How to Be a Successful Female Player

By on September 9, 2016

In this day and age, men AND women can BOTH be players; but how does a woman successfully be a player? We’re lining out the must-knows and the details to how a lady can be a successful player.


Don’t Get Attached

This is THE biggest rule in the book, and really shouldn’t even need to be said, but ladies: DON’T GET ATTACHED! Remember, you’re playing the field! Don’t expect to go out on dates and be pampered and be treated like a princess; you’re the PLAYER, so keep it as fun and nothing else. Don’t overthink the situation or think you guys will turn into a couple or anything of the sorts. Keep your feelings completely out of the equation!

However, on the off chance you DO develop feelings for this guy, you have two options: your first option is to dump him ASAP before it gets too deep or serious. The other option is to hang up your player personality and enter into a relationship with him. Talk to him about it and see if he feels the same way, though, before you get too tangled up with your feelings about this guy. If he doesn’t feel the same way, your best bet is to just move on and forget it ever happened.

Go into the situation thinking only FUN thoughts. Keep it FUN. Don’t do anything serious or ‘boyfriend-like’ with this guy, which means no talking about anything deep or talking about feelings, no going on dates or being all kissy kissy with each other. Sure you can go see a movie or whatever, but keep it friendly until the two of you are alone. And don’t text him too much! Texting him a lot may give the impression that you’re really interested in him and wanting more than just a good time.


Delete All Your Messages

Okay, think about this situation for a minute: you’re hanging out with one of your guy friends- you know, one you’re kind of messing around with and having a good time with- but then he accidentally sees your text messages, and there’s a long list of men. He is probably going to feel incredibly uncomfortable with your… ‘freedom’, per se, and he probably won’t want to continue. He won’t feel like the lucky man getting some from you; instead, he will feel like just another guy you visit weekly. So, ladies, delete all your messages- trust me, this is HUGE.

Keep Your Phone Off

Of course, you can avoid any sticky situation altogether by simply turning off your phone when you’re around one of your guy friends. This will ensure no flirty or sexy text messages pop up when you’re with this guy, which will certainly benefit you. This will also not make you seem so ‘eager’: a guy will text you, and you won’t text back for a couple of hours. Players like to keep their playmates on a string and nothing serious, so if you’re not texting back right away, they will want you even more. They’ll be wondering what you’re up to, of course, but that works to your benefit. This also shows them that they aren’t anything too special in your life, so they won’t think you’re looking for anything more than a good time; and if you’re a player, that’s exactly what you want.

Don’t See Him Too Often

Seeing him once, MAYBE even twice a week is alright; anything more than that and you may confuse him into thinking he is your boyfriend. I mean, think about it: he isn’t your boyfriend. So why do you need to see him all that often? You guys aren’t going out on dates or doing anything romantic; you’re simply hanging out with him for a good time. And while you may love to get ‘busy’ more than once or twice a week, you also don’t want to give him the wrong impression. So, see your guy once or twice a week at max; see your other men on the other days, if you have more than one (and you should if you’re being a player!).


Don’t Keep Him Around for Long

“It’s been fun and all, but I think we should take a break”- and keep it at that. If you keep a guy around for too long, ONE of you is going to catch feelings; and that is something you definitely want to avoid when you’re playing the field. To ensure nobody develops feelings or reads more into the situation than need be, you can’t keep him around for too long. A couple weeks, maybe a couple months at max. After that, it’s time to break off the good time and start searching for your next playmate.

Be Confident

I think we are VERY well aware at this point that confidence is extremely sexy; it can make or break someone, really! If you’re trying to play the field, then you need to be a confident woman. More men will find you attractive and you will have no problem playing around without developing feelings for one of your guys. You won’t crave their attention and you won’t need them to keep you occupied 24/7 when you’re a confident woman, so this really helps when trying to be a player.

Another reason confidence is KEY is because you MAY have to deal with some people looking ‘down’ on you for your ways. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman being a player and having fun- men do it ALL the time! But there are still a lot of people out there who are uncomfortable at the thought of a woman ‘sleeping around’. Be confident in yourself and your choices and don’t worry about what anyone says. Don’t pay attention to their negativity; focus on yourself and know you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just living your life the way you want. If they don’t like it? Who cares! It’s YOUR life to live!

Final note: Ladies, PLEASE always use protection! Sleeping around with multiple partners makes you at risk for contracting an STD or falling pregnant, so please use protection EVERY time.


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