Gemini Traits

By on August 26, 2013

Like every zodiac sign, Gemini- born people also have both negative and positive sides to their personalities. People born under the Zodiac Sign Gemini, have some very diverse traits to them as well. They can be very clever, intellectual and sharp, but at the same time they can be very restless and tense. It is essential to understand a Gemini that one understands his traits to get along well with him/her.

Positive traits

Extremely Adaptable
Gemini people are very easy going and free spirited, they are quite flexible and tend to adapt very quickly to the circumstances they are dealing with. Their aim in life is to make each moment count and get maximum fun, out of the smallest details of life.

Very Versatile
To a Geminerian variety is the spice of life, as there is a whole array of subjects that catches their fancy. Hence, the Gemini will strive and try their expertise, at plenty of different things. They hate getting stuck, in a fixed and tedious scheme of things.

Extremely Enthusiastic
The Gemini love enthusiasm, they are always up for new and exciting adventures. Their enthusiasm is so infectious that people around them are stimulated by it, and they motivate others to join them.
Gemini’s have a gift of exceptional skills of communication, the Gemini are so well spoken, eloquent and articulate people. They can be excellent marketers as well.
Entertaining and Witty:
The Gemini can easily be entertaining and amusing to others. They have a natural ability to amuse others. Their spontaneity adds up to their other worldly charm.


Scholarly and Intellectual:


Gemini people are more into academics; they are passionate about gaining as much information as they can regard various subjects. The Gemini is the intellectual kind, they are smart and sharp individuals and they will not hesitate to express themselves, or shy away from getting their voices heard.
Negative traits

The Gemini are so sharp witted and quick in their actions that it is not possible for them to stay focused and engaged in the projects they have started off with. Their inconsistency and instability is the biggest hurdle that a Gemini has to come face to face with.
The Gemini-born are mostly perceived as fake or superficial individuals, because they are unable to go deeper, and pay attention to or give importance to details.

The Geminis are mostly indecisive and in two minds, when it is time to take important decisions in life. This fickleness and indecisive attitude, costs them many golden opportunities in life.


Lack of Focus
The Gemini has their energies scattered most of the time, as a consequence they get bored very easily due to their lack of focus.

Edgy and Panicky:
The Gemini has a lot of energy but they tend to take up more than they can deliver. It often leads to anxiety and makes them fickle and erratic.







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