How to Catch a Cheater

By on April 19, 2016

Cheating on a significant other is one of the worst things that could possibly happen in a relationship. It’s lowdown, sleazy, and just plain heartbreaking. If you feel like your partner may be exploring other options behind your back, you’re probably dying to know! Here are 15 ways to catch a cheating partner and put your worries to rest- or possibly bring your assumptions to light.


  1. Ask Them

I know what you’re thinking: ‘If I ask them, they’re just going to deny it’- and nine times out of ten, you’re probably right. But what I’m saying is to really ask him- NOT accuse him. Have a serious talk with him. Tell him why you think he may be cheating and tell him to come clean and be honest with you so you can either work on getting past it or end the relationship and seek other people. Also pay attention to how he responds. If he is overly defensive and becomes angry at the fact you’ve asked him this question, it may be a sign he’s cheating and has a guilty conscience.

  1. Check Their Phone

One easy way to catch a cheater is to check his phone! He will most likely have text messages or some type of message (Facebook message, direct message on Instagram, KIK message, etc) from a woman that has words a lot more than friendly. On the other hand, if he’s really sneaky he will delete all his messages regularly so you don’t find them. If that’s the case, keep checking regularly- he will most likely slip up sometime.


  1. Try and Make a Move After a “Long Day at Work”

We all know the typical cheating phrase, ‘I had to work late, sorry babe!’. If that seems to be happening way more than usual and something just seems odd about it, try making a move on him when he comes home. If he’s been out with another woman doing the deed, it’ll be pretty hard for him to come right home and do it again. If he pushes you off or can’t ‘get into it’ like he typically would, then this could be a big sign that he’s been busy with someone else. (He could be tired too, but even the most tired man can usually wake up for his woman!)

  1. Check Their Social Media

Like we mentioned earlier, checking a phone is an easy way to catch a cheater. But don’t forget to check his social media too! Maybe there’s a woman on there he’s been chatting with regularly? Or maybe he likes one person’s pictures in particular? Yes, it’s okay for him to like other girls’ pictures, but if there’s only one girl in particular it could be a sign there’s a problem. Also see who he has been searching for in the search box and check out the posts he has been commenting on.

  1. See if They’ve Changed Their Password

So you’ve always been able to get on your man’s social media sites, but suddenly there’s been a password change. Or maybe he decided to add a lock on his phone and you don’t know the pass code. Why? What’s up with the sudden change? If he’s sneaking around he won’t want to make it so easy for you to find his cheating ways, so he will most likely change his passwords and add a lock on his phone. This is a BIG sign that something is amiss!

  1. Check the Garbage Cans

This one is going to sound a little odd, but you’d be surprised what you might find in the garbage can at your man’s house. You may find a note from a girlfriend, perhaps one of her old lipsticks, or even a used condom. Anything girly or sexual that doesn’t belong to the two of you would clearly indicate there’s been another woman present in his life, and that will be cold hard evidence against him that he won’t be able to explain away.

  1. Check Their Clothes

You’re leaning in to give your guy a smooch when you notice an odd smell on him. It’s a fruity, delicious perfume scent that certainly doesn’t belong to you. So whose smell could that be? Perhaps there’s a bit of makeup smeared on his shirt that he didn’t notice before, some foundation or lipstick stains he didn’t catch? Check his pockets, too. There may be a secret note from a lover or a receipt of some sort showing he’s bought something for a woman- and the purchase wasn’t meant for you.


  1. See if They’re Acting Sneakier than Usual

Someone who is cheating on their significant other is going to act sneaky. There’s almost no way that a cheating partner will act like they normally do, so pay close attention to how they’re acting. Are they being more distant than usual? They don’t seem as interested in you as they did before? Is there less communication in the relationship? Does he seem to be gone a lot more than usual and never has a good excuse for being out? And here’s a big one.. Is he acting more angry and aggressive towards you? There are lots of different personality changes a man makes when he’s cheating. Also pay attention to how he acts on his phone- is he hiding it so you can’t see? Does he go to the other room when he’s on the phone so you can’t hear? Pay attention ladies!

  1. Look for Unusual Changes

If your man is trying to impress another female, he’s going to do things that SHE likes instead of the things you like. Maybe he’s cutting his hair differently or suddenly wears different clothing. Maybe you told him you love beards, but he insists on shaving it and keeping his face clean even though YOU don’t like it that way. Perhaps he’s trying to bulk up at the gym even though he’s never cared about muscles before. Pay attention to unusual changes he is SUDDENLY making. He may just want to switch it up, or he may be trying to catch the eye of someone else. Also see if he’s added any new ‘lingo’ to his vocabulary; when you start hanging out with someone new, some of their jargon rubs off on you and you can’t help but use some of their lingo in your day to day life!


  1. Check Their GPS

He said he went to work late last night, but the GPS has him in an entirely different location. So, where exactly did he go? Check his GPS to find out there he went and see if he’s been lying to you!

  1. Install a GPS

So you don’t have a GPS? If you’re curious about whether or not your partner is cheating on you, then I highly recommend investing in one! You can put GPS on his phone or get one for the car. The phone GPS is a much cheaper option, in fact there’s certain apps already installed on smart phones to locate them, like ‘Find my iPhone’.

  1. Check the Phone Records

If you can’t get your hands on his phone and you’re wondering about whom he has been secretively texting or messaging nonstop, then you may want to check the phone records. It will show you the numbers he has called or texted recently and if it’s a number you haven’t seen or a number that’s been popping up constantly, ask him about it. If he won’t be honest with you then you may have to text the number yourself.

  1. Follow Them

So he says he just got called in to work randomly and has to take off right away, not to be back for several hours? That’s odd, they never call him into work- especially so late at night! What’s a girl to do? Consider following him. Yes, it’s a little weird, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re really trying to catch him in a lie then try it. Also, you could consider asking him if you can drive him to work. If he’s okay with it then he’s telling the truth. If he insists on going alone, I’d definitely be curious about him lying and consider following behind to make sure he is going where he says he is going.


  1. Ask Their Friends

Guys will typically vouch for their friends, but if you’re coy about it, they may give you some info. Ask his friends if he’s been talking to someone new lately or if he’s mentioned anything about another girl. Just be really coy about it. Don’t accuse or act angry, just be curious. They may just give you a bit of info!

  1. Hidden Camera

Now, this is an extreme way to catch a cheater, but if none of these other ways are working then you may think about resorting to a hidden camera. You definitely won’t have any wonders or worries with this option!

Have you ever been cheated on? How did you find out?


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