Fourth Date Ideas and Tips

By on October 5, 2015

The fourth date is a pivotal moment in a relationship. You’ve made it past the first three, probably semi-awkward first dates, that were most likely planned at the movie theater, nice restaurant, or coffee shop. The fourth date is all about switching it up and showing this potential partner your casual, relaxed, and silly side; it’s also the perfect time to strike up a bit more personal conversation to find out more about this person.

We’ve got you covered for the fourth date. Here’s 6 awesome fourth date ideas and some handy tips to keep the relationship headed north, not south!

Picnic at the Park
If the weather’s nice, pack up your picnic basket and your favorite picnic blanket and head down to the park. This provides a relaxed environment where the two of you can munch on sandwiches and fruit while chatting it up. Plus it’s quick, easy, and extremely cost-effective. Who said you had to spend tons of money to have fun on a date? Save a few bread scraps to share with the birds nearby!

Ice Skating/Roller Skating
By the fourth date you should be feeling a bit more comfortable with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend. That being said, raise the steaks and be a bit daring and try your luck at the local ice skating rink or roller rink. Yes, he will see you fall flat on your behind a couple of times, but the two of you will share plenty of laughs and he’ll see just how lively and fun you are!

Grab a Quick Bite to Eat
You know what’s fun? Trying a local hotspot you’ve never been to before! Call up your love interest and invite them to the cute diner downtown for a quick lunch on their lunch break. You’ll get to try some new foods and engage in a casual conversation that’ll leave them wanting more.
Go on a Mini Adventure
Remember: you want to show this person you’re carefree and calm side, so it’s time to take things outdoors! For the fourth date, consider trekking out on a fun miniature adventure to the beach, the lake nearby, or even to the mountains for a quick brisk hike. The two of you will have the chance to enjoy nature while having an exciting adventure full of fun conversation and laughs.

Grab Some Ice Cream and Go For a Walk
Who doesn’t love ice cream? Who doesn’t love walking hand-in-hand with someone they’re interested in? We love this fourth date idea because it’s simply adorable and you’ll get to munch on delicious treats while sharing an engaging conversation. A win-win situation if you ask me!

Check Out the Local Petting Zoo
Every man loves a woman who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty, so show him you’re not afraid to break a nail and check out the local petting zoo! It’s TONS of fun and he’ll love seeing you interact with all the animals. Totally not your thing? No problem. If there’s a small amusement park nearby or maybe an aquarium, that works too.

Ask About His Relationship Past
At this point you’ve probably kept past relationship talk to a minimum; and that’s a good thing. You don’t want to seem like you’re prying into his or her life or digging for information. But by the fourth date, you should know at least a LITTLE bit about his dating history. Casually ask them why their last relationship failed. If they don’t mention the time frame of the relationship, go ahead and find out how long they were together. This can tell you a lot about who they are and whether or not they take relationships seriously!

Find Out More About His Goals
Now, don’t flat out ask them how much money they want to make or how many children they want; this could potentially scare them away. However, learning about another person’s goals early in the relationship can save you a lot of trouble later on. For instance, if he’s planning to become a missionary and travel the world childless until he’s 45 and you’re set on having 3 kids by the time you’re 28 and settled down in a cute house, the relationship might crumble.

Instead, simply ask this person what their dreams in life are. Do they have a certain career they’re headed for? Where do they plan on living? Do they have any interesting, out-of-the-ordinary goals that are unique to them? Be casual in the conversation, but find out as much as you can about their future.
Don’t Overdo It With Questions
So yes, the fourth date is all about getting to know your potential mate even better, and finding out a lot more about their personal life. But you DON’T want to overdo it with questions! Remember, this isn’t an interview and you don’t want to make the other person uncomfortable. You don’t need to learn everything about them right on the fourth date. Keep things very casual and enjoyable, and don’t pry too much. When they’re done talking about a certain topic or seem uneasy or awkward about it, change the subject immediately. They’ll let you in on more information when they are ready.

Don’t Give Him More Than a Kiss Goodbye
By the fourth date you’re probably getting antsy to take things to the next level with your love interest- and that’s completely normal! But although he gives you butterflies every time he looks at you and you want nothing more than to grab him and take him to your bedroom, remember how important it is to wait. The waiting game IS hard, but it’s so worth it. That being said, don’t give in to anything more than a kiss goodbye. You may be heavily tempted at this point (darn his amazing personality or those rock hard abs!) but it’ll be worth it to save yourself for later.

Where did you go on the fourth date? What advice would you give to someone heading out on a fourth date?

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