Absolutely Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies Photos

By on February 15, 2018

Do you remember watching Air Bud for the first time and thinking about how much you wanted a golden retriever afterwards? Yup, us too. There is just something special about this speicific breed of dogs. Golden retrievers are some of the most well behaved, mild mannered family dogs there are. They are great with kids. They are fantastic for hunting! That is where the name comes from. Retrievers were bred as fun dogs originally for hunting. But that doesn’t make them vicisous. They are sweet, obedient and especially loyal. And best of all, they are absolutely gorgeous creatures.  There is not much that we don’t love about this dog. And we LOVE how cute they look as puppies. So we have decided to put together a list of photos to display just how absolutely adorable these golden retrievers can be.





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