50 Happy Sunday Messages

By on July 26, 2018

Sunday is one of the best days of the week. It is a day of rest with plenty of laughter and fond memories with your loved ones. If you want to make sure that everyone you care about has a great day, these happy Sunday messages can help. You can use these happy Sunday messages to make sure that everyone you love begins the day with a smile and remembers to count all of their blessings.

Happy Sunday Text Messages for Loved Ones

50 Happy Sunday Messages

1. Let today’s new opportunities and positive atmosphere help you to conquer new heights in your life. Good morning!

2. May you never know disappointment or trouble. May God keep you free of sadness and grief. Today, may God bless you and may you find happiness in everything that you do. Happy Sunday!

3. Good morning, world! Today is another chance to surround yourself with positive people and influences. Through positive people, you can brighten your emotions and ensure a truly unforgettable Sunday!

4. Sunday is the best day to spend among your family and friends. Through happiness and rest on Sunday, you can make sure that your next week starts out right. Happy Sunday, everyone!

5. Wake up, smell the fresh air and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine on your face. It is time to free yourself from all prejudices and have a fresh start in life. Good morning and have a great Sunday!

6. Each morning is a new chance to wake up and spread happiness among everyone you love. It is time to sparkle with positive vibes and new energy. Happy Sunday!

7. Let God bring you happiness and laughter this Sunday. May he fill your life with peace and mercy on every day. Happy Sunday, everyone!

8. Wake up and enjoy the sunshine, everyone! It is Sunday, so that means a time of happy meetings, spontaneous fun and cherished moments with family members.

9. If you feel happy on this Sunday, share your joy with the Lord. If you feel sad or angry, turn to God for strength. He always has you in your heart and will give you strength when you need it. Have a happy Sunday!

10. Let this Sunday morning bring you loads of laughter, fresh smiles and no troubles. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so make it a good one! Happy Sunday, everyone!

11. It’s Sunday, everyone! Let you live this day in harmony with yourself and the rest of the world. May today be spent brightly and in happiness as give and accept happiness, pleasure and joy. Happy Sunday!

12. Bathe in a sea of bliss and euphoria today because it is finally Sunday! Good morning, world!

13. Have a prosperous day, everyone! It is time to meet your family and friends to spend every moment of the day in companionship, happiness and faith. Happy Sunday!

14. A productive Sunday is when you feel like you have learned something new. To everyone out there—have a great, productive Sunday with the people you love most in the world.

15. Sunday is the best day to start a new path in life. Don’t be worried about making changes because they will occur when they are most needed. Have an amazing Sunday!

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16. Sunday is like a bright rainbow that brightens up the rest of the week. It is time to rise and shine to greet the day with a great smile! Happy Sunday!

17. Dance to the rhythm of life and enjoy the bounties that the world has brought to you. Happy Sunday!

18. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone! May all of us have the faith and courage we need to fulfill our dreams today and for always.

19. Sunday is an opportunity to begin living your life to the fullest. It is time to do whatever you want and forget about the consequences. Have an amazing Sunday, everyone!

20. Sundays are perfect for warm evenings cuddling in front of a fire and a steaming cup of tea. Happy Sunday!

21. It is time to meet this happy Sunday with a smile. Wherever you go and whatever you do, share a smile and a good mood will follow you.

22. May indescribable bliss and delight greet you on this Sunday.

23. Have an amazing Sunday, everyone! Don’t forget that both good and bad experiences can teach us new things, so rejoice in your happiness and be patient in your sadness. Above all, remember to thank the Lord for everything you have in life.

24. Today is a unique chance and a gift. You can only live today once, so it is up to you whether you spend the day dreaming about what you want or use the opportunities you have. Happy Sunday!

25. You are truly blessed when you can spend Sunday with all of your loved ones and closest friends. Make sure to cherish each special moment!

26. It is another beautiful Sunday! There are so many reasons to be happy—you just have to find the silver lining in every cloud. Cheer up and have a great day!

27. The road to success may be the hardest path to take, but it is the one that is most worthwhile. Happy Sunday!

28. Meet this gorgeous day with a smile and remember that your only real enemy in life is the fear that holds you back. Happy Sunday!

29. Here’s to hoping that you have a day as amazing as you are! Have a great Sunday!

30. Sunday is a time for family, so make sure to put aside your work for a moment to cherish those closest to you.

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31. When your life is free from tears, worries and fears, you have every reason to be happy. Have an amazing Sunday!

32. Have the courage to strike out on a new path this Sunday and miracles will quickly follow you!

33. It is time to rejoice! Another week is almost over, so celebrate with the ones you love this Sunday!

34. You were given another chance to live a cheerful, blessed Sunday. Use it wisely and enjoy the day!

35. Faith, hope and a good attitude are the main ingredients for success in life. Have an amazing Sunday, everyone!

36. When you are feeling down this Sunday, remember that it could always be worse—it could be Monday. Have a great Sunday!

37. It is time to take your life into your own hands and transform this Sunday into a day of awesomeness and love.

38. Sunday is a day of rest meant to be spent with the people you love most, so don’t spend too much time working toward your dreams today—it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Happy Sunday!

39. Whenever you are in doubt, turn to faith and love to guide you through the storm. Fill this Sunday with God’s faith and mercy.

40. Sunday might be the last day of the week, but it is the most important day of all. It is a time of cherishing loved ones and imbuing your life with faith. Happy Sunday!

41. Stop making plans for the future—it is time to fulfill your dreams now. You are already a wonderful, capable person who is able to go after what they want in life. Have a great Sunday!

42. Don’t let obstacles keep you down. Your future success can motivate you through every obstacle in life. Have a great Sunday!

43. Happy Sunday! Remember: it is never too late to try all the things that you have never done before and to go place where you have never been.

44. During the busy week, it is hard to see the end goal amid all of the work. Sunday is a chance to remind yourself why you work so hard and what you want out of life. Enjoy it!

45. Stop and smell the roses this Sunday. May the sun warm your face and the wind rise to meet you!

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46. Sunday: the day that reminds us that another long week is about to start. Enjoy today because tomorrow is about to come.

47. Each day is a new chance to live out your dreams and go for your goals in life—don’t waste it. Happy Sunday, everyone!

48. May all of your Sunday’s be filled with love, rest and relaxation. Happy Sunday!

49. Sunday’s are best spent in the company of friends, family and food. May everyone have an amazing Sunday filled with love and precious memories!

50. Take some time to enjoy life this Sunday. There will be time enough for work tomorrow, but it is important to cherish your family and friends whenever you have a chance. Get out there, have some fun and enjoy your loved ones today. Happy Sunday!


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