40 Grey Ombre Hair Ideas

By on March 13, 2017

Grey ombre is a fabulous hairstyle that screams high-class and sheer elegance. It is easy to style and it blends beautifully with most natural hair colors. However, you shouldn’t color your hair ombre at home as the best combo can only be achieved at the salon. What we love most about grey ombre is that it’s fresh and interesting. The right blend can brighten your facial features, making you look better and most elegant than ever before. Here are 40 amazing grey ombre hair ideas to help you get inspired.

1.  Wavy Silver Grey 

via Pinterest/Mane Interest

Wavy silver grey is such a seductive hair color. The style is sublime, so if you happen to have longer looks, the look might suit you perfectly. The ombre blend of black and silver grey creates the illusion that your hair has a slight bluish nuance, so why not give it a try?

2. Medium-Length & Grey Curly Tips 

via Pinterest/Annie Kue 

Discreet silver grey highlights is sometimes everything you need to revamp your current hairstyle. The discreet is barely noticeable, meaning that if you don’t know for sure what nuances match best with your personality, testing the color palette can work beautifully.

3. Smokey Grey & Top Bun

via Pinterest/PopsugarUK

Smokey grey ombre is yet another fabulous color blend that will dominate fashion runways this season. The look appears sophisticated and bold, which is what we want and need to feel confident and alive. To make your hairdo appear just a little big interesting, get half up-do. A top bun might like the best choice. It’s also a practical and stylish way of standing out.

4. Chocolate Beige & Light Grey Ombre 

via Pinterest/Jiya Kaur 

Chocolate beige is not your average type of hair color. But it’s such an interesting one, especially when topped off with light grey at the tips. On medium-length hair, the combo is sublime. Go for asymmetrical layers for a beautiful framing of the face, and wear the style with as much confidence as possible.

5. Asymmetrical Bob & Side-Swept Bangs 

via Pinterest/hairstylezz

A punk-inspired asymmetrical bob with a side swept bangs is just what you need to look fabulous this spring. Get out of your comfort zone, and let your hairdo do all the talking. Grey ombre in a darker nuance at the roots and a lighter shade at the tips makes you look cool, stylish, and elegant.

6. Metallic Grey & Deep Dark Roots 

via Pinterest/Glamour Paris 

Metallic grey ombre with darker roots and really light tips is a hairstyle that will instantly turn heads around. Compliment the hairdo with a grey t-shirt or dress to have a uniform and super inspired look wherever you go; be that at a party or on crazy shopping spree.

7. Wavy Bob & Ash Tones 

via Pinterest/Brianna Baumunk

This super cool wavy bob looks incredible. We love the asymmetry that’s shorter on the back and longer in the front. It gives your style an unusual but elegant appeal that screams ingenuity. Top off the hairstyle with alternating grey ombre and ash highlights.

8. Grey Curls with a Touch of Silver Green 

via Pinterest/Livingly 

We’ve talked about the famous granny-inspired hair color over and over again. This time around, we have a grey ombre look with subtle waves and undertones. The style is really cool, and it can be matched with literally any outfit. However if you really want to make an impression, we recommend an all black dress and silver earrings.

9. Long Dark Brown & Warm Silver Tips

via Pinterest/Fashionisers 

Long brown hair is the easiest to style. But then again, if you want a hairdo that screams ingenuity, we recommend over-sized curls at the tips and silver grey undertones. The ombre effect will make sure that your facial features are properly highlighted. For an extra touch of glam, ditch the bags and opt for a middle parting.

10. Light Caramel & Striking Silver Grey Ombre 

via Instagram/imogenfoxylocks

It seems that light caramel and silver grey can work beautifully together. Although for the transition to go smooth, head to the best hair salon in town. This way your locks will be in the hands of the best professionals. Keep it smooth at the top of the head for an added retro touch.

11. Silver Grey Ombre on Short Bob & Straight Bangs 

via Pinterest/therighthairstyles

The blend between dark brown and grey ombre is sublime when done by a specialist. Check out this ingenious combo of a dark brown straight fringe with grey layers. It looks divine, and on a short bob the end result is a sophisticated hairdo that matches any type of outfit.

12. Beach Waves & Long Grey Ombre Highlights 

via Pinterest/weheartit

All women with long, dreamy locks crave those super loose, effortless beach weaves. Well now you can have them. All you need is grey ombre highlights and some mousse. The highlights should be more discreet at the top of the head, and better defined at the ends, so as to create the illusion of fluidity.

13. “Grombre” Highlights on Medium-Length Hair

via Pinterest/faashionlush

Grombre is the perfect combo between grey and the ombre technique. In this case, the grey is extremely accentuated on black hair. Half of the locks is maintained intact, and only from the middle down you can see the styling. It’s simple but at the same time bold and incredibly chic. Perfect for summer!

14. Dark Brown and Light Grey Layered Ombre 

via Pinterest/jessica smith

Lovely light grey ombre looks be outstanding when layered. Women with long locks should consider asymmetrical layering to emphasize on their new hair color, and when referring to grey ombre, the trimming technique will instantly add more volume at the top. The hairdo is ideal in the summer, when you want your locks to look beautiful but not overly voluminous because of intensive heat.

15. Angled Bob & Grey Ombre 

via Instagram/evahairofficial

A shocking V-shaped bob with striking grey ombre highlights is type of hairdo that works best on confident women. are you one of them? Because if that’s the case, then the above mentioned hairdo is just want to need to have all eyes on you.

16. From Black to Grey

via Pinterest/hair color ideas

Extra long hair need proper care, and even though going from black to grey is difficult, a specialist can pull it off without damaging the health of your locks. Keep it neat and straight at the base, and get perfect curls near the ends. The end result is sublime!

17. Purple Grey with Shaved Side

via Pinterest/Caroline Trevino 

Shaving your head for the sake of fashion may not seem like the smartest idea. But you don’t have to shave it all to make an impression. Go for a partial shave on one of the sides, and dye your hair in purple grey ombre. It should be enough to draw all the attention that you need to turn people’s heads around.

18. Ash Blonde & Grey Ombre Hues 

via Pinterest/hairstylezz

Ash blonde with slight hue of grey is the sort of combo that doesn’t work unless you have dark roots. Get a side parting for an added touch of elegance and let your wavy bob define and frame those perfect cheekbones you’ve been hiding for so long.

19. Bold Grey Ombre & Darker Roots

via Instagram/wakeupandmakeup

Are you crazy about the grey ombre hair? Well then, the hairdo won’t work unless you’re a fan of bold makeup. This is particularly true if you have real pale skin. To kill the faded effect, keep the roots darker.

20. Smokey Grey Ombre & Deep Layers

via Instagram/jeffreyrobert

Smokey grey ombre is beautiful hair color that instantly bring you out of anonymity. We love the layering at the tips, and the frontal framing. Darker hues are added in the front to hide prominent features and focus on the eyes and lips. Try it out if you have a round face!

21. Wavy Brown & Grey Ombre Highlights 

via Pinterest/maneinterest

Most women think light brown is one of the most trivial and boring types of hair color. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With several grey ombre highlights, your hairdo will look stunning. Are you a fan of curls? Well then, in general, ombre looks best on curls. The highlights are more visible and prominent, which is just what you need to make your brown look more catchy and chic.

22. Copper & Grey Ombre 

via Pinterest/Love Hairstyles 

Copper and grey ombre may not seem like a combo that works. But it can look sublime! The blend has to transition perfectly: copper, dark grey and light grey. That’s the trick to looking awesome!

23. Green & Grey Ombre on Pixie Hair

via Pinterest/Makeup Tutorials

Don’t you think it’s time for a radical change, now that summer is right at the corner? Get a pixie, if you dare. To give it a touch of glam, opt for a grey and green ombre mix. Undercuts are more than recommended to have a uniform and well-defined hairdo.

24. Sleek Grey & Pink Ombre

via Instagram/guy_tang

Grey, green, pink and silver accent are a killer combo for a hair idea. But it works. The pastel rainbow effect created is divine. It certainly looks different, which might just be what you need to look and feel your best wherever you go.

25. Extra Long Brown/Grey Ombre & Straight Bangs

via Pinterest/websta.me

Super straight, super long hair with bangs is a type of hairdo that screams sophistication. To make it look even more appealing, go for the brown and grey ombre style. It’s sassy but classy! Only the most confident and self-assured women can pull it off. Are you one of them?

26. Black to Grey Highlights 

via Pinterest/livingly 

Black hair may seem like the toughest to style. And that’s a well-known fact. But a skilled stylist will know exactly how to open up your nuance without damaging your locks. Start small, and if grey ombre is your favorite, stick to discreet highlights in the beginning. In a few months you’ll look gorgeous!

27. Black & Deep Grey Ombre

via Pinterest/lushwigs

Black and white don’t seem to work that well when we’re talking about hairstyles. But it might when the blend is done smoother. Check out this bold mix of black and light grey. It’s sleek and sophisticated, although not many women will have the guts to try it out. Do you dare?

28. Silvery Grey & Side Parting

via Instagram/thaliabree

Silver grey hair with darker roots and a side swept bangs is a hairdo that will inevitably make people look at you. Not all will like it, though. They say that any hairdo works when you add a big bright smile to the mix. Wouldn’t you agree that’s true?

29. Black & Grey with Hints of Blue 

via Pinterest/Etika Heath 

Black, grey and some hints of blue is a style that never fails. At least not right now, when ombre is in style. Lovely layers and asymmetrical cuts make the idea seem even better. Make a change this year, and change your hair! Your life will change.

30. Punk-Inspired Black & Grey Ombre 

via Pinterest/Tiffany Biles

It looks like this season the punk-inspired black and grey ombre hair is highly appreciated by young women. And we couldn’t agree more. What’s not to like about it? If you’re looking for a way to wow your friends, this is the hairdo that will make you stand above the crowd.

31. Silver Grey and Blonde Base 

via Pinterest/Stephanie Follet 

A warm blonde base with silvery grey ombre nuances is a winning combo for this season. If your hair is short, it will be so much easier for your stylist to work his magic and get you what you want.

32. Discreet Grey Highlights on Black Hair

via Pinterest/livingly

When blending black and grey we get this ombre effect that glows forever. And on top of that, your locks will have a sight tone of green. Add purple lipstick to the mix, and you’ve got the best hairstyle of the season – simple but with a permanent impact.

33. Sand Hair & Grey Ombre Highlights 

via Pinterest/Glamour Paris

It’s tough to ask your hairstylist to dye your hair in a sandy color. But it’s not something impossible to achieve if you’re a natural blonde. Grey and lilac work beautifully when the tones are discreet. Who wouldn’t want to have pastel hues in their hair?

34. Lilac & Grey Ombre Ponytail 

via Pinterest/Livingly

Messy ponytails can look incredibly sexy. And when the hair color is something you don’t see every day, the wow effect is guaranteed. For this hairdo, the blend of light pastel lilac and grey results in the most seductive color blend.

35. Medium-Length with Grey Ombre Curls

via Pinterest/Iris Larisa

All women with bright blue eyes should get a grey ombre hairdo at least once in their life. It’s the perfect hairstyle to emphasize the color of the eyes, and bring out as much beauty in them as possible. Go for a middle parting with curls at the tips, and you’ll love the effect.

36. Grey and Pink with Side Swept Parting

via Instagram/fashionismyonlydrug

If you thought getting a bob is boring, think again. It doesn’t have to be boring if you choose the right color combo. Pink roots and grey layers are a blend that can’t fail – at least not this season.

37. Over-Sized Grey Ombre Bun

via Pinterest/weheartit

Over-sized buns are spectacular, especially if you learn how to do it properly. It has a very chic, modern and urban allure that screams originality. Lovely grey ombre with darker roots – the effect is to die for!

38. Dusty Purple & Silver Grey Tips 

via Pinterest/Claire Halbert

Dusty purple is not an average hair color; but neither is silver grey. And yet when mixed, these two create a stunning effect. You’ll love just like a spring flower ready to hit town in the coolest clothes!

39. Neat Silver Grey Ombre & Braiding 

via Pinterest/fashionisers 

As women, we have a natural-born need to make ourselves stand out from the crowd. With this blend of dark and light silver grey, you’ll make a memorable impression. Add a very discreet braiding to the mix, and you’re set to conquer the world.

40. High Ponytail with Braiding 

via Pinterest/Angee Montanez

Braids, regardless of their form, are extremely romantic. On sleek grey ombre hair, a beautiful braiding on the side will make your hairdo exude freshness and originality. Add a high ponytail to the mix, and you’re all set to wow everyone around you.

Grey ombre might seem like a very pretentious color blend for your hair. However if you do it smart, you’ll have a lot to win – but mostly, you’ll win the attention of everyone crossing your path. We’ve put together 40 of the most amazing grey ombre hair ideas we could find. Which one do you love the most?


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