GRACE wins The Face Thailand GRACEFULLY!

By on May 6, 2017

Natthaya “Grace” Boonchompaisarn won The Face Thailand season3 ; a Thai talk of the town reality television modelling competition series aired on Channel 3 in Thailand. This show Lukkade Metinee, Bee Namthip and Marshar Vadhanapanich/Chris Horwang were reprised their roles as coaches. Let’s congratulations on her success, Grace who represents beautiful woman with tanned skin who was referred on social media as Naomi’s twins!

The Face season 3 was over after a huge congratulations among GMM Livehouse when Natthaya “Grace” Boonchompaisarn (Team Marshar/Chris) won the competition as most people expected. When it comes to runner-up models go to Nattaya “Plengkhwan” Tongsaen, the youngest contestant who’s just 18 years old from Phuket, Peemsinee “Fah” Sawangkla (Team Lukkade) a 22-year-old who joined Thai Supermodel Contest 2014, she was named as Miss Grand Rayong 2016 and joined Miss Grand Thailand 2016 (Top 20) and Maria “Sky” Hoerschlerm a 21-year-old from Ubonratchathani (Team Bee) who was named as the 1st Runner-up Miss Teen Thailand 2011.

According to the winner who was born in Bangkok on April 12, 1994, a 22-year-old woman  with 1.75m tall and weight 55 kg, graduated from Saint John’s International School and continued her bachelor’s degree at Business Information Systems, Assumption University (AU) University which is noted for attracting large numbers of foreign students from various countries. Natthaya “Grace” Boonchompaisarn said she hasn’t participated on any competition before and this was her first stage the trick for this big success is to be patience and do not stop learning. She has gained huge popularity on social media, with many people believing she could become the winner of The Face Thailand.

Grace said it’s a dream comes true to win this competition because she contribute 100% as you guys could see her marvelous progress.

She couldn’t have come this far if she hasn’t got a chance from these 2 mentors mean so much to her, Marshar and Chris and when the host was going to pronounce the winner, she hoped it could be her and she made it.

Previously, it was her biggest pleasure that she was chosen by her coach to be one of the fourth final walk model representing Team Chris. Moreover, this season her former coach Marshar Vadhanapanich quited and was replaced by Chris Horwang, therefore Grace has 2 coaches was her happiest and luckiest moment in this game.

While she was in the competition, she was noted to be one of the prominent candidate among the show because of her talent and positive attitude proved by many interview scenes in this season. That is why when the result turns out as everyone was happy about it.

She wanted to pass the love forward her two beloved mentors, she wanted to thank you Marshar for giving her a chance to be in this show and also want to thank you Chris for choosing her to be in a final round. Furthermore, on her big day not just her fans who came to cheer her on the final round, she’s got her special handsome guest from Finland who’s her boyfriend also gave her a hug & kiss on her success. Let’s take a look at her sweet moment with MK, nothing would be more lucky than him to have such a gorgeous girlfriend like her.

As her 2 mentors Chris and Marshar said about Grace about her success. Marshar said that she was very happy that she was the first and only one mentor who picked Grace to be with her team until Chis took an important role taking care of Grace and Julie after she unexpected quited the show. The reason why she picked her because she thought Grace has her own character and she was so proud to be a part of this glamorous success.

Chris revealed that she was very satisfied when she had chance to join another half of the competition. “I was trying to do everything ralated with what Mashar has taught her and Grace never disappointed her because she did all her best and today she finally made it!”

In regards to her family background, another spotlight on social media couldn’t have been anybody but her beloved brother, Nithipat “Art” Boonchompaisarn. The freshmen-to-be who has just graduated from Vajiravudh College, a private all-boys boarding school located at Dusit.

Last but not least, tanned skin is not an obstacle, difference doesn’t mean negative, so I want everyone to have a confident in yourself and just don’t give up your dream. she said after the final walk has ended.

If you want to be one of her fans, follow her updates at instagram : @shesgrace and Facebook : Grace NB.


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