Halle Berry Diet and Workout

By on April 17, 2015

You would never believe this former fashion model and actress is now 48 years old, would you? Well, she is.

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Born in California, US on August 14th, 1966, Halle Berry is not just an actress, but an Academy award winning actress that is responsible for some of the greatest movie roles of our generation, including titles like Monster’s Ball, Swordfish, the Bond film Die Another Day, and even the X-Men series of films too! Plus, she’s always on those lists of the world’s hottest women / actresses / etc. In fact, back in 2003, she was voted as ‘Sexiest Woman in the World’ by FHM magazine! In 2008, Esquire voted her as the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’, and in 2009, she even featured on Empire’s list of ‘100 Sexiest Film Stars’.

She was actually ranked as one of the highest paid actresses based on earnings for the 2000’s, and became a spokeswoman for Revlon, and recently, even started up her own production company, going by the name of 606 Films.

A very busy woman with her various projects and charity fundraising going on around her, it’s hard to believe she finds the time to eat healthy and stay in shape, especially when most of us are struggling to eat anything healthier than an apple, and that’s only because we found it in the bottom of our handbags. Remember that day a few weeks back when you said you’d starting eating healthier…

Halle Berry Diet

It’s hard to believe that on top of being as busy as she has been, she had another baby just two years ago, and like many other celeb mothers, it wasn’t long before she sprung back into fine body form after the birth of her beautiful bundle of joy.

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Sadly, life isn’t easy for Halle after divulging that she suffers from Type 1 Diabetes, and this means that her diet needs to be kept as healthy as possible in order to keep her functioning normally. She needs a reduced sugar diet these days, with plenty of fresh vegetables to keep her vitamin and mineral intake high, and she also goes for plenty of protein such as lean turkey, grilled chicken, and even delicious seafoods such as salmon and tuna. She believes that the low amount of sugar in her diet is what keeps her looking young, and seeing as she is the face of Revlon, we would definitely be inclined to believe her!

She allows herself to have a couple of glasses of wine from time to time but again, she tries to keep her alcohol intake as low as possible. When you drink boozy drinks, you are just pumping your body full of hundreds of empty calories. There is no nutritional value to these beverages, but you’ll still need to burn them off in the same way you would a candy bar…. We know which one we’d rather have, that’s for sure!

Halle Berry Workout

Back in 2014, Halle revealed that she follows the Harley Pasternak’s 5-Factor Fitness Plan which will involve her performing just five minutes of each exercise – warming up, lower-body strength training, upper-body strength training, core-training, and then overall fat-burning.

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The good news about this exercise regime is that you don’t need your very own personal trainer in order to follow it, and in actual fact, it could be as simple as following the instructions on your phone. There are some really great exercise applications available for download, and just one it might be worth taking a peek at is Seven – you do seven minutes of each exercise, and the plan can be tailored specifically to the area of the body you want to work on, as well as an all-over fat burning regime. You don’t need an expensive gym membership for that. In fact, all you need is twenty minute or so to dedicate to your new, fitter body. Couldn’t you find that spare if you woke yourself up a few minutes earlier in the morning…?

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