100 Funny Usernames (And How to Make Sure You Get Yours Right)

By on May 31, 2018

It doesn’t matter what you do online these days, you’ll need a username in order to do it. That online shopping site where you buy all the cutest dresses from? You’ll need a username for that. You’ll need a username for Twitter and other social media platforms. Online accounts for everything require a username and password of some description. In some cases, it might be your email address, but in those times when you are expected to come up with your own, that isn’t something easy to remember, such as an email address, getting the right right username is hard work. 

It needs to be something that you’ll easily remember. It also needs to keep you safe. And then you need to think about the repercussions of a username … Who’d have known there were so many factors to take into consideration? 

100 Funny Usernames 2

Funny Usernames — What NOT To Do 

There are, of course, a few rules that you will need to take into consideration, especially when you want to keep yourself safe online. 

If you use your real name, people who you do not know could use the information to get to know you. They can also use that information to try and find MORE information and potentially even steal your identity. 

If you include a place of work, such as RobinfromWalmart (for example), you are telling people where you work and, therefore, giving them the opportunity to come and find you. There is also a chance that disclosing where you work so publicly might actually go against the terms and conditions (or “rules”) of working for that company. 

If you insert a place name, make sure the place name isn’t too specific. Again, with just a few snippets of information, you can find a whole host more, especially with social media. If you know the town in which a person lives, you can more often than not find them with a name and a rough idea of what they look like. The online world has made so many things much easier, but one of those things is that people may find you, whom you don’t want to find you. 

Including any details of your birth date is also another huge mistake when you’re coming up with funny usernames for internet accounts. In the same way that you can find someone with a rough idea of what they look like, a first name, and a town in which they live, you can steal someone’s identity very easily once you have their date of birth. 

Of course, one final piece of advice that we feel it is important to remember when creating a username, funny or not, is that you must look at the offence-factor. Your username is likely to be funny for you, but is it going to be funny to or for someone else, or are you just being offensive and rude? It might be worth thinking about it for a moment … If it can be considered as a “shocking” or “controversial” username, it might be worth thinking again before you commit to it. 

100 Funny Usernames 1

100 Funny Usernames

  1. not_JK_Rowling – you could add any name you liked into this clever and funny username. We’ve gone for the traditional writer/author, but you could also pick a sportsman or woman, a reality TV celebrity, a hairdresser, whoever you liked really. Keep reading to find a few more funny usernames that you could use in a similar fashion …
  2. definitely_not_an_athlete
  3. not_quite_a_celebrity
  4. not_the_official_luke_hemsworth
  5. morgan_freeman_but_not
  6. patrick_not_swayze
  7. what_would_Kate_do – this is a great way of incorporating your first name. Just remember to use the username tips above to ensure you aren’t giving away too much information.
  8. my_name_is_Kate
  9. kate_the_gamer – or author/chef/artist/etc.
  10. kate_the_great — find a word that rhymes with your name (or sounds like your name) and get creative! We’ve included a few more ideas: 
  11. phil_me_up
  12. the_names_bond_jane_bond
  13. hit_the_jack_pott
  14. over_the_lorraine_bow – like “Over the Rainbow” but with a twist.
  15. mr_teacher_man – this is a great way to show off your profession without giving away too much information that you then put yourself at risk.
  16. the_nameless_artist
  17. mechanic_mike
  18. andy_the_aircon_guy
  19. man_with_no_name
  20. cheeseburger_chris – what’s your favourite food? There are so many ways that you could play these funny usernames! 
  21. chicken_al_fred_o – just in case your name is Fred.
  22. grahams_crackers
  23. bill_the_bbq_king
  24. not_enough_coffee
  25. andy_alfredo
  26. jimmy_not_choo
  27. just_add_cream
  28. milk_two_sugars
  29. searching_for_the_perfect_cup_of_tea
  30. tell_starbucks_my_name_is_Dave – this would be a funny and memorable username for a dating profile/site. #justsaying
  31. Buttercakes_babe
  32. cheryl_cakemaker
  33. Candyhearts
  34. just_a_fish_in_a_barrel – talking of dating sites, this one is perfect for a funny username!
  35. swipe_right_for_me 
  36. i_killed_cupid
  37. grab_your_coat
  38. one_more_pint
  39. dont_friendzone_me
  40. mines_a_cosmopolitan
  41. just_another_single_guy – or girl. 
  42. someone_else_took_my_regular_username 
  43. my_other_username_was_taken
  44. unoriginal_username
  45. another_rubbish_username
  46. i_cant_think_of_a_better_username
  47. username_mark_two – replace ‘username’ with your regular username, obviously. 
  48. this_username_is_garbage
  49. pick_my_new_username
  50. username_envy
  51. best_username_ever
  52. green_eyed_gal – it’s time to start looking at things about yourself that you could use in your funny usernames. How about a few of these … 
  53. brown_eyed_boy
  54. dimpled_diva
  55. bronzed_adonis
  56. another_dumb_blonde
  57. bisep_bloke
  58. b0rn_c0nfused
  59. another_awesome_fella
  60. james_blond – it’s time to start taking advantage of movie titles! 
  61. gentlemen_prefer_brendas 
  62. the_mattrix – perfect for The Matrix-loving Matt’s out there.
  63. MAXi_driver – y’know, like Taxi Driver but for Max. 
  64. saving_private_brian
  65. one_flew_over_the_cuckoos_jeff
  66. crouchingtiger_hiddensteven
  67. crap_thirst – this might not make a lot of sense, but it’s actually an anagram of Chris Pratt, the Jurassic Park actor. There are actually a LOT of funny anagrams that you could use for your next username … 
  68. swanky_tee – Kanye West
  69. obscenely_woken – Beyonce Knowles 
  70. sly_groaning – Ryan Gosling
  71. odd_silent_moth – Tom Hiddleston
  72. snide_elf – Seinfeld (it made us laugh more than it should have done!) 
  73. semen_moat – Emma Stone (another chuckler!)
  74. random_advice – the Brits are going to love this one … David Cameron.
  75. i_am_a_weakish_speller – Ironically, William Shakespeare. 
  76. old_west_action – Clint Eastwood
  77. cunning_at_math – Channing Tatum
  78. fine_in_torn_jeans – Jennifer Aniston
  79. big_melons – Mel Gibson
  80. enjoys_own_hand – Dwayne Johnson (Okay, fine, we’ll stop with the anagrams now!)
  81. tin_foil_hat – now for some funny usernames, just because. 
  82. wanton_butt
  83. rambo_was_real
  84. whos_ur_buddha
  85. 1_wish_genie
  86. kiss-my-axe
  87. hello_im_creepy
  88. dumbest_man_alive
  89. twit_twit_facebook
  90. toast-of-the-undead
  91. monkey_see
  92. dragon-rider
  93. itchy_and_scratchy
  94. like_my_likes
  95. cuddly_goblin
  96. buh-buh-bacon
  97. zero-tolerance
  98. banana_hammock
  99. icycool_ian
  100. marooned_mary

My Username is Taken!

Sometimes, we just can’t get what we want. There is NOTHING more annoying than when someone has already taken your perfect username, especially when you’ve taken some time to come up with the right one. With so many people online now, there is a constant need for new and original usernames, and there is a good chance that the first one you choose will be taken. That’s why we advise you come up with a couple of usernames — maybe five? (As if coming up with one wasn’t hard enough already.) 

If your username is already taken, don’t give up hope. There might be a way that you can modify them — or, at least, one of them. You came up with five ideas, right? (Didn’t we say that it would be a good idea to have more than one?) 

100 Funny Usernames 3

Add numbers to your username, such as not_JK_rowling_101. What’s your favourite number? Or lucky number? Don’t use your date of birth or any other recognisable number, though, because that will then put you at a higher risk of identity theft. 

You could always look at changing regular characters for special ones, to keep a username that you’d rather not add numbers to. One example of this would be to change not_JK_rowling to n0t_JK_r0wling — you are simply replacing the letter ‘o’ with the number ‘0’. 


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