40 Cute Hairstyles for Black Little Girls 2017

By on October 8, 2017

In terms of cute hairstyles for little girls, parents should know their options are endless. Mothers, in particular, love to style their daughters’ hair and adorn their heads with all sorts of bows, beads, flowers, and headbands. To them, there’s a whole art behind the hairstyle of their little girls. When you have styling ideas, or would like to take your daughter to a professional hairdresser, make sure to choose a kid-friendly hairdo. Fun pigtails are in trend, as well as French braids other updos that will make your girls feel like the most elegant and beautiful at school.

1. Funky Pigtails & Middle Parting 

via Pinterest/mylivecareer

Check out these adorable pigtails and frizzy hair? We love the simplicity of the hairdo; yet at the same time, it’s cute and playful. If you’re looking for a style to make your little girl feel comfortable and protect her eyes, this is the perfect updo. It is practical and very easy to craft so that she can play all day long without messing it up.

2. Chic Cornrows 

via Pinterest/Gillian Leonard

Your cutie pie deserves to feel in her mother’s skin every now and let. Doll her up by crafting her the most alluring cornrows. Frizzy hair in little black girls is challenging to style. With this updo, your daughter will feel amazing. And she’ll be able to play and dance all night long; feeling beautiful and energized.

3. Twisted Updo

via Pinterest/mrs c

A twisted updo will make little girls get a taste of adulthood. We love the zigzags on the back. It gives the hairdo a touch of elegance without looking too complex. The frizzy ponytail at the top of the head is perfect, too; since little girls have a ton of energy, and they love to run around and play with other kids all day long.

4. Alternating Cornrows & Polkadot Bow 

via Pinterest/shanillia26

Little girls deserve to feel elegant too. An oversized polka-dot bow paired with alternating cornrows make the coolest hairstyle. It’s a playful, age-appropriate hairdo that your daughter will definitely love. Suitable for daily wearing, you can choose this style for any other type of event – even school day.

5. Frontal & Back Twisted Pony Tail 

via Pinterest/Carolina GavinaMoreno

A hairstyle that will make all little girls feel the coolest. We love the twisted frontal ponytail. It’s interesting and fun, to say the least. If your daughter loves it, then it’s crystal clear that she’s gonna be a real fashionista when she grows up.

6. Adorable Dual Puffs 

via Pinterest/Lo Stephens

Lovely puffs look absolutely adorable on small girls with frizzy hair. It’s ok if you don’t want to cut it off. Tie your daughter’s frizzy locks in two adorable puffs, and she gonna love the hairstyle.

7. All-Natural Frizzy Hair & Hair Accessory

via Pinterest/TSR Services Trendy

Chic hair accessories are all you need to give a boost of confidence to your little girl. Long, curly hair shouldn’t be that difficult to style in the summer. A nice headband with a flower will protect her eyesight, and at the same time make her feel all confident and pretty.

8. Elegant Frizzy with Red Bow

via Pinterest/TSR Services Trendy

Little girls with attitude need hair accessories to match with their bubbly personality. Go for a side parting and keep the frizzy all natural. Top off the hairdo with a red bow to match with her skirt; and the end result will exceed all her expectations. Little girls love colorful hair accessories!

9. Curly Updo 

via Pinterest/Tatiana J. Vittini

An adorable updo for a little girl with attitude! An orversized puff will make your daughter stand above the crowd. The style is practical, meaning that she can play and run around the courtyard all day long without any hair getting in her face. Also, the updo brightens a little girl’s innocent, flawless features.

10. Back Braids & Top Puffs 

via Pinterest/lylbeauty

Has your daughter gotten tired of the old-fashioned braids? It’s time for a change don’t you think? Try out the coolest braiding style on the back, for an extra tough of glam. Keep the puff on top of the head for an extra sense of playfullness. Your daughter will love the end result. We guarantee!

11. Braided Puffs 

via Pinterest/TAYLA JAY

Running out of ideas for hairstyles? No worries. We present to you the cutest hairstyle ever: the Powerpuff braided buns. The hairdo is perfect for any hour of the day, and your daughter will love it. It’s chic, stylish, and absolutely adorable. Keep the middle parting intact, to emphasize the innocent features of your daughter, and make everyone jealous.

12. Neat Barbie Doll Hairstyle 

via Pinterest/December

Doesn’t this photo remind of a mini Michele Obama? We know we love the gorgeous neat hair. The side parting gives it a special allure of elegance and class that you don’t see every day on the streets. Don’t forget the accessories. Even though your daughter’s young, she will definitely want to try out your purse and jewelry? At least for fun.

13. Puffy Top Bun 

via Pinterest/tanashaaa

Little girls have developed a sense of high fashion these days. That’s because they love to get inspired by their mothers. A puffy bun, sunglass, and a chic coat will give her an unexpected sense of confidence. She might even be willing to go back to school. Now she has all the confidence that she needs to feel beautiful.

14. All-Natural Curls 

via Pinterest/babyorganiclotion

Is your daughter acting older than she looks? Well, it’s a clear sign that she’s growing up. Let her choose her sense of style, and encourage her to pick items she really likes; even though some are a bit more mature. As for the hair, the best advice would be to let her decide on a style. Long, beautiful curls might be her pick.

15. Beautiful Long Curls 

via Pinterest/MVPrincess

Most little girls love their long hair. However, we know it can be a challenge to style. Teach your daughter from a very early age that it’s important to take care of her locks. This way, she’ll grow into a responsible young woman with pride and trust that she’s beautiful, confident, and determined.

16. Frizzy Bob 

via Pinterest/Simply Spollee

We know your daughter is your world! She’s the queen of the house, isn’t she? Puffy curls in little girls are absolutely adorable. There’s something very cute and innocent about the hairdo presented above. Look at the little girl’s happy face. It’s obvious that she loves her messy hair.

17. Chic Updo

via Pinterest/Pinterest Queen

Is your little one the next high fashion queen? Now that school has begun, it’s time to renew her wardrobe. Let her make the pick, and talk about hairstyles too. A funky updo to keep those gorgeous curls under control might just be the best decision to make.

18. Frizzilicious 

via Pinterest/All for my children

Frizzilicious hair is the coolest! Especially in little girls. What we love most about the hairdo is the all-natural appeal. Let your little girl’s curls run wild and don’t cut it off. Let her be herself, and embrace the curls from a very early age.

19. Chic Curls & Purple Bow

Pinterest/Natalie N

We love the purple bow! it works beautifully in combination with the curls in the front. Your baby daughter is growing up so fast. Don’t miss any opportunity you have to enjoy her cuteness while you can. Soon enough she’s not gonna let you style her hair anymore.

20. Adorable Puff

via Pinterest/Melody

An adorable puff at the top of the head might be just what your girl needs to feel stylish and elegant. All girls want to be fashionistas when they’re young. Why not get a headstart? She’ll start wearing the new hairdo everywhere, so don’t hesitate to spice things up with new accessories every week.

21. Kiddo Box Braids

via Pinterest/Elmica Lauriant

Box braids for your little munchkin are the best because they’re playful and very easy to style. Choose a style that matches best with your little girl’s features, and she’s going to have a lot of fun with them. Use colorful accessories to make her happy, or tie them in a ponytail. Regardless, no more hair everywhere, and she’ll finally be able to play all day long.

22. Funky Twists 

via Pinterest/TSR Services Trendy

Hey there funky twists! If your daughter has gotten tired of her box braids, it’s time to spice it up with a few twists tied in sided ponytails. The hairstyle has a very chic allure; we do love the floral accessories at the ends. They give the hairstyle a very fresh, innocent allure.

23. Full-Head Frizzy 

via Pinterest/Rhona Gb

A full-head frizzy is the kind of hairstyle your little girl should embrace. Frizzy hair is a thing of beauty, and your daughter should love her hair from an early age. Leave it all-natural, and embrace the cuteness.

24. Cute Tiny Buns 

via Pinterest/Bad Gal Ronnie

Have you ever seen a pair of eyes more beautiful than these? The cute buns emphasize this cutie pie’s features, bringing out the innocence, the kindness, and the sheer beauty. The overall look goes beyond words, and it’s absolutely breathtaking for inspiration.

25. African Style 

via Pinterest/Veron Thomas

Little girls have a very developed sense of fashion. This African-inspired hairstyle looks exquisite, and it’s not that difficult to achieve. All you need is a traditional African headband and a few golden accessories. We love the traditional appeal of the hairstyle. It really make this little girl’s feature pop.

26. Funky Headband & Hidden Frizzy 

via Pinterest/Olivia Ahearn

A perfect hairstyle for the summer season! Choose a colorful headband and protect your daughter’s frizzy hair with a cool piece that will definitely make her happy and confident. Go beyond the normal, and try out a funky knot in the front to give the style an extra touch of glam.

27. Matching Headbands

via Pinterest/Nichele

Like mother like daughter, right? Get blue matching headbands with a bow with your daughter, and be proud. Own the vintage trend together, and she’ll be the happiest. Little girls usually get inspired from their mothers in terms of style. Start as soon as possible, and teach her everything she needs to know about high fashion.

28. Loose Curls & Funky Hat Style 

via Pinterest/Comfort

Sometimes all you need to spice things up is a hat. Little girls that feel the need to tame down those loose, beautiful curls should definitely consider this option. It’s trendy but also practical on a hot summer day.

29. Miniature Braiding & Curls 

via Pinterest/Bella Jackson

Check out this cutie pie’s hairstyle? Let your daughter enjoy the most of her beautiful curls with a hairdo that’s cool and funky? The top braiding brings out the face and smile, and she’ll just love the art behind it. Use funky hair accessories to boost her sense of joy and happiness.

30. High Puff & Head Accessory 

via Pinterest/Shanillia26

To put a smile on your daughter’s face all you need is a cool headband. Tie her hair in a puffy bun, and she’s gonna love it. Every toddler wants to feel like a little princess. This is your chance to become the coolest mom ever and make your kid the happiest in the world. Pair the hairstyle with a pair of nice earrings, and your girl get a taste of your own fashion sense. Let her feel bold and beautiful at least for a day.

31. Oversized Puff Bun

via Pinterest/princessalivia_

Oversized puffs are not just adorable. They’re also incredibly practical if your little girl has super frizzy hair. An updo will make her forget about it, and she won’t have to worry that it’s everywhere. Why cut her hair, when this style looks so inspiring and chic? It’s such an alluring type of hairstyle that will help you spot your baby from a crowd of 100 of kids. Just follow the puff!

32. Mohawk Frizzy 

via Pinterest/Brittany

A mohawk frizzy is quite an inspiring hairdo. To pull it off, you need a bow. Pull half of the hair in the front and keep the other half in the back. The end result: a trendy hairstyle your little girl will adore. Choose a color that matches her wardrobe to give the hairdo an added touch of glam and elegance.

33. Flawless Curls 

via Pinterest/J. Xavier

Soon enough your little girl will become an adventurous young woman. We know it’s difficult to see her grow but look at those perfect curls. They’re flawless. The texture and volume of the hair are fresh and quite alluring. A side parting will balance perfectly against her delicate face features.

34. Cherry Buns & Braids 

via Pinterest/Goddess

Cherry buns are always a good idea for your little daughter. They’re adorable hair accessories that match perfectly with cute braids tied in ponytails, don’t you think? The cutie pie in the photo wears them beautifully. You can almost read the happiness in her eyes. She’s innocent, but at the same time, chic and stylish.

35. Twisted Ponytails 

via Pinterest/naja

It’s school day, mothers! Don’t think it through too much and get your daughter a “pair” of beautiful twisted braids. Use colorful accessories at the base and tips, and she’ll love them. The hairdo is practical, and your girl will love to play with the twists all day long.

36. Afro Style

via Pinterest/Javian Adams

The Afro style hasn’t gone anywhere. If your daughter feels the need for a change, a full head of braids might do the trick. Don’t forget to accessorize. She’s gonna feel like a rock star. The secret is to use your own hair clips. Always remember: you’re the role model, and your daughter will want to become just like you someday.

37. Wild Curls 

via Pinterest/Alessandra Silva

We love wild, long curls! Just look at how happy the little girl in the photo can be. She wears her curls with great pride. And we must admit that we love the enthusiasm. She sure knows how to own her curly hair.

38. Brown Frizzy & Floral Headband 

via Pinterest/taofeminio

You can’t go wrong with a floral headband. Little girls love flowers, and colorful accessories. Introduce your daughter to the world of head pieces, and you’ll be putting a big bright smile on her face. Oh, and let’s not forget to take picture. Before you know it, she’s gonna become an Instagram enthusiast.

39. All-Natural Curly Hair

via Pinterest/Kids Fashion 4 ever

All-natural curly hair in young girls is the best choice. Let your daughter’s personality shine with a hairstyle that basically doesn’t need that much grooming. It’s amazing how beautiful your daughter will look when she wear her hair loose and effortless.

40. Ballerina Bun

via Pinterest/Bad Gal Ronnie

A neat ballerina bun is a perfect choice of hairstyle for the summer. Most little girls want to dance and have fun throughout the day. A compact hairdo will protect their hair, and make them look and feel amazing.

It’s time to get to work, mothers! Your daughters need you to help them make a pick. Before choosing any of our suggestions, we recommend that you ask your little girls which of our 40 hairstyles for little girls they love the most. After they’ve made their pick, it’s time to put your hairstyling skills to the test.


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