always portrayed as the moody partner in any relationship. As any girlfriend knows, men can be just as emotionally confusing. Whether your boyfriend is upset over a lost promotion, a small setback or a major loss, you can use each of these tips to help him feel better. As a part of a relationship, it is up to you to provide support during the best and the worst of times. When life gives you lemons, try using some of the following tips to help cheer your boyfriend up.


1. Buy Him a Present

Chocolate, flowers and jewelery may work for her, but what do you get for him? Start by considering his hobbies. Does he have a favorite sport, book genre or hobby? Whatever he likes to do, see if you can purchase him a gift in line with his interests. If you are running short on money, there are other gift ideas that cost very little or nothing. You could cook him his favorite meal or bake his favorite cookies. Even a handwritten note can help to cheer up his mood.

2. Take a Picnic

Many romantic comedies include a scene where the girl and boy picnic together. Unfortunately, this stereotype is seldom adopted in real life. Instead of just going out for dinner, turn it into a romantic picnic. This will give you a chance to get away from whatever is stressing your boyfriend out while also letting you relax together in the great outdoors. If you do not have enough time to make the picnic yourself, you can always buy sandwiches, potato salad, chips and cookies at your local supermarket.


3. Hop in the Shower

Most men are fairly simple. Food, sex and sleep are their primary driving forces. If you cannot cheer your boyfriend up with a dinner or a picnic, you could always try a shower together. The pounding hot water and pleasant company should be an instant fix to any minor setback.

4. Make a List

Sometimes, people become depressed when they have taken a blow to their confidence. If your boyfriend’s self-esteem has dropped, you can help give him a boost. On your own, get out a pencil and a few pieces of paper. Start to list off all of the reason why you like him and think that he is special. Afterward, you can use a calligraphy pen and better paper to make your list look its best. Once you have given this to your boyfriend, he will have a list of his positive qualities that he can refer to whenever he is under the weather.

5. Try Talking

The myth that men never talk is a lie. Although women may be the chattier gender, men still have worries, frustrations and stress that they need to vent. Whenever this happens, the best thing that you can do is listen to your boyfriend. Stop distracting yourself with other activities and just sit down next to him. Instead of interrupting him or sharing your stories, just let him talk and share what he is worried about.

movie night

6. Movie Time!

If your boyfriend has been under stress at work, he needs to start unwinding. Instead of rushing around town or doing errands, schedule some time to just sit down and relax. Let him pick out his favorite movie to watch at home, or go to the theaters to watch something new.


7. A Head Massage Works Wonders

Human touch has been shown to be an extremely powerful stress reliever. Scientists have shown that massages can help to boost circulation and relax the mind. If you notice that your boyfriend is under extra stress, give him a massage along his scalp or shoulders. In addition to reducing tension, it can also be a great way for you two to bond as a couple.

8. Laughter is the Best Medicine

Scientists have conducted many clinical studies on laughter. One thing important conclusion was the power of laughter and a simple smile to completely change someone’s outlook. Even if the smile is initially fake, people will quickly forget over time that they were not actually happy. By getting your boyfriend to laugh initially, you can help to drive away the shadows and improve his general mood.

take a walk

9. Take a Walk

It is far too easy to get distracted by day-to-day activities when you are in a relationship. Before long, you have stopped focusing on your partner and the relationship starts to falter. One easy way for you to fix this is by taking a walk with your boyfriend each day. The time away from television and the Internet will allow you to talk and share ideas. If he is feeling down, the extra exercise and attention will help to boost his mood.

10. Dinner Time is the Best Time

Often, the little things we do each day are the best way to show our love for someone. You probably cannot afford to fly to Paris every time your boyfriend is upset. What you can do is make him dinner. Figure out what his favorite dinner is and make it for him when he has had a bad day. Even the most difficult of problems look better when you have a full stomach.


11. Go For a Drive

Driving is one of those activities that is almost hypnotic over the span of a few hours. When your boyfriend is upset, take him for a drive in the country. Open roads, limited traffic and the pavement can be more soothing than anything that you could actually do. Just keep in mind that he is still upset. Although you may want to talk it out, it may be better if the open road soothes is frustration before you attempt to help him.

12. Schedule a Night Out

During the hectic rush of the work week, it can seem impossible to get any moment alone for your boyfriend. This makes it even more important that you schedule some extra time for him on the weekend. Plan an evening at a dance club or a fancy dinner—just make sure you ask him if it is okay first. If he has had an extremely stressful week, he may just want to spend some time playing video games or watching a movie.

13. Keep Calm

One of the most important things that you can do when he is stressed out is remain calm. If you are both upset, it will only lead to more arguments and stress.


14. Remind Him That You Are There For Him

Even when you do everything right in your relationship, you may not be able to solve his frustrations. The best thing you can do when nothing else works is just tell him that you are there for him. He may have to deal with his problems on his own. What he needs from you is the knowledge that you support him and love him unconditionally.

15. Offer a Solution

If you are certain that it will work, you can always try to offer him a solution. You just need to make sure that you do it right—unasked for advice can be annoying during some problems.


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