Top 10 Hottest South Indian Actresses

By on September 27, 2017

It seems that South Indian actresses and movies are all the rage right now, and when you see how beautiful some of these stunning actresses are, it won’t take you long to work out why. These famous starlets are treated almost as heaven-sent gifts in the industries they work in, and when you bear in mind that many of these beautiful women take part in more than their fair share of charity work and fundraising for various organizations, you can understand that beauty is only skin deep. These actresses are beautiful from the inside out.

1 – Kajal Aggarwal

  • Date of birth: 19th June 1985 

32-year-old model and actress from Maharashtra, India, has made a name for herself in the world of Tamil and Telugu movies and has also made waves on stage too.

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With close to six million followers on Instagram, she’s also become very well known for her celebrity endorsements, including becoming an ambassador for the luxury soap brand, Lux, as well as Samsung Mobile, Panasonic and even a brand of salons, Green Trends. Kajal has even launched her very own cell phone app.

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2 – Shriya Saran

  • Date of birth: math September 1982

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35-year-old Shriya, or Shriya Saran as she is properly known as is very well known for her work in South Indian cinema but has also had her part to play in many films for the American and Bollywood scene too. Refusing to waste time with gossip, she rarely confirms romantic rumors and is a big fan of keeping her private life very tightly under wraps. She does do a lot of charity work, however, and in 2011, Shriya opened Shree Spa in Mumbai, a beauty spa that only employs those who are visually impaired.

3 – Ileana D’Cruz

  • Date of birth: 1st November 1986 

Top 10 Hottest South Indian Actresses 4

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Ileana D’Cruz is a big name in Telugu and Bollywood movies, and some might refer to as one of Telugu’s biggest actresses. With a string of award nominations and wins behind her, it’s not surprising. Not bad for the young teen who was noticed by the hotel manager where her mother was working, who then put her in touch with a chap called Marc Robinson, the fashion director and founder behind Dubai Fashion Week. Just in case you didn’t know.

4 – Taapsee Pannu

  • Date of birth: 1st August 1987 

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If you’re a fan of Bollywood and South Indian actresses, there’s a good chance you’ll already know who Taapsee Pannu is. The 30-year-old model and actress actually started off as a software professional before she became a model, and then went on to become a film star. Her acting debut in 2010 set the tone for the rest of her career, and subsequent movies have seen her being nominated for a string of awards. Another of the top 10 hottest South Indian actresses who prefers to keep her private life under wraps, she has publicly come out to say that she couldn’t date a fellow actor, believing that it wouldn’t ever work.

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Another of the top 10 hottest South Indian actresses who prefers to keep her private life under wraps, she has publicly come out to say that she couldn’t date a fellow actor, believing that it wouldn’t ever work.

5 – Tamannaah Bhatia

  • Date of birth: 21st December 1989 

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She might be only 27 years od age, but Tamannaah Bhatia has achieved a lot in her life, predominantly in the Tamil and Telugu movie industry. Of course, as well as starring in Hindi movies, she’s also become somewhat of a social star, with over 4.4 million followers on Instagram alone.

Top 10 Hottest South Indian Actresses 8

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Because of this, she has become an ambassador for a number of brands and has even launched her own retail business, becoming the creative head too.

6 – Samantha Ruth Prabhu

  • Date of birth: 28th April 1987

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Known usually as just Samantha, she is the winner of no fewer than four Filmfare Awards, giving you one reason to pay attention to this beautiful South Indian actress. With Tamil and Telugu movies behind her, she actually became the second actress to win two prestigious Filmfare Awards in the same year – ‘Best Tamil Actress’ and ‘Best Telugu Actress’. She has been rather poorly over the years, suffering from an immunity disorder.

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This did have an impact on her acting career to some extent, seeing her taking a break from the industry, but it wasn’t long before she was back again, and she even recently got married too! Congratulations to Samantha!

7 – Shruti Haasan

  • Date of birth: 28th January 1986 

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She was born into a rather prominent and well known family — the Haasan family — and is also the daughter of two very famous actors, making it seem only natural that she were to follow the same career path and head into the movie industry herself, particularly in the world of Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu movies. Of course, she is not just known for her movie roles and has also had a budding music career, and has even taken steps to become a music composer too, as well as providing her voice to an alternative rock band, called The Extramentals.

8 – Nayanthara

  • Date of birth: 18th November 1982 

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Her real name is Diana Mariam Kuriyan, but many of us know her simply as Nayanthara, her stage name. Although she does appear in other types of movie, South Indian films are the ones she has made her name in. Sadly, it is the tabloids that seems to have added to her fame, particularly with women protesting her relationship with Prabhu Deva, which she ended in 2012.

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His ex-wife went on hunger strike to rebel against the relationship, and various groups were very angry at Nayanthara for the live-in relationship status.

9 – Asin Thottumkal

  • Date of birth: 26th October 1985 

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Mostly known as just Asin, Asin Thottumkal is a 31 year old dancer and actress, known for her Bharathanatyam style of dancing. Although she stars mostly in Bollywood movies now, it was in South Indian movies that she first found fame, and now even dubs her own movies after learning eight different languages. We think that’s impressive enough by itself, but that’s not the only talents that this stunning South Indian actress can boast of. She’s actually part of the Bollywood 100 Crore Club, meaning that she was part of an elite group of actresses and actors who’d starred in movies that had bagged more than 1 billion Indian rupees at the box office.

10 – Trisha Krishnan

  • Date of birth: 4th May 1983

Top 10 Hottest South Indian Actresses 15

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Another South Indian celebrity who prefers to go by just her first name — Trisha, the 34 year old actress and model has made a name for herself as a leading lady in Southern Indian movies. Of course, just like many Indian actresses, Trisha started off in the modeling world, becoming a beauty pageant winner. As with many before her, and probably many after her, that pageant world sure opened a doorway of endless possibilities and opportunities, and she is now a very well known actress as well as a celebrity endorser for a number of products.


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