30 Happy Birthday Son in Heaven Messages

By on August 11, 2018

It is never easy to lose someone you love, but is is especially hard when you lose a son or a daughter. No one expects to outlive their children, so the shock of losing a son makes the grief even worse. Throughout the year, special days like birthdays and holidays can make you think about your son even more than you already do. These happy birthday son in heaven messages are a way to honor your son’s memory and to wish him well on his birthday. As your son looks down on you, he will see these happy birthday son in heaven messages and know that you are thinking about him. Happy birthday in heaven Messages

1. Dearest son, today is your birthday. Although you are not here to celebrate it with us, we are all thinking about you and missing you. I wish you a wonderful birthday in heaven—we will meet again someday.

2. Your love and happiness spread joy to everyone who knew you. Each birthday was a chance for us to celebrate all of the blessings that you brought into our life. This birthday is bittersweet. While it brings me memories of the joy you once graced our lives with, it is bitter to think that you are not here to share it with us. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven, son.

3. If tears could build a stairway and memories could make a lane, then I would march right up to heaven and take you home again. Happy birthday, son.

4. Sons like you are made in heaven. While I am still filled with grief everyday, I know that heaven is the place that your soul deserves to be. If I had to live my life a thousand times over, I would still wish that you were my son in each life. Have an amazing birthday, son!

5. You are truly missed by everyone you ever met. You touched our lives and gave me a reason for living. I hope that the angels are singing for joy to have you with them. On this special day, I hope that all of heaven is celebrating in your honor. Happy birthday, son!

6. Here’s to wishing a wonderful birthday to my son. He may not be here to celebrate with us, but he is always close in our hearts. Some day, we will get to meet again. Until then, we will celebrate his memory on every day and especially on his birthday.

7. May the angels sing in joy and may heaven throw an amazing party for you today. Heaven received its most amazing angel, and it is time to celebrate his birthday with happiness. I love you, son. Happy birthday.

8. While your birthday has rolled around again, I cannot accept that you are no longer here. I wanted to send you an amazing gift this year, but I know that I can’t. All I can do is wish on a start that all of my love will find you in heaven. Happy birthday, son.

The Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes

9. I want you to know that we still think about you every day. I miss you every second of the day. It feels like there is a hole in my heart where you used to be. I miss your smile, your laughter and your sense of joy. Wherever you are son, have an amazing birthday.

10. The love of a parent for their child is unbreakable. I never realized how strong that love was until my son passed away. Even now, I feel a bond that connects me to him. I know that he is watching over us and guiding us in every way. On your birthday, son, I just want you to know that we miss you more with each passing day.

11. You might only be a part of my life in spirit, but I know that you are with me always. Each night, I say a prayer in the hopes that it reaches you. A son like you is a blessing for any parent to have. My only regret is that I cannot be there with you on your birthday. Happy birthday, son.

12. Today, we lit a candle at your grave site. It was the only way we could think of to show you how much you mean to us and that we are still thinking of you. On your birthday, we remember all of the best memories that we shared together as a family. The angels are truly blessed to have you with them. Happy birthday, son.

13. I remember the first time I held your little hand. In an instant, I was in love. I knew that I would do anything for you to keep you safe and happy. While the pain of losing you was great, I know that the angels are doing a better job of protecting you and making you happy. Some day, I hope to join the angels and see you again. Happy birthday, son.

14. You were a blessing that I never expected in life. A soul like you seemed impossible in this world, so it makes sense that the angels would take you back to heaven with you. While I know that you fit better in heaven than on earth, I still miss you so much. Happy birthday.

15. On your birthday, we have gathered together to share all of the wonderful memories that we have of you. While it has been hard to adjust to your passing, sharing memories of you has made it easier. No one could ever take your place. Have the best birthday, son.

16. I lost a son, but I gained an angel. Even when you were with us on earth, I always knew that you were just an angel in disguise. You were too good for the world to keep, so heaven gained its newest angel. Happy birthday, son—I love you.

happy birthday in heaven son

17. Dearest son, watching you grow up was the most amazing experience I could have ever asked for. Through your eyes, I gained a new, fresh perspective on the world. From the moment I first saw you, I was in love. While I cannot celebrate your birthday with you on earth, I will one day be able to celebrate with you in heaven. Until then, happy birthday.

18. No parent ever wants to say good-bye to their child. On your special day, I remember all of the memories we shared when you were still a young, wild child. It feels like forever that you were born on this day and I held you in my arms. I hope that the angels are throwing an amazing birthday bash for you today. Happy birthday, son!

19. Since you went to heaven, your photo has not left by bedside table. Your memories may never die, but they reached an abrupt end all too soon. There is just so much more that I wish I could have said, and so many more memories that I wish you could have been apart. All I want to say today is happy birthday, son, and I love you.

20. Here is sending the best birthday wishes to heaven’s most amazing angel. May all of your heavenly wishes come true, and may you hear our prayers. We miss you so much. Happy birthday.

21. When I look back, I see all of the special memories that we shared together. On your birthday, I will spend the day reliving all of the joy you brought into my life. Happy birthday!

22. We might not be able to celebrate together on earth, but I will send birthday wishes to heaven all day long. I hope you have a heavenly birthday that is as amazing as you are, son.

23. My dearest son, on this special day, I just want you to know how much we miss you. As you sing and dance with the angels in heaven, we will be celebrating your birthday on earth. Have a great birthday in heaven, son!

24. May your heavenly birthday be a blast. Have some fun, but keep that halo on! And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Happy birthday, son.

missing my son in heaven on his birthday

25. Your birthday always reminds me of just how much I miss you. While you cannot blow out the birthday candles today, we will light a candle in your honor as we celebrate your memory. Always remember that we love you and miss you terribly, son. Happy birthday!

26. Grab the trumpets, toss on your halo and prepare to sing with the angels. We might not be able to celebrate your birthday on earth, but I know that the angels are preparing an amazing birthday bash. Enjoy your birthday, son. One day, we will be with you to celebrate again.

27. You were an amazing person and the best son I could have asked for. Even though I wish that I could have spent longer with you, I cherish all of the memories that we shared together. Happy birthday, son.

28. When you were born, the earth received an amazing gift. When you died, heaven received an amazing angel. Happy birthday in heaven!

29. Rejoice! The angels are blowing their trumpets and celebrating the birthday of the world’s dearest person. On earth, his family and friends are gathered to celebrate in his honor. Happy birthday, son!

30. We might not get to be together now, but you are still on my mind constantly. On your special day, I hope that you have an amazing time. Remember all of the people who love you on earth. Happy birthday, son!

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