20 Ways to Cheer Someone Up

By on November 13, 2014

When someone is down on the dumps, it is natural for you want to help them. Whether it is your boyfriend, mother or best friend, these techniques are ways that you can cheer someone up. From extra hugs to a nice dinner, these ideas are a great way to spread a little joy in the world.


1 .Start Hugging

Scientists have clinically shown the power of human touch. A handshake or brief pat on the back leads to better tips for servers and improved relationships for couples. If you want to brighten a friends day in an instant, give them a shoulder to cry on and a good hug.

2. Really Listen

When you are on the computer or watching television, it is far too easy to dismiss what someone else is saying. Your friend may try to speak, but you will not really hear what they are trying to say. Instead of ignoring them (intentionally or unintentionally), take some time out of your day to listen. Pulling up a chair, brewing a pot of tea or just being quiet for a moment is all that it really takes. You do not need to solve every—or any—problems in their life. Just listen.


3. Give Them a Handwritten Card

Although you can choose from fonts like Arial or Calibri, there is still something impersonal about sending an email. It lacks that certain personable quality of a handwritten note. Anyone can send an email from their phone—you could be on your cell, in a commute or bored at home. Actually handwriting out a card is an extremely meaningful gift. It shows that you took time to consider what to say and that you really care about the person. If you truly want your friend to cheer up, put your message in handwriting instead of a text.


4. Everyone Loves Presents

You do not need a small fortune to give someone a gift. A good present can be as simple as some hand-picked flowers, a drawing or a plate of cookies. What matters to someone else is the time and effort you put into picking out a present. It shows that you really love your friend and want them to be happy. If you have the money, you can spend it on a quality gift. In general, quality matters less than the care you used in selecting the present.

5. Take Them Out on the Town

The location that you take them out to will depend on who they are. A boyfriend may want to go on a date with you or hit the movies. If you are trying to cheer up a friend, you could visit a park or go to a scenic area. The situation can also make a difference. A friend who lost their job may want to just go for an inexpensive hike in the Great Outdoors. If your friend recently broke up with a significant other, a night on the town may be just what the doctored ordered. By taking your friend, mother or boyfriend out on the town, you help to clear their mind of any gloominess.


6. Start Laughing

This sounds like an obvious issue. If someone can laugh, then they do not need to be cheered up—right? Not quite. Someone who is depressed or in grief has a general gloominess about them. This general depression does not stop them from laughing at the antics of Charlie Chaplain or the cuteness of a puppy. Even if their sadness returns immediately, even a brief period of laughter can improve their outlook slightly. You can try making a joke or just spending some time together. If you are not confident in your own ability to make them laugh, try watching a favorite comedian together or putting in a funny movie. In general, the old saying about laughter being the best medicine is true.

7. Help Your Friend Out

Sometimes, grief, depression or setbacks can make it impossible to stay on top of errands and chores. If you are worried about losing your job, the last thing you can focus on is purchasing milk for your household. When your friend is having problems getting everything done, you can take steps to help them out. From babysitting to running errands, you can make your friend’s life a little easier.


8. Make Dinner

Like the previous tip, making dinner is an excellent way to boost your friend’s mood. It allows you to share some time with them while eating and also gives them a chance to get other things done while they cook. Whether you cook at your home or their hoe, the meal does not have to be particularly expensive.

9. Kind Words

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. If your friend is in need of some cheering up, all you have to do is offer some kind words. When life is difficult, they may need someone to tell them that everything will be okay. It is far too easy for human beings to obsess over the negatives that happen and forget about all of the positive changes. Instead of focusing on the dark side of everything, you can try to focus on the positive. A few kind words or a compliment can help you turn your friends day around completely.


10. Take a Walk

Countless studies have shown the emotional and mental benefits of exercise. Did you know that having a sense of community can also increase your life span and personal well-being? Combine these two lifestyle changes into one activity and take a walk with your friend. Both of you will enjoy a mood boost from exercise induced endorphins. As an added benefit, the personal interaction can also help you to feel cheered up. Whenever your friend has time, take them on a walk with you. It can be extremely soothing for the nerves and allows your body a chance to relax.

11. Encouragement is Must

Even superheroes have sidekicks! Although your friend needs to have the self-motivation and self-esteem necessary to accomplish things in life, some extra support is necessary at times. Instead of allowing your friend to remain stuck in a rut, you can help boost their encouragement and inspire them to get back on track. From introducing them to a favorite pastime to scheduling a group activity, you can do a lot of things that can encourage your friend to cheer up and get back to living their life.

movie night

12. Schedule a Movie Night

When you have time, try penciling in an evening spent watching a movie. If your friend recently broke up with their boyfriend, you can always rent some romantic comedies. Sometimes, strong, confident people refuse to cry after a breakup or a death in their family. By watching romantic comedies, you give your friend a chance to cry in a more supportive environment. If you feel like this will not work, you can always rent some comedies or dramas. No matter what, the movies that you select can help ease your friend’s mind and give them something else to focus on.

13. Love is All You Need

Short on time? Try sending an email or text message to your friend. Better yet, refer to the early tip on making a handwritten note. Whatever you do, focus on writing inspiring, cheerful messages. These texts or emails serve as a reminder to your friend that they matter. Although life may be depressing or grief stricken at the moment, it will not be that way forever. They have you to rely on and your messages to them prove it.


14. Spa Time is the Best Time

If you have the extra money lying around, why don’t you schedule a spa day ? No matter what the problem is, some time at the spa is just what the doctor ordered. A facial, spa treatment or spauna can help your friend start to feel beautiful inside and out. While a massage relaxes their muscles, the soothing sensations allow their mind a chance to recover. Once your spa day is through, your friend can return to normal life a bit more relaxed and refreshed.

15. Call Her

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the most obvious things are the easiest things to forget. If you have not tried it yet, call your friend. A phone call shows that you care about them and are there to listen to their problems. In addition, it gives them a chance to vent. Some people just need a few minutes or hours to unload their frustrations. Once that happens, they are able to return to their everyday life without any difficulties. If your friend is one of these people, a phone call or a few hours listening to them can be one of the best things that you can do. Just make sure that you let your friend know that you are always there to listen to them.

16. Volunteer!

It may seem counter intuitive, but helping others can actually help yourself. Studies have shown the emotional benefits of volunteer work. By spending hours of your time helping someone in need, you actually receive a mental and emotional boost. Whenever you or your friend needs a stress reliever, try scheduling a few hours at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter. This type of activity is shown to improve the quality of your sleep, boost self-esteem and give you a new perspective in life.

17. Be There

Scheduling hours at the spa, making dinner, running errands, volunteering and taking a walk can be exhausting. Instead of trying to do everything on this list, try to do just one thing. Better yet, just make sure to be there. Simple, isn’t it? Your friend is sad and needs someone around them. All you have to do is be there to listen if they need to talk or have a movie night if they need to relax. The best thing that you can do is be there for whatever your friend needs or wants.

18. Stay-cations Are Awesome

For the overachiever with some vacation time, a staycation with your friend can be an ideal solution. A change of scenery is one of the easiest ways that you can take your friends mind off of all of their troubles. An afternoon can be spent taking a picnic, going on a hike or wandering through a local museum. For longer weekends, camping trips in a national park or a shopping trip are excellent options.


19. Remodel Her House

Unless she was planning on remodeling her house, you should probably save this step for a serious setback like a divorce or a death in the family. If a loved one dies, a few days spent tearing down walls and ripping up floorboards can be the perfect solution. With physical labor, she can lose herself in the work. At night, she can fall asleep easier because she is too exhausted to stay awake. Remodeling a house is not a long-term solution to grief, but it works well temporarily. In general, this technique works to get your friend over the initial shock and grief. Afterward, weeks and months will still need to be spent recovering from a major loss.


20. Start Gardening

There is something extremely therapeutic about working with plants. From the smell of the leaves to the feel of the soil, everything about being outdoors seems to relieve stress. If your friend needs some cheering up, try spending some time in the garden together. This will help improve the environment and make her house look better. Instead of locking herself away to deal with sadness, she will be able to do something constructive with each hour of her time. In addition, working outdoors can be a great way to get physical exercise. Any exercise that you do boosts endorphins. This increases the quality of sleep while also boosting personal happiness. For the best results, leave your cellphone behind so that you can both truly experience the outdoors. Away from the distractions of the modern world, she may finally be able to completely cheer up.


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