Good Dares for Truth or Dare

By on August 13, 2016

Truth or dare- it’s a classic! I’m sure we’ve all been to a sleepover with our girlfriends or at a party of some sort and EVERYONE wanted to play truth or dare. Well, don’t go to your next event empty-handed. These dares will make your friends laugh, giggle, and maybe even SWEAT!


For Girls

1 Go outside and sing a part of your favorite Disney song as loud as you can.
We all know how much girls LOVE Disney movies and music, so whoever you send this dare to will definitely have a song in mind.

2 Drink a mystery concoction made up by the rest of the ground. (Of course, make sure that there is nothing harmful or dangerous found inside of the concoction.) Tell them how many sips they have to take to complete this nasty dare.

Possibilities are truly endless- what will you and your friends come up with? Maybe some ketchup, mayonnaise, and pickle juice?

3 Let everyone in the group do your makeup and style your hair. Then take photos and upload them on social media.

Who doesn’t want to make their friend look absolutely ridiculous with a ‘makeover’? Don’t forget to have them upload it to soecial media so the world can see all of your wonderful work. How funny would that be!?

4 Call your crush on the phone and ask them out on a date.
And no, they cannot do it through a text or messenger. They have to do it old school with an actual phone call!

5 Take off a single item of clothing.

This is an extra great dare for those co-ed parties!

6 Kiss a guy friend LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

If this is a co-ed party with guys and gals, dare your friend to kiss one of the guys at the party. NOT JUST A PECK! Let them know they need to put some effort into it, with a little tongue action and everything.

7 Give yourself a haircut.

No, anything but a girl’s precious hair!! She might hate this dare, but oh well- she asked for it, didn’t she?!

8 Drink a glass of wine in less than 20 seconds.

As long as everyone is over 21, dare your friend to drink a glass of wine in UNDER 20 seconds! This is a dare she probably won’t mind doing anyways!

9 Remove the socks of the person sitting next to you using your teeth ONLY.

Umm, totally ICK! But this will definitely make you and your friends laugh hysterically. Such a hilarious dare.

10 Lick a bar of soap.

Because everyone loves to lick a bar of soap, right? You and your friends will be rolling on the floor watching someone lick a bar of soap. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

11 Do an impression of your favorite celebrity.

Just how good are they at mimicking their fave celeb? They might be great or terrible, but either way it will be a great laugh for the whole group.

12 Twerk for a minute.

The craze right now is twerking, right? So see if your girl has the skills she needs to keep up with this club trend.

13 Act like Romeo and Juliet with one of the guys in the room.

Recreate this love story with one of the men found at the party. It’ll be fun to watch, I promise!

14 Take a selfie with the toilet and post it on social media.

That’s the worst! Your girlfriend will be totally embarassed, and I’m sure all her friends and followers will be busting up the second the picture hits the online wave.

15 Tie a cherry stem with your tongue.

This is truly a classic dare you’ve already done once or twice in your lifetime. Can your friend do it?

16 Do four cartwheels in a row.

This is a rather fun dare that will put your friends skills to the test! Maybe one would be cool, but can she do FOUR!? She might get a little dizzy and fall flat on her face!

17 Give someone your cellphone and let them text one person in your contacts.

An extra fun one because you don’t know WHO they will pick, and WHAT they will say!

18 Serenade the person to your right.

Guy or girl, the person getting this dare will need to serenade whoever is to their right- HA!

19 Kiss the person to your left.

This could be extra juicy depending on who is sitting next to them.

20 Let the whole group look through their phone for 2 minutes.

Hopefully that person doesn’t have any naughty pictures or text messages hiding in their device.. because it’s about to come to front!

For Guys

1 Prank call somebody you know.

A prank call is always fun and it’s a classic dare everyone can get a kick out of.

2 Paint each one of your fingernails a different color and keep the polish on for an entire week.

Guys don’t really wear nail polish… so this one will be an embarassing dare he will have to deal with for a whole week. How great is that!?

3 Put on lipstick and wear it for an hour.

Again, guys don’t particularly wear lipstick, so having this as a dare will definitely make everyone laugh and giggle while he is embarrased for an entire hour.

4 Sit there with nothing but boxers on.

The perfect choice for a co-ed party so all the girls can check out what’s hiding underneath that shirt t-shirt and jeans.

5 Let someone write or draw something on their forehead in permanent marker.

This is a super fun one, because you never know what they are going to write or draw on their face.

6 Ask a stranger for their phone number.

I wonder if they will get the number? Such a funny and kind of nerve-wracking dare.

7 Call your crush’s mom and tell her how you feel about her daughter.

This is probably one of the craziest dares on this list that will definitely make his jaw drop when he hears you say it. I mean, wow, talk about pressure and utter embarassment! Can you imagine telling your crush’s MOM how you feel about them, let alone telling them yourself?

8 Lick the floor.

Umm, yeah. That’s nasty. A great dare for a boy though, that’s for sure. Hopefully the house doesn’t have any pets!

9 Go out on the road and say ‘I love you’ to the very first person you see.

Haha, now that’s funny! A good old fashioned dare that will have everything laughing.

10 Eat a piece of dog or cat food.

Oh, delicious dog treats, gotta love them, right? Yeah, maybe if you’re a dog! This is kind of a nasty dare, but a funny one at that.

11 Lick the toes of the female player next to you for one minute.

When you’re playing co-ed truth or dare, this is a funky and hilarious dare that will have all parties involved laughing their heads off.A little bit nasty, but hey, they might end up liking it in the end.

12 Go outside and dance like a cowboy.

Every lady loves a cowboy, right? Well show off your best cowboy moves and have all eyes on you when you’re dared to step out on the scene and dance like a true cowboy!

13 Post the most embarassing photo of yourself on social media.

This is a great dare because it allows all his friends and family to get involved! If he doesn’t have an embarrasing picture on hand, take one and upload it ASAP. It’ll have EVERYONE laughing their heads off.

14 Smell someone’s dirty sock for 10 seconds.

Ah, feet, don’t they smell DIVINE? Not really. But for this dare, whoever ends up choosing dare instead of truth will end up with a sock up there nose for 10 seconds either way.

15 Give every tree in your yard a big hug.

Tree hugging at its finest, I would say! Running around the backyard hugging all the trees may have your friend looking like a lunatic, but that’s okay, it’s truth or dare!

16 Break dance for 1 minute.

Trying to break dance in front of all your friends when you have no idea how is an easy way to get the whole crowd chuckling. Would love to do this dare to someone!

17 Call the pizza place and order 400 sardine pizzas.

I wonder what the pizza place will have to say to THAT strange order?

18 Sniff the armpits of everyone in the room.

Let’s just hope everyone decided to wear deodorant that day.. EW!

19 Talk in an accent for the next 3 rounds.

Give them a specific accent to do, and sit back and enjoy your friend talking strangely for 3 rounds. How great would that be?

20 Stick your arm into the trash can past your elbow.

Seriously? That’s just disgusting. I mean, who knows what nasty things are hiding in that trash can? Doesn’t matter! Your friend is about to experience it all, and he probably won’t like a single second of this gross adventure through the trash.

Any other lovers of truth or dare out there? We are, and we would LOVE to hear your ideas for the best ‘dares’ for girls and guys! I’m sure everyone is constantly looking for funny, cool, and sexy ideas to bring to their next party, so the more comments and suggestions the merrier.

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