15 Girls Day Out Ideas

By on December 2, 2015

A day out with the girls? What could be better! Spending the entire day or night hanging out with your favorite gal pals, giggling and laughing about literally everything and having the time of your lives while all your stresses melt away- it’s pretty much heaven on earth. If you’re looking for some new and fun ideas to keep you guys busy on your next day out, we’ve got you covered with these totally awesome 15 girls day out ideas!


1. Road Trip!
Seriously, who doesn’t love a good road trip? There’s nothing quite like rolling down the windows (or putting the top back if one of your girls has a convertible!) and blasting your favorite tunes while strolling through untouched and unseen territory. Hit the road with your friends and have a blast seeing new sights and telling funny jokes and stories along the way, with your hair blowing in the wind of course. You don’t even need a final destination; your only destination should be FUN.

2. Day at the Beach
Itty bitty yellow polka dot bikinis, tanning lotion, and your toes in the sand; honestly, is there anything on earth more relaxing and pleasant than this? Not to mention you and your gal pals will have a blast checking out all the eye candy on the beach. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and every girl loves to spend a day at the beach. Don’t forget to bring along some tasty treats for a late night beach bonfire before you all head out!

3. Spa Day
With work, school, and plenty of boy drama, it can definitely feel like you’re a little tensed up. And that’s why a spa day with your girlfriends is one of the absolute BEST choices for girls day out. Head out to your favorite spa and get the works- a deep tissue massage, a dip in the mud bath, and a facial- or simply get a super deluxe pedicure complete with a foot massage and sparkly nail polish to make you feel glamorous. If you’re tight on cash, you could even put together a little mini spa right from your living room.

4. Horseback Riding
Whether it’s your first time riding or you’re a professional in the horseback riding department, riding a horse is a fabulous way to unwind in nature and enjoy deep conversations with your beloved group of girls.


5. Shopping
What girl doesn’t love shopping? Make a whole day out of it. Head out to the biggest mall you can find, spend hours shopping for those perfect boots with matching sweaters, and don’t forget to indulge in that delectable restaurant you only eat at 3 times a year. Don’t worry about calories, don’t worry about dress sizes- just relax, eat some amazing food, and finish it off with a big slab of cake of course!

6. Hit the Theater
When you’re struggling to find something to do but you’re dead set on hanging out with your girlfriends, there’s always the movie theater! Load up on popcorn drenched in butter and grab up your favorite movie theater candies and get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

7. Live Entertainment
Feel like being entertained but there’s really nothing at the movie theater that fancies your interests? Why not opt for some live entertainment! This may take a little bit more planning ahead than simply walking into the movie theater, but it’s well worth it. Perhaps there’s an amazing play going on downtown, or your favorite band is coming into town. Maybe you and your girls are sports fanatics and wouldn’t mind spending the afternoon watching some cuties playing basketball. There’s so many live entertainment options- see what’s going on in your area!


8. Wine Tasting
There is something so feminine about dressing up in your favorite little sophisticated dress, throwing on a pair of red heels, and getting all dolled up with the finest jewels and prettiest lipstick to go out wine tasting with your gal pals. It’s a decadent, fancy occasion that will leave you and your girls talking for weeks. You may even get to enjoy some soothing jazz music and delightful cheeses and crackers to really complete the day.

9. Exercise Class
I know, I know. You’re thinking “An exercise class? Are you kidding me? You can’t be serious!” It’s obviously not you’re conventional girls day out option, but listen to me: it’s DEFINITELY a good time and you and your friends will be laughing for ages. I’m not saying you need to sign up for the roughest and toughest 30 mile biking class. Think more along the lines of aerobics, zumba, or even yoga if you’re in the mood for an extremely relaxing and unwinding afternoon.

10. Go Bowling
Yeah, you probably went bowling with your girlfriends for your 8th birthday party- but hey, you can never outgrow bowling! Bowling is seriously so much fun and you and your friends will find it hilarious how bad you are at it (or maybe be shocked at Becky who seems to get a strike every time!) If you’re old enough, purchase a pitcher of beer for your bowling afternoon and have a funny, silly, drunken time.

11. Amusement Park
So you and your friends prefer thrills, huh? If that’s the case, an amusement park is an excellent choice. You can easily spend the entire day at an amusement park, screaming your heads off and enjoying some of the tastiest and craziest treats known to mankind.


12. Picnic Date
Picnics have to be reserved for two lovebirds and their picnic baskets filled with chocolate covered strawberries and Chardonnay? Think again! You and the girls can have just as much fun indulging in a delicious picnic basket and sharing stories, secrets, and laughter.

13. Downtown Drinks
For my over 21 girls out there who like to have a drink here and there, you KNOW how incredibly fun it is to get tipsy with your best friends downtown. There’s really no telling what crazy antics you guys will get into and the good times are never ending. Just make sure you are all looking out for each other and nobody is drinking too much- that will ruin a good night rather quickly. Be responsible and have a BLAST- it’s easy to do!

14. Do Some Crafts
No, you’re not five years old. But seriously, there’s nothing funnier than looking up a cute craft to do on Pinterest and having your craft turn out as a hilarious “Pinterest fail”. Make some adorable crafts for the season or try and bake something delicious with your girls. Who knows how the final product will turn out!

15. Try Something New!
Tired of the same ole, same ole? Then talk your girlfriends into doing something you guys have NEVER done before. It could be something as simple as tasting sushi together for the first time to doing something outrageous like climbing a mountain. I’m sure there’s a lot of things you haven’t tried in life just yet- why not experience your first time with some of your favorite girls? Try something new for your next girls day out!

What is your favorite thing to do with your friends when you have a girls day out? Have you done any of these activities? Let us know below!

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