How Men Fall in Love

By on January 24, 2016

Oh, love. It is such a beautiful thing; but it’s also extremely complicated. And to make things even more complicated, men and women fall in love in completely different ways. You see, as women we have a tendency to fall in love with a man rather quickly. But men take a different approach. They have to go through a series of phases- 7 of them actually- before they make a decision to fall in love with a woman. We are going to walk you through these 7 phases so you can get an idea on how a man’s mind operates when it comes to falling in love.


Phase 1- Attracted to Your Physical Appearance

I’m sure you know this already, but men are always checking out women. They judge a woman based off her looks before he even bothers to get to know her. So the first step in the love game is to fall in love with what he SEES.

Phase 2- Tries to Get Her Attention

If he sees an attractive woman and wants to get to know her, he will have to get her attention obviously. There’s a few different ways a man may try to impress a woman. For example, he may say a joke to his friends loud enough so that she can hear. The point of this is he wants her to hear how funny he is and make her laugh so she’ll want to hear more. Or, he may decide to help her with her broken down car when she’s in a rut, or lift an extra few pounds at the gym to impress her. There’s tons of different ways a man will try to get her attention, from subtle and simple to totally extreme. So pay attention to that guy nearby- is he doing something and making eye contact with you? He is definitely trying to get your attention!

Phase 3- He Pursues Her

So he is trying to get her attention in the best way possible; and guess what- she is actually starting to look his way. A little flirty smile on her lips and a coy look in her eyes, he knows she is at least a tiny bit interested and wouldn’t mind if he came over for a chat. Now we are entering into the phase of pursuing. In this stage he knows he probably won’t be rejected by this woman, so he asks her out on a date. Maybe he will make it more romantic by sending her a love letter first, or maybe he will play the flirting game a little bit longer. The point is, at the end of the day he is going to pursue this woman in hopes that she will say yes and take him up on his offer.


Phase 4- He Impresses Her

SHE SAID YES. Okay, so he is super excited and the woman he’s been pursuing has accepted his offer for a date. Well, he isn’t falling in love yet; not even close. Throughout the next few dates and meetings he is going to do everything in his power to impress this woman. Maybe he will be extra funny or extra knowledgeable. Maybe he will show her a few different things he is good at or show her something that is unique about him. The point of this phase is to completely impress this woman so she isn’t even THINKING about dating another man. He wants this lady to be so impressed by HIM that she won’t want to turn him down EVER again.

Phase 5- Gets Her to Fall in Love with Him

Now, ladies, I have to warn you: this phase is probably one of the worst things you will ever read. It’s rude, it’s selfish; to be honest it’s downright mean. But hey! It’s just the truth and it’s how nature intended it. That being said, don’t take it too hard- but men, in phase 5, will get a woman to fall in love with him. At this point in time he is NOT worried or even considering falling in love with him. Yes, he likes her, but he could also drop her in a heartbeat. He is not emotionally connected to her and doesn’t even want to think about the big ‘L’ word. His ONLY goal is to make the girl fall in love with him. He will do everything he knows you like and say all the right words to make your heart melt. During this stage you have two options: you can either fall for his tricks and fall in love with him, or make him work for it. Either way you’re still going to be stuck in this phase until he reaches phase number 7, but playing hard to get doesn’t always mean he will try harder. Remember, girls, in this phase he isn’t considering love yet- all he knows is he wants you in love with him, and that’s it.

Phase 6- Questions if She is Worth It

So he knows that you are really falling for him. He now has a decision to make: is he going to let down his guard and dive into love and a meaningful relationship with you, or are you not the one? Right now he will consider a variety of things: is she good looking? Is she fun to be around? Does she make me happy? Do I see myself having a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with this woman? He will ask himself TONS of questions before making a final decision, but the biggest question of all is: Is she worth it?


Phase 7- Falls in Love

At this point, if he decides she isn’t worth it you will definitely notice. This man will either cut things off with you immediately with an out-of-the-blue breakup, or he will start tapering off. Suddenly you won’t see as many text messages as before and the phone calls may come to a complete halt. He won’t ask you on as many dates and he simply won’t make an effort. He will try to wean off the relationship slowly and as you may guess, eventually break up with you.

On the other hand, if he decides to fall in love with this woman, you will DEFINITELY know. For a few months he will be the most romantic, loving man in the world. He will fall head over heels for this woman and make it known that he’s chosen her as his lady and has fallen in love with her. In this stage, be prepared for the best few months of your entire relationship. (It’s kind of like the honeymoon phase, without the honeymoon). It’s a beautiful thing and you’ll certainly enjoy it!

So maybe men aren’t as basic of creatures as we once thought, eh? There’s a little more that meets the eye- especially when it comes to love. But breaking everything down makes it a lot easier! Just remember this much: he will want you to fall in love with him before he falls in love with you.

Have you ever had a boyfriend fall in love with you? What was it like? How did he make it known?


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