Gemini Man in Love

By on April 30, 2014

largeThe Gemini Man. The man who seems to be the life of the party, the man whom everyone seems to instantly gravitate to the moment he enters the room. Is it his irresistible charm? Is it his immaculate mind that overflows with enthralling ideas? Or could it be that he is an intelligent man, always having something interesting to talk about, and loving every second of conversation with his company? You’d be surprised to learn hat it’s actually all three, as the Gemini man is a charming, handsome individual who is always engaged in an intellectual conversation with his peers.


The Type of Woman Gemini Needs

The Gemini Man has incredibly high standards and won’t just settle for anyone.

He isn’t seeking a woman who is only skin deep. He needs stimulating conversation- nay, he craves it. He won’t be excited to talk to a beautiful woman who has nothing to say. He wants a lady he can sit down and chat with for hours, talking about every aspect of the world and debating the pros and cons. He needs an intelligent woman who can keep up with him, and a woman who is able to stand by him in a social situation and feel completely comfortable. As a Gemini man tends to get bored easily, jumping from partner to partner, he needs a deep woman who has plenty to say and is willing to try new things (in and out of the bedroom).


Gemini in a Relationship

He is incredibly flirty and loves to be the center of attention in social situations. In fact, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find a Gemini man flirting from one girl to the next. And for that reason it’s hard for the Gemini to find a lady he is willing to settle down with. Even when he does find someone that peeks his interest, it is exceptionally hard for a Gemini man to fall in love. This is simply because this sign has a hard time with their emotions and rely on logic above all else, therefore he will run his mind in circles trying to fight the feeling of love.

That doesn’t mean that dating a Gemini is a waste of time. In fact, women who date a Gemini man will note that the relationship is fairly easy-going, and the Gemini man rarely brings up arguments. Even when an argument does arise, he will be able to work things out in a calm and cool matter with no upheaval- which is an obvious plus.

He’s a fun and bold lover and will exceptional, out-of-the-blue romantic gestures to surprise his lady. That being said, don’t expect the same old hum and drum when it comes to the Gemini boyfriend. He will stimulate your mind with conversational and then surprise you with a romantic gesture (probably) unlike anything you’ve seen before. However, don’t read too far into these romantic gestures as boldness and excitement is just a part of the Gemini nature and is something he does often.

This might leave you thinking that a Gemini man is prone to cheating. However, when a Gemini man finds a lady and enters into a relationship he is completely dependable and trustable in the relationship. He will focus on his woman of choice and won’t be afraid to inform you if there is a problem in the relationship, in which case he will try and solve the problem or leave before it gets too heated.

Gemini in Bed

If there is one thing for sure, the Gemini man is an exceptional lover between the sheets. He looks at sexual encounters like a fun adventure, always willing to try new things, whether it is a new position or a new toy. He won’t settle for the typical way of love-making and would much rather come up with new and enthralling ideas to stimulate himself and his partner. That being said, the Gemini man is not selfish in the slightest and pays close attention to what his partner enjoys. He will stop at nothing to make sure his lady is pleased by the end of the night.

The best way to turn a Gemini man on is through his mind. He won’t get excited over a new silky piece of panties and won’t care for a sexy strip tease. He would much rather be teased with dirty talk or sexual mind games that stimulate him. After he’s turned on, there’s really no telling what the Gemini man will come up with. Just know you’re in for one exciting evening that you won’t soon forget.


Negative Side of the Gemini Man

His mind is so clever and always jumping from one idea to the next, which can only mean one thing: the Gemini man becomes bored easily. This can be a huge problem, especially when it comes to relationships, as a bored man won’t stick around for long (whether it’s his job or his woman). This inconsistency is certainly the major downside of the Gemini.

Another negative side of the Gemini man is he is extremely flirty and somewhat flighty. This all roots back to his overactive mind which is bored easily. He likes to use his charm on the woman around him, but the man becomes bored with a woman easily and will quickly jump onto the next if she does not stimulate his mind. This may make the Gemini man appear superficial and women may label him as being a ‘player’. (Which of course is never a good thing, especially in the relationship world).



Gemini and Aries: This couple is built to last. The two of you both have intellectual minds that get bored rather easily. The two of you will be able to stimulate each other (both in and out of the bedroom) and have plenty of excitement in your relationship, as both of you are constantly seeking excitement and adventures.

Gemini and Leo: The two of you will have a harmonious relationship that works beautifully. There will definitely be plenty of fun times in your relationship as both of you are ready for the next adventure in life!

Gemini and Aquarius: You are both thinkers, therefore will be able to keep each other occupied- especially when it comes to communication. This stimulation will ensure neither of you get bored, and you will feed off each other brilliantly. Beside enthralling conversations, Gemini and Aquarius will come up with new and fun ideas to keep the relationship going strong.

Gemini Man in a Nutshell

It might seem like a difficult task to catch a Gemini. They are extremely flirtatious, charming, and intellectual, and don’t seem to want to be tied down. However, just like anybody else, the Gemini is seeking the perfect woman and wants to settle down eventually. He just needs to find an interesting and intriguing woman who can hold his interest. She must be able to keep up with his intellectual conversations and can’t be shy in the bedroom. Also, she should be ready to take on his over-the-top romantic gestures while also letting the Gemini man have plenty of space and freedom in the relationship.


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