10 Happy Thoughts

By on November 23, 2015

Everyone wants to be happy in life, but few people are able to find true happiness. Part of this problem is due to perspective. In today’s goal oriented world, it is normal for people to put off being happy until they get a promotion at work, get in shape or accomplish a new goal. Unfortunately, when that new goal arrives, the dreamer just puts off their happiness until the next goal or event. If you want to be happy today, you have to learn how to live in the moment and have the right perspective. Everyone can choose to be happy if they set their minds to it, and people throughout history have found happiness in even the most trying of circumstances. If you are in need of some positive insights to brighten your day and boost your perspective, these ten happy thoughts were designed with your needs in mind.

1. There is a striking difference between moving on and giving up.

For some reason, most people have a problem with quitting. Perhaps it is out of fear of what will happen or a worry that things will not be any better after quitting, but for some reason, people are just unable to move on. There is a humongous difference between giving up on a goal and choosing that it is time to move on. If you are worried about an upcoming decision, question your motives. When it is in your best interest to focus on something else or move on, then don’t be afraid to make the leap.

2. This Too Shall Pass

Nothing lasts forever. Although this is a depressing thought when you are enjoying life, it is reassuring when you are having a difficult time. Even when things appear to be at their worst, keep your chin up because things will get better. With grit, determination and a bit of luck, you can handle anything that life throws at you. You are greater than any challenge and are capable of far more than you know. Bear down and think positively because everything shall pass.

3. Give Thanks for What You Have

Study after study about happiness shows that people who are thankful for the things that they have are happier than similar individuals. Get in the habit of saying thanks for three things every day and reminding yourself of the good things in life. You may have problems at work, a difficult marriage or a problem with a friend, but these problems do not make up the totality of your life. Get used to remembering why you should be thankful, and it will soon become a habit to look on the bright side and think positively.

4. When You Have Reached Your Lowest Point, You Have the Chance to Effect Great Changes.

When you have hit rock bottom, there is no way to go but up. Even when things seem dismal, remember that you know have the opportunity to make things better. Low points are just an opportunity to open yourself up to a great change. Happy people still have problems in their lives, and strength comes from overcoming issues. If you can overcome the challenges that are thrown your way, you can learn the true depth of your abilities and the strength of your character.

5. People Ask for Certain Conditions to Be Met Before They Feel Happy, But You Can Only Be Happy in the Long Term By Learning Not to Require Certain Conditions.

You cannot determine how your life works out or what other people do. You are only able to control your actions and your outlook. If you spend your entire life waiting for conditions to be met before you become happy, then you will never be able to be truly happy. Be patient and accept your life as it is. You can still work toward your goals, but do not forget to enjoy life while you work.

6. Far Too Many People Carry Things From Their Past That Only Hurt Them.

You need to remember your mistakes so that you do not repeat them, but there is no point dwelling on them for too long. Old relationships, abusive pasts or stressful situations will only cause you to worry unnecessarily. Your past may have played a role in how you reached this point in life, but it does not determine who you are or who you will become. You have the choice each and every day to determine your destiny, so do not let your past hold you back.

7. There Is Always a Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Although it may sound a bit ominous, this quote is something to keep in mind during your darkest days. Even when life seems bleak, there is always a hope that things will change. When you do not see any thing around you changing or any hope, do not give up. Help can come from surprising sources, and you never know when a new opportunity will come around. Take heart because there is always hope that something will change for the better.

8. You Are Just a Work In Progress—You Don’t Have to Do Everything at Once.

Today is just the start of the rest of your life. Who you are in 50 years will not be the same person that you are today, and you have all of that time to transform into that person. Rome was not built in a day—you have plenty of time to work toward your goals. In the mean time, work on replacing your negative thoughts with positivity and become inspired. Work on eating healthy, drinking water and exercising because your physical health will greatly affect your mental health. Live each day to the fullest and never forget to watch out for the people around you—a random act of kindness can greatly brighten someone else’s day and can even provide a boost to your own mental well-being as well.

9. When You Stitch Together All of Your Flaws, It Is Those Flaws Which Make You Perfect.

No one is perfect, so stop expecting yourself to be perfect in anything. It is your flaws, oddities and personality differences that make you unique. Without those flaws, you would not be the whole, unique person that you are. If someone else has a problem with your flaws, then that is their issue and not yours. You are already perfect: live your life and ignore what anyone else thinks.

10. There Are Far More Important Things in Life Than Money.

Money does not buy happiness, although it can certainly make life more comfortable. It could pay for dinner with friends or Christmas presents, but money will not make you friends or build your relationships. Not to mention, you do not want to be in the type of relationships that are based on how wealthy you are or what you own. Studies show that earning more money only makes you happier up to a point. After that point is reached, earning more money will not bring you anymore happiness. Focus on the people that you love and care about—that will be a far more certain ticket to happiness than just making money or clocking in extra hours at the office. Don’t become so focused on money that you do not forget to live.

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