HGTV’s 10 Biggest Stars: How Much Are They Worth?

By on March 25, 2017

Home & Garden Television, better known as HGTV, is one of the most loved American TV channels, offering programs on the topic of the channel title – home and garden. Owned by Scripps Networks Interactive, remodelling, crafts, gardening and home improvement are the ideas they focus on, and it was said that over 95,000,000 (that’s million, by the way) American homes receive the HGTV channel. Behind ESPN and FOX, HGTV is the third most-watched TV channel in the USA.

But what about the famous stars the TV channel has produced? We decided to take a closer look at HGTV’s 10 biggest stars: how much are they worth?

10 – Joanna Gaines

Worth $1 million 

HGTVs 10 Biggest Stars 1


You may remember Joanna Gaines most from the show she stars in with her husband, Chip Gaines, Fixer Upper, which is for HGTV. The first full season aired in April of 2014, and provide to be a great hit, with four seasons now under its belt. Working with customers to buy homes with the intention of building them up and remodelling them, a spin-off series has now been created – Fixer Upper: Behind the Design. Not only that, Joanna has become the lead designer, as well as owner and founder, for Magnolia Homes, and has now developed the company even further to cover real estate, residential subdivisions, a design firm, and also a construction company, and has her netted a col worth of over a million dollars.

9 – Chip Gaines

Worth: $1.5 million

HGTVs 10 Biggest Stars 2

Source Magnolia Market

Of course, we can’t talk about Joanna without talking about Chip Gaines, although it is reported that he is worth half a million dollars more than his wife. He helped her to create her business, and to make it as profitable as it is now, whilst using his great contracting skills and real estate know-how to show customers how to real fix-up a home. Together, they make quite the great team, and we’re sure we’ll continue to see them renovating on our screens for many years to come!

8 – Egypt Sherrod

Worth: $2 million 

HGTVs 10 Biggest Stars 3

Source: Vibe

He’s a big name in TV, and especially HGTV, but Egypt Sherrod is also a speaker, an author, and a TV / radio personality as well as someone who really knows their interior design stuff. She was a realtor for 14 years before she made her big screen debut, and she has even been given the nickname, “America’s most beloved real estate agent”. Not just a big name on HGTV, Egypt has also appeared regularly on other networks, including Fox, CNBC, NBC and more, and she was also the host of two home and garden themed TV shows also – Property Virgins and Flipping Virgins. Not one to shy away from a juicy interview with the stars, Egypt has talked to a number of A-list celebs for her spot on The Life You Want Tour by Oprah Winfrey, and these include Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey herself, Prince, Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and more. Her hard work has definitely done her a favor – she’s now said to be worth over two million dollars.

7 – Jillian Harris

Worth $2 millionHGTVs 10 Biggest Stars 4

Source: W Network

Born in British Columbia, Canada, Jillian Harris is an interior designer and much-loved name on Canadian TV, and has appeared on a number of TV shows over the years – Love It or List It Vancouver, for example, as well as The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. You can’t forget about her appearances on various other home and garden TV shows also – Canada’s Handyman Challenge and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. These days she has her own brand of interior design items, and recently (August 2016) gave birth to her first child with now-fiancee, Justin Pasutto.

6 – Christina El Moussa

Worth: $4 million

HGTVs 10 Biggest Stars 5

Source: Extra

Christina El Moussa and husband, Tarek, host the TV show, Flip or Flop, and they’re real life estate agents. It was the crash of 2008 that saw them branching out into the world of television, a decision they definitely can’t regret with Christina said to be worth over four million dollars now. Christina is more focused on the design side of things, and with their real estate agency, The El Moussa Group, they took the home and garden world by storm. They sadly announced a private and secretive split towards the end of 2016, and Tarek filed for divorce from his wife at the beginning of 2017.

5 – Scott McGillivray

Worth: $4 million

HGTVs 10 Biggest Stars 6

Source: Scott McGillivray

Not just a host on some of HGTV’s most loved TV shows, Scott McGillivray is also an educator, an author, a TV host, an investor, and an all-round businessman. Of course, many of us will known him better as the face behind the HGTV Canada show, Income Property, and he’s since gone on to become a judge on All American Handyman with the infamous Mike Holmes, as well as penning a few of his own books too. “How to Add Value to Your Home”, for example, was released in 2014 and primarily focused on teaching people how to “do up” their home without spending a small fortune. In fact there have been three further books since then, and his entire worth is said to be over four million dollars.

4 – Nicole Curtis

Worth: $5 million

HGTVs 10 Biggest Stars 7

Source: Detroit News

She’s said to be worth a cool five million dollars, so you know Nicole Curtis must have been doing something good with her time. She’s become the host of Rehab Addict, and firmly believe that restoration should always be done to a property over destruction and demolition where possible. She’s trained at a few different things, however, and the list of jobs she can do is both impressive and extensive – reality show host, interior design queen, and also a licensed realtor. Since her career started in the nineties, she’s gone from strength to strength, and is now said to be in the process of working on an entire range of accessories for your home.

3 – Bryan Baeumler

Worth: $15 million

HGTVs 10 Biggest Stars 8

Source: Toronto Star

Bryan didn’t become a TV host until 2003, and before that he was the runner behind an air-cargo business, making the career change quite the surprising one. Since then, he has been the face behind a number of TV shows for the channel, and some of the most popular ones include Leave it to Bryan, Disaster DIY: Cottage Edition, and also Disaster DIY. His latest branch-out is House of Bryan, which follows the journey of him and his wife building was is meant to be their dream home. This has become the highest rated HGTV show in the history of Canadian TV, and there were a number of spin-off shows as a result of it – House of Bryan: On The Rocks, House of Bryan: In The Sticks and House of Bryan: The Final Straw, for example.

His TV presence has made him more money than his air-cargo business would ever have done, and he’s now said to be worth a cool $15 million and more. Together with his wife, Sarah, they have become quite the power couple in home and garden television!

2 – Jonathan and Drew Scott

Worth: $20 million

HGTVs 10 Biggest Stars 9

Source: The Scott Brothers

Jonathan and Drew are twins, and between them they are said to be worth over twenty million dollars, which we’re not jealous about in the slightest … It’s Property Brothers that has made these two so popular, although Drew is an entrepreneur, a realtor and an actor, alongside showing the TV world how to do interior design the right way. Jonathan is just as talented of course, and can add contractor, illusionist, and film / TV producer to his list of can-do’s.

The pair of them have branched out from appearing on TV and selling homes, and have come together once again for Scott Living and Dream Homes, two businesses that surround the luxury lifestyle brand. It would seem the double-duo are doing rather well for each other. And for the record, there is four minutes between them, and Jonathan was born first.

1 – Mike Holmes

Worth: $25 million

HGTVs 10 Biggest Stars 10

Source: HGTV

Most households know who Mike Holmes is – he saves Canadian homes from bad renovations, in Toronto to be precise. He’s the face and name behind Holmes on Homes, but is also a judge on Handyman Superstar Challenge, and also its American cousin with Scott McGillivray, All American Handyman. Not bad from the young lad who was taught his craft by his father at the young age of 6 years old! It was 19 when Holmes had started up his very own construction company, and just two years later, a renovation firm followed. After being so sick of seeing poor renovations completed, he set up The Holmes Foundation in 2006, and this was to try and encourage younger people to take up the building and construction trade, and hopefully try to prevent anymore shoddy workmanship.

Since his success with renovations, business, and also the TV world, Holmes has become an author, releasing two books, one of which has become a bestseller. Now the richest man on the list of HGTV stars, he’s worth over $25 million. We wonder if his father would ever have seen this coming when he started teaching his son the tricks of the trade?


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