How to Be Mature

By on October 16, 2015

Feeling like everyone looks at you like you’re still 12 years old? Want more respect from those around you? Or maybe you’re tired of only attracting immature boys and want to catch a man, or you have an important job interview coming up and you want to be as mature as possible. WHATEVER you’re reason, we’ve come up with the list of 7 ways to be mature. Quick and easy, you’ll be acting years ahead of your age and you will finally get the recognition you deserve.

Woman reading a magazine1. Have a Set of Goals
When you’re young, you’re biggest goal is to finish high school and have as many friends as possible- and of course have the latest iPhone in your jean pocket. But when you’re older and more mature, your goals completely change. Maybe now is a good time to come up with a set of long term goals you can actually work towards. Perhaps you can start going to college with a goal of becoming a teacher or lawyer, or maybe have a goal to move into a nice home by the time you’re 30. There’s plenty of options!

2. Have a Variety of Interests/Hobbies
A mature individual will have a variety of interests that go beyond the typical teenage interests of scary movies, cool music, and makeup trends. When I say interests, I mean things you can actually work on and enjoy with others. Maybe your interest could be cars, and your hobby is to fix up old vehicle. Perhaps you could take an interest in health and nutrition, and start a weight loss group for your area. The point is to have plenty of interests and hobbies of a maturer variety.

5535034664_2fea49782d_z3. Have an Open Mind
Someone who is lacking in maturity will take everything the wrong way and be offended at the slightest things. On the other hand, a mature individual will have an open mind about everything they see and hear. You don’t have to agree with everyone around you, but you should be able to restrain your emotions and have a decent conversation about the topic at hand. Consider others’ opinions and views and reflect on them. You may learn a thing or two in the process, and a mature person knows you can never stop learning.

4. Accept Compliments and Criticism
When you’re little, criticism is terrible. Any type of criticism can send you into a burst of tears and leave a mark on your happiness for at least an hour if not more. And compliments? They’ll make you giggle and squeal with excitement and you probably didn’t even thank the person for the compliment. HOWEVER, this shouldn’t continue as we grow older. A mature person will accept criticism and LEARN from it, and always thank others for compliments without getting too cocky.

19009871970_ea2c7219b0_z5. Be Confident
The key to maturity is confidence; the two go hand in hand like bread and butter. When you have confidence, almost everything on the rest of this list will come naturally. Confidence will not only make you appear more mature and sure of yourself, but will also give you a more outgoing and sweet personality that will automatically attract others around you- especially other mature people. This is a very important piece of the maturity puzzle, so if you feel you’re lacking in this area, I highly suggest working on your confidence levels ASAP. (Just don’t go overboard and end up on the other side of the spectrum at cocky.)

6. Know When to Be Silly
There is really nothing more annoying than an older individual who doesn’t know when to be silly and when not to. They’ll make jokes at inappropriate times, interrupt quiet settings, and simply be a pain when everyone else is trying to have a decent conversation. It is ABSOLUTELY okay to be silly, in fact I will be the first one to encourage it. However, you need to know when it is appropriate to be silly and when it’s best to leave your giggles and jokes at the door.

7. Be Respectful of Others
I think we are all well aware that teenagers are disrespectful the majority of the time; it’s just their nature. Unfortunately, not everyone outgrows this immaturity and the disrespectful attitude follows them into adulthood. Obviously that is NOT a good thing. Maturity means being helpful and respectful of those around you, even if you may not want to. Learn to control your tongue and keep disrespectful comments to yourself. Try to help others as much as possible when they ask for it, as this is another respectful gesture that others will certainly be thankful for.

Being mature is easier than you think, huh? What are some ways in which YOU think you can be more mature? Share your tips and tricks with us below!

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